Best AI Apps Prank Videos on Youtube

Ready for a good laugh? You’ve come to the right place!

We’re gonna embark on a hilarious journey of the best AI apps prank videos on YouTube. Considering how big AI is, it’s no wonder pranksters are already using it in their favor.

We’re gonna go through some of the wittiest AI prank vids on YT and give some tips on how to pull off the best prank of your life. Get ready to explore the power of AI in a fun way. Let’s dive in!

What are AI Apps Prank Videos?

Let’s start from the basics, shall we? AI apps prank vids are a rather new genre of pranks. It includes creators using AI apps to pay off hilarious (and sometimes unexpected) pranks on people.

Yeah, right when you thought prank vids couldn’t go any further, they started to use AI. And such vids usually include generating text, applying effects, or cloning someone’s voice. Needless to say, the possibilities for such vids are practically endless because AI can do so much these days.

Why AI App Pranks Are So Fun?

So why are these vids so fun? Why are they popular? Well, that’s because AI is still rather new and people enjoy watching how it can be used. Also, prank vids have always had their audience, that’s just a fact. What these vids usually include:

  • Sending funny (or embarrassing) messages;
  • Making unexpected phone calls (bonus points if you’re calling a random number);
  • Generating fake screenshots;
  • Making fake calls;
  • Using AI to create a new prank for a specific situation;
  • Using AI to add crazy video effects.

The Best AI Apps Prank Videos on YouTube

As you might expect, there are tons of AI prank vids right now. But what are the most exceptional ones?

Olmege Prank

YouTube is a treasure trove of Omegle pranks, but there’s one we want to mention in particular. There’s a a video called “omegle… but AI is out of control: made by Amazing Demetry. This classic prank features the prankster using an AI app to apply crazy effects while being on a video call with random users. Also, it includes changing his face to a celebrity one, making scary faces, running like a Flash, and more. The reactions are priceless!

AI Writes YouTube Pranks

A classic one, but it’s always fun to watch. Generally, rhere’s been too many pranks, creators tend to run out of ideas, right? Can the AI help with that? Well, according to some vids, it does a pretty good job with it.

So the first one we’re gonna be mentioning is called ” We Let AI Write These Twin Pranks” by EvenOut. This popular prank video involves the famous twins using AI to come up with provoking prank concepts and then play them in public. One of them includes one twin going to a hairstylist and then swapping places with another one mid-cut. It’s truly hilarious.

Another vid is actually on YouTube Shorts, but it still counts, doesn’t it? So in this one, a creator named woodyandkleiny uses AI to prank his best friend. So he asks AI to write a prank, and it comes up with a hilarious fake news story about an asteroid. Yeah, it requires some work on the actual fake, but the result is worth it. And they also use AI to make a fake, so it’s an added bonus.

Mr Beast AI Prank

We all know and love Mr Beast. And it’s no wonder he’s being used for prank vids that often. The one we’re gonna talk about is not malicious at all (although there are tons of AI scams with him, too). Meanwhile, there’s a video by MattRadiant where the evil Mr Beast trolls players on Warzone. Also, the creator used AI to mimic his voice and the results are hilarious.

AI Calling Prank

That’s another one from YouTube Shorts. Here, the creator uses AI to generate what a telemarketer would say and calls random numbers pretending to be one. And whatever AI suggests, he says. Calling pranks like that never really gets old.

How To Create Your Own AI Prank Videos

Now, if you found some inspo in these pranks, it’s time to make your own. What will you need for it?

Find An AI App

Of course, a proper AI app is essential, and the one you should use fully depends on the prank you want to pull off. Here are your options:

  • Voice Cloning. These kinds of pranks are always funny, and rather simple to do. So use one of the AI voice cloning apps from our list to ensure the best results.
  • Text Generating. Find one of the best AI story writer apps and ask them to create a prank concept for you. Luckily, we’ve already picked the best options for it.
  • Avatar Generators. AI human face generators can also be helpful for your prank, you can use them in so many ways.
  • AI Music Makers. In case you plan to prank someone with an AI song, we’ve found the best free AI music generators to use for it.

Of course, you’ll also need a camera (a phone will do) and a sense of humor to be able to create a legendary prank.

Plan And Execute

Generally, all the best things require planning. And when it comes to pranks, you should:

  • Pick a target. Whether it’s your friends, family, or random strangers, it’s better to establish it right away. Also it will help AI to craft an ideal prank.
  • Make a scenario. The AI can help with that.
  • Do a test. Try the prank beforehand to ensure it actually worth recording.

As for the execution, make sure to:

  • Get the reaction on camera. Make sure everything is set up right and your target’s reaction really gets caught on cam.
  • Do your editing. Any great vid requires editing, it’s a fact.
  • Share it. Post it on the platform of choice and repost it in diverse formats on various platforms to get to a major audience.

Tips For Creating An AI Prank

To finish our article, here are a few tips that may be helpful:

  • Be realistic. Avoid pranks that are too outlandish to execute. Also don’t do smth that could hurt someone’s feelings.
  • Have your fun. Yes, making a vid is a big deal, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself while doing so.
  • Be creative. Explore all kinds of AI apps and find the one that works best for you.
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