7 Best Clubhead Speed Apps for Android & iOS

Golf is not a classic hobby at the moment, because most people prefer to spend their free time in front of the television or computer screen. But there are still people who consider various sports to be the best relaxation and also want to improve their skills professionally.

If you’ve worked in the golf industry, or if you’re a golfer yourself, you’ve certainly come across a situation where you need to evaluate a player’s speed. You may also need to calculate handicap and 7 Free Apps to Calculate Golf Handicap can help you.

A lot of people notice that clubhead speed scores can vary from one age group to another. That’s why this factor is taken into account in competitions – otherwise, you might just find yourself in an unequal position. Your score depends on how far you can hit the ball.

Distance depends on the speed of your club, which you use to hit the ball – this is called Club Speed. Sportsmen’s hitting rates are around 50-60 meters per second, and you can check their rates with the help of special applications. We found for you 7 Best Clubhead Speed Apps for Android & iOS.

Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

Zepp Golf Swing AnalyzerAny sport is not just a measure of strength, but also of intelligence. The best golfers around the world are sure to use calculations and math for their best strokes and wins.

The Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer app helps you find out exactly how you hit the ball, what’s stopping you from improving your technique, and how to start playing better. The app has a smart coach and a whole learning system that will take care of improving your skills.

In Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer, you can add your friends who you play and practice with, so they can see your progress in training.

The app has a special sensor that syncs with your smartphone – it measures clubhead speed, stroke rate, swing length, plane, and other indicators. This sensor will allow the Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer to identify where you have weaknesses and find the right learning program for you.

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SwingbyteClub head speed is easy to find out with the Swingbyte app. It uses your smartphone camera to give you a detailed 3D swing after you’ve finished playing – you get the chance to study your mistakes in detail or understand which swing led you to victory.

The Swingbyte also fully illustrates the path of the clubhead, the top of the club to demonstrate the dynamics of the stroke and the trajectory.

All stroke speed data is instantly transmitted to your smartphone and subsequently forms your personal statistics. This is how professional athletes keep track of the moment when their punching speed starts to drop and their strength in the sport decreases.

Swingbyte will help you practice your punching skills over and over again until you perfect your technique – you can do it with the right effort.

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Swing Speed Radar

Swing Speed RadarYou’ll need more than just a calculator to make really accurate calculations. The Swing Speed Radar app uses artificial intelligence to record and measure all of the stats of your swings.

Of course, this includes clubhead speed. All the resulting data will constitute your personal statistics, so you can find out your best moves and the parts where you have problems.

The Swing Speed Radar allows you to view your swing speed in real-time – you can also track other players’ stats. You can also set training goals – when you meet them, your smartwatch will vibrate the moment you reach the desired power.

As you understand, Swing Speed Radar synchronizes with your smartwatch so that you can monitor all your stats and hit power right during the game.

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FS Mevo Golf

FS Mevo GolfFS Mevo Golf is a special app that works in conjunction with the FlightScope Mevo Radar. This use of technology will allow you to take your golf game to a whole new level and improve your skills.

The app will capture video of your shots and techniques, transmit them to your smartphone in real-time, and overlay all your speed, performance, and even stroke strength data.

FS Mevo Golf is great not only for professionals but also for amateurs who only play golf on the weekends. The app saves all your video and performance data, which is a feedback loop.

FS Mevo Golf will be your personal trainer who not only tells you where your weaknesses are but also analyzes your performance. Of course, it will require exactly FS Mevo to make the app work.

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Golf Swing Speed Analyzer

Golf Swing Speed AnalyzerLove to analyze everything? Troubled by the fact that you can’t measure accurate golf scores? Golf Swing Speed Analyzer helps you measure your swing speed and clubhead speed so you have accurate data about your game.

Your smartphone or tablet will turn into a real-time speed sensor so you can analyze your game and become a more professional player.

Golf Swing Speed Analyzer will capture video of your strokes, but for more accurate results you will need a frame rate of 240 frames per second.

The app also gets technical data about the video you’re shooting – this is used to correlate your turn rate and your shooting speed. As you understand, Golf Swing Speed Analyzer calculates speed based on the slo-mo video, so you’ll also see all your actions in detail.

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Swing Profile Golf Analyzer

Swing Profile Golf AnalyzerIt’s easy to see your game from the outside. For example, you can do this with the Swing Profile Golf Analyzer. It automatically captures and plays your shot right on your smartphone screen, and you don’t even need a special sensor.

Of course, you won’t get perfect data without special diagnostic equipment – but for practice, the Swing Profile Golf Analyzer is perfect.

Your stroke can be played in slow motion as soon as you finish a game. You can also synchronize two different strokes and compare them to each other, so you can see which tactic is better for you.

The Swing Profile Golf Analyzer also has special tools for golf schools that allow you to voice your speed data. Some coaches are already using this app to train and track the results of their charges.

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VirtualProImproving your skills in sports necessarily requires some kind of evaluation or feedback. VirtualPro allows you to optimize your golf instruction or improve your skills.

It will give you complete feedback on your strokes as well as clubhead speed information. Importantly, VirtualPro is completely free and is great for all players.

The app records your golf swing with the device’s camera and each video will automatically pause after you finish the stroke. You can set the time interval after which the recording will stop.

You’ll need to play the video frame by frame to see how fast you’re hitting, and VirtualPro will help you do that. Draw the trajectory of your strokes in the app directly on video and see how well you match your ideal strokes.

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You can’t compare the performance of amateur and professional players. The difference between their head speeds can be more than 20 meters per second, and that makes a significant difference in the results of their strokes.

You can swing and hit the ball so many times in the course of a single golf game that your arms get incredibly tired towards the end. This is why clubhead speed is best measured at the beginning of the game when you are already warmed up but not yet tired.

This will be your maximum readings – by the end, most likely, they will begin to decrease. Using this data, you will also be able to mark your progress or regression in the game. We hope that our article has helped both golfers and curious people.


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