11 Free Natal Chart Calculator Apps & Websites

Astrology and the calculation of the natal chart are gaining popularity among people. This may be one way to learn something about the future. Here is a list of free natal chart calculator apps & websites for you to explore your spiritual self.

And for all the astrology fans we also recommend checking out the article where you will find more of the astrology apps to read your birth chart as well.

Horos – Natal Chart

This service is suitable for those who want to start their astrological research. It is simple and will not confuse a new user with a ton of information about space, tarot cards, and complicated numerological calculations.

Install the app on your phone and give the necessary information: date of birth, time, and place, as well as some additional details, if required.

All this will be useful to the service so that it makes up your astrological portrait. Although it won’t be drawn, however, you will get a chart that shows all the connections of your zodiac sign and other elements.

Of course, you can read a detailed explanation on each point of your natal chart – you cannot do without it, since the virtuoso mastery of the natal chart is available only to professionals.

In addition, the app has a daily horoscope option. Be always aware of the upcoming day and what is waiting for you.

The results of your natal chart can be compared with the results of friends. This way you will know the compatibility and success of a joint partnership.


  • Getting a natal chart is an easy and clear process.
  • The app has a daily horoscope.
  • It is possible to share the results with other people.


  • Sometimes the pages in the app can take a long time to load.
Horos – Natal Chart1

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AstroMatrix Birth Horoscopes

If you want to understand your personality and what awaits you in the future, then it’s a good idea to download this app.

The main feature of the service is to create your natal chart, also known in astrology as a “birth chart”.

You need to specify your date of birth, time, and place so that the forecasts are as accurate as possible. Then you will get a diagram showing your astrological characteristics such as houses and transiting planets.

With the help of a natal chart, you will find out your possibilities in love, career, self-development, and health.

In addition, the service offers a daily and monthly horoscope. This is great for those who create their schedules and make plans based on the stars.

In addition, in the app, you will also find an option that will be useful if you are going to start building a relationship with someone or want to better realize mutual understanding with a partner.

Go to the page with romantic compatibility, enter the necessary information about you and your loved one and get a complete analysis of your compatibility which is based on astrology. It is possible to receive a detailed explanation.

If you are interested in tarot card readings, there are also several options here. Not only astrology but also real card magic will come to the aid of finding new information about yourself and other people.


  • It is easy to get a clear explanation of all the meanings of your natal chart.
  • There are many additional predictions for different spheres of life.
  • It is possible to use a retrograde calendar.
  • The app provides multiple tarot readings.


  • There are a lot of ads in the app.
  • The service may have errors during connection to the network.
AstroMatrix Birth Horoscopes1

FORCETELLER Astrology & Saju

This is a multifunctional app with the help of which you will discover the world of stars, predictions, tarot cards, and much more.

There is fortunetelling for every taste. Perhaps you would like to try yourself in tarot – just open the appropriate page in the app.

Or if you are interested in numerology, feng shui, palmistry, blood type fortunetelling, and soju – this is also available to you.

The function of creating a natal chart is also here. It is very convenient to have a detailed analysis of yourself and your possibilities and characteristics on the phone.

You can always read the explanations of astrological terms and make a decision taking into account your current horoscope.

One of the most interesting features of the app is that you can find out which famous person has similar horoscopes to you. What if your star twin turns out to be your favorite actor or singer?


  • The service has a modern and minimalistic design.
  • There are many different horoscopes.
  • The content is presented in the form of a usual news feed as in social networks.


  • The pages and images of the app take quite a long time to load.
FORCETELLER Astrology & Saju1

Up Astrology – Astrology Coach

This service is perfect for those who are determined to understand themselves and their fate. This app will become your reliable assistant and will tell you about all the details of astrology.

The natal chart that you receive after you have given some information about yourself is easy to find.

The page with this function is not hidden among many others – it is located in the very center of the main page of the app. Thus, you will be able to check this analysis with just a couple of taps on the phone screen.

It is very complicated to understand the results of the natal chart calculation for newbie users.

Astrological science has many difficult terms and designations for each planet, house, zodiac sign, and much more. That is why the developers have paid special attention to this problem.

All lovers of fortune-telling will easily be able to independently comprehend the interpretation of the elements of the birth card.

Daily horoscopes are also available to users to tell them what they should expect from the upcoming day.

The results of predictions can be turned into PDF format, then shared on social networks or even printed and in the form of sheets of paper – sometimes it is very convenient.


  • The service provides convenient tools for working with natal charts.
  • It is possible to receive a daily horoscope.


  • There are errors in the subscription payment process.
  • The app can freeze while loading the results of the natal chart.
Up Astrology - Astrology Coach1


Downloading this app is a great solution for both true professionals in astrology and for amateurs who just want to learn more about their zodiac sign.

Although the design of the app can seem out of date, it is still quite user-friendly.

Follow the instructions, and then the service will immediately give you a natal chart in the form of a convenient round chart indicating the interconnections of the positions of the planets and zodiac signs.

Each element of the diagram has its own detailed and clear explanation so that you can understand what all these icons and arrows mean.

It is amazing but the app offers more than 2500 interpretations. At least a few of them will suit you.

In the app, it is possible to create your profile as in a social network. Your friends can do the same and you will be able to follow each other’s horoscopes.


  • The app supports detailed and effective natal chart creation.
  • There are many types of interpretations of the birth card.
  • Users can set up a profile.


  • Sometimes users encounter display freezes.
  • There are errors when buying a subscription.

Astrology Master

This is another app that calculates the natal chart so that people become closer to themselves on an astrological level.

The service supports not only the birth card but also a transit chart, a progress chart, a synastry chart, and a composite chart.

Each table is a complete analysis of your predispositions, character traits, life principles, and goals, which were calculated based on your birth, place, and time.

At first glance, the natal chart looks terrible. The sense that there are so many elements and details that it is easy to get confused. However, the developers have done their best to make reading the natal chart as convenient as possible.

Therefore, the app has various tabs that are responsible for a specific area of the birth chart, as well as accurate and complete explanations.

Users can add and create birth charts for their friends and family members. Each person will have a profile, which can be opened to provide new information or to find out the horoscope.


  • The app has a convenient system for creating a natal chart.
  • It is possible to use the service for several people at the same time.
  • Besides the natal chart, you can also use other astrological charts and the lunar calendar.


  • There are a lot of ads in the app.
Astrology Master1

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Moon Phase Calendar – MoonX

Although the main function of this app is the lunar calendar, it is also possible to calculate the natal chart using this service.

The dark design of the app reminds space. This way you will be completely immersed in the atmosphere of the universe and mystery.

Open the appropriate tab in the app to start your birth chart research. An aesthetic round chart will appear in front of you, and right below there is all the necessary information to get acquainted with your personality and characteristics through the prism of astrology.

If you are interested in a multilateral approach and want to try other kinds of prediction, then this service offers a large number of different options for this.


  • There are simple and clear interpretations of the natal chart.
  • The app has an aesthetic appearance.
  • There are many additional features to studying astrology.


  • There are errors in the work of the lunar calendar.
Moon Phase Calendar – MoonX1

Cafe Astrology

For that category of people who find it more convenient to use websites on the Internet than mobile apps, there is Cafe Astrology. Here you can calculate your natal chart for free.

On the main page of the site, you can choose the horoscope or prediction that you would like to see. Since you are interested in the natal chart, select the appropriate option in the menu.

You should fill out a small form – this information is necessary to create an accurate natal chart. In a moment you will receive the most detailed description of your astrological personality.

You can also check out the natal chart in the form of a table with columns and a round, standard chart.


  • Getting a natal chart is quick and easy.
  • On the website, it is possible to get various predictions and astrological prognoses.


  • The explanation of the natal chart looks like an endless sheet of text – it is difficult to comprehend.
Cafe Astrology1


This is a website where it is available to get a natal chart free as well as other astrological horoscopes in just a few clicks.

Enter information about yourself in the form, and find out more about your characteristics. The explanations are quite short, so you can quickly read the interpretations for each element of the natal chart.

The round chart can be zoomed in as it is convenient for you. You do not have to look at too small letters and icons to figure out what is shown there.

In addition to the function of calculating the birth card, users have access to calculations of romantic compatibility, all types of horoscopes, a lunar calendar, as well as facts about the horoscopes of famous people.

Besides, it is available to communicate with other astrology fans on a special forum that you can get right on this site.


  • There are brief and clear explanations for the natal chart which are easy to understand.
  • Many other options on the site will be of interest to astrologers and amateurs.
  • It is possible to use the forum.


  • The design of the site is not modern.

Just Astrology Things

This is another site that is easy to find by just typing a corresponding request into the browser search bar.

Here you will not be confused by millions of different additional options, features, predictions, tarot, feng shui, and others. No, just you and your natal chart.

After filling out a small form, you will immediately receive your birth card. Conveniently, the developers of the site decided not to make an endless and terrible sheet of text that is impossible to read.

First, you can look at the chart with the zodiac signs, houses, and planets which are arranged in the order that corresponds to your astrological position.

Then you may learn the meaning of each element and read the interpretations to get to know yourself better and what kind of future you should look forward to.

Conveniently, each part of the natal chart is described individually.

You need to click the corresponding tab. Which house or planet would you like to read about now? You will get a separate cell with text that can be easily closed.

This way, you won’t overload yourself with a long page flipping through the site, because the text is too large.


  • The app has an attractive and minimalistic design.
  • A convenient system for explaining the natal chart.


  • Besides the natal chart, there are no other astrological options on the site anymore (it may be a disadvantage for some).
Just Astrology Things1

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Calculating your natal chart is easier than many people think. This site is a good choice if you want to get brief, accurate information about your birth chart for free.

Fill in the form such: as name, exact time of birth, and place to get your calculation of the natal chart.

A special round chart is available to you on which the connections of your zodiac sign with various astrological elements are indicated. You just need to click on the icons to read their meaning.

However, if you scroll through the site page below, you can also find out something interesting. There are more interpretations of your birth chart, as well as their similarity to the charts of famous people.


  • It is very convenient to get and understand your natal chart.
  • Other astrological predictions are available to users on the site.


  • The website design looks quite old.
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