9 Best Rock Identification Apps by Camera for Android & iOS

When you find a rock you don’t know, you may dream about having an assistant that will always be there to identify what you have found. Well, it’s not a dream anymore!

By the way, if you are interested in identifying not the objects of nature but coins, you need to take a look at these coin identification apps by picture.

In this article, you will explore a wide variety of best rock identification apps by the camera. There are good options for iOS, as well as Android users.

Rock Identifier: Stone ID


If you have ever wondered what type of rock you have faced, then you will love the following app. It helps you to obtain knowledge instantly.

The interface is also quite cool. It is simple and minimalist so you can focus on options, not on the design.

Here are the most striking features you will get in Rock Identifier:

  1. Identify rocks in a few seconds. To do it, you will just need to open the app and take a photo. Then the app will automatically browse through its databases and compare them. The process usually takes about 10 seconds or less.
  2. Create your digital rock collection. If you have found a beautiful rock, you can save it in your collection. It allows you to avoid searching for rocks in the database once again.
  3. See which stones are trendy now. The database contains a big set of gemstones and other raw stones that exist all over the world.
  4. Save data. If you need to access the data about stones, you can download it on your device and open it offline. However, please keep in mind that the identification option won’t work when you are disconnected from the Internet.

The app supports a huge number of foreign languages, including Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Greece, Russian, as well as many others.

Rock Identifier isn’t too big. It needs about 130 MB of your phone’s memory to function well.

Both iOS and Android users can get this amazing rock identifier for free (basic version).


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Gemius: Rock Identifier


If you often come across gems, crystals, stones, and other types of rocks, then Gemius will be the best solution for you.

It has a clear and nice interface that is easy to understand once you open the app.

Here are the best features of Gemius that you can get for free:

  • Open one of the richest rock guides. You will explore short but informative descriptions that will give you enough facts about minerals, gems, rocks, and stones.
  • Identify gems, minerals, and other rocks. To do it, open the app and take a picture.
  • Create your collection of rocks inside your device. If you have a big number of rocks, it will help you to have a kind of journal. This allows you not to miss a single detail and remember all the stones you have.

This application is relatively new and there are some bugs, for sure. Still, Gemius is worth trying as it has the option to identify rocks.

At the moment, Gemius: Rock Identifier is available on Google Play at no cost.


Stone Identifier Rock Scanner


If you are an Android user and a person interested in rocks, this app is a must for you. It helps you to identify almost any stone you manage to come across.

The app has a nice interface that is easy to deal with even if you are a freshman in rock haunting. What’s more, the set of options is also incredible:

  • There are two ways of identifying a picture – you can look for the stone or mineral in the library or just take a photo from the app. Both options work accurately but if you want a fast result, it’s better to take a photo.
  • Collect rocks and add them to your collection in the app. In fact, Rock Scanner will serve as a list of your stones.
  • Go to the library to obtain data about various stones. The library is a compilation of good and double-checked articles. They are usually short but quite informative.

Rock Scanner is available for free on Google Play at no cost.




Every rock can tell you an interesting story of its past. However, to get this info, you have to know at least the type of rock you are looking at.

The app has three sections on its main screen – rock key, encyclopedia, and school of rock. The first one helps you identify rocks. Others are mainly educational.

RockCheck is the best solution for those people who study geology and are interested in rocks.

By the way, if you are interested in plants and flowers, then you might fall in love with these free flower identification apps.

In this app, you will find thousands of cool articles about rocks. You can use them for your exams and presentation. All the data was checked by professionals many times.

RockCheck is available for free on Google Play.



Geology Toolkit Premium


Here is one of the best professional applications to work with any type of geological issue, including stones, rocks, gems, crystals, and many other things.

As you see, this is the pro version, meaning you have to pay for it. To download Geology Toolkit Premium, you will need to pay 15.99$. This will unlock all the content.

This is what you will get in Geology Toolkit Premium:

  1. Study geology. This is an important science that is quite hard to study. However, this will be much easier when you use Geology Toolkit Premium. Here you can explore great articles and look at photos. If you study geology at school or university, you will love this application.
  2. Identify rocks, stones, species, and many other things you can see in nature. To do it, take a photo. And don’t forget to give the app access to your camera. However, there is also another way of identification. You can study the descriptions of rocks and try to identify them yourself. But if you aren’t skilled enough, this might be hard.
  3. The app is updated every month. This means its database is getting better and richer all the time!
  4. There are no ads at all so that you can easily focus on the most important features and never get distracted.

Geology Toolkit Premium has a pretty simple and nice interface, which you can understand at once.

This application is available on Google Play.


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Rock Identifier Stone Finder


When you are walking along a beautiful shore and come across a strange stone, this application is what you need to download. 

This app helps you to identify stones, gems, rocks, and minerals. Let’s see how you can do it: 

  • Take a picture of your stone or download it from the Internet. Then you need to upload the picture. However, you can also take the photo right from the app. It will save your time greatly. 
  • Read descriptions and articles about stones and geology in general. This will help you to become an expert in rocks and stones.

As you see, the number of options isn’t truly impressive. To expand the options, you need to go premium. The subscription will be renewed automatically.

If you need to identify rocks quite often, we recommend that you choose Premium Yearly.

This powerful tool is available for iOS users for free (with its basic options).




We can hardly call this app an identification one but it still might come in quite handy when you come across a new stone or find yourself in a new landscape.

The app has a small but powerful set of options. Mixed with a nice and simple UI, it leaves a great impression on most of the users. 

However, let’s focus on the best features you will see in Rockd: 

  • Give the app access to your location. When you happen to be in an interesting place, make sure you explore a geographic summary of the area. This will also give you the info about rocks you might face. 
  • Check your past locations. The app will keep track of your travels so you can always review them.
  • Study detailed maps. This is the best way of getting info before you visit the area yourself. You can zoom in to look at all the stones and mountains.

Rockd will need access to your location and purchases but it won’t store or give it to others.

iOS users can easily get Rockd at no cost.


Rock Identifier by Photo

Rock Identifier is an app for those interested in rocks and minerals. This simple and easy-to-use app allows you to scan and identify different types of rocks collected from all over the world.

It presents an extensive database. It contains a huge amount of information about more than 5000 different types of minerals and rocks.

All the materials presented in the app are taken from verified and reliable sources, which guarantees accurate and correct data about any stone.

The app has a simple and easy-to-understand interface, making it accessible to all users. To recognize stones, all you need to do is take a picture of them using the device’s built-in camera or select a photo from the gallery.

The program will then analyze the provided data and give the user all the necessary information about the recognized stones. Here you can also enter the name of the stone and get detailed information about it.

Each entry in the database contains unique photos that will help the user visualize what the stone actually looks like. The app also has a data-saving feature.


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Rock identifier: Stone Scanner

This is an easy-to-use app designed to identify different rocks. With its help, users can get information about different types of rocks using a simple and easy-to-use scanner.

To identify a rock, users need to take a photo of the object and the app will automatically identify its type. Thanks to a large database, users can get detailed information about the rock: its name, composition, physical properties, and deposits.

Also, the app displays rock samples, which greatly facilitates the process of identification. It has a feature to save scan results, which allows you to save certain rocks for extra study. There is also a feature to add comments and communicate with other users via chat.

This app also allows you to distinguish real jewelry and precious metals from fake ones. Go through a lot of useful material on the topic of your chosen precious metal. You can always go back to the results of the previous scan and study the information again.

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