Colour Chess App Review

I found this game when I wanted to learn how to play chess. Colour Chess has convenient gameplay and understandable graphics.It is an original and creative chess game that adds color to the playing field to give the traditional chess rules a fresh touch.

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Having the capacity to play chess with various colors is one of Colour Chess’ main features. Each piece on the game board has different colors on it, and the board is split into squares of various hues. By placing your pieces on squares of the same color, you may take away your opponent’s pieces. This increases the tactical ability and level of complexity in the traditional game of chess.

The main purpose of colour chess is to improve problem-solving, strategic planning, and critical thinking abilities. In addition to traditional chess movements and strategies, players must also take into account the color component of the game, which adds an additional level of complexity and calls for strategic thinking and adjusting their approach.


Players may access tutorials on the app to better grasp Colour Chess’ special rules and gameplay. These lessons go through the basic principles of the game, such as how to move the pieces, seize your opponent’s pieces, and take use of the game’s use of color.

Players have the option of competing against artificial intelligence or against other players in online multiplayer mode. The program offers many difficulty levels, allowing users to choose the challenge level based on their knowledge and expertise.

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When it comes to moving the pieces, Colour Chess is very similar to traditional chess, but adding color gives the game a fresh strategic dimension. Players must carefully examine the color of the squares to which they move their pieces since capturing an opponent’s pieces on squares of the same color might be advantageous. The process of playing necessitates strategic thought, planning ahead of time, and strategy adaptation depending on the game’s color-based elements.


With simple controls and an interface that is simple to use. Colour Chess gameplay is designed to be easily accessible to players. The app offers a number of choices to make the gaming pleasurable and interesting, including the ability to cancel actions, change the difficulty, and access lessons.

I tried Colour Chess, and I think it’s great overall. The unusual addition of color to the standard chess rules gives the game a new and intriguing twist that makes it tough and exciting.

The user-friendly design and tutorials made it easy to comprehend the rules and gameplay, and both contributed to an enjoyable experience while playing chess. The game’s aesthetics and visual design were visually appealing and improved the whole experience.

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In conclusion, Colour Chess is an original complicated chess game that gives the classic rules of chess a fresh twist by including colors. Players of all skill levels will find the program to be convenient and pleasant because it offers instruction, a variety of opponents, and customizing possibilities. Chess aficionados and those wishing to enhance their cognitive abilities will find the sport useful as it fosters critical thinking and strategic planning capabilities.

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