Rest in Pieces game review

Rest in Pieces logoRest in Pieces is a very unusual three-dimensional raster from the Itatake team for iOS and Android. The uncommonness of this free game does not spoil it at all.

Already on the icon, it is clear that the player will immerse himself in a surreal and dark world. If you pay attention to the name, the first impression is only confirmed. But, Rest in Pieces is distinguished not only by its aesthetics in the “noir” style.

The main “chip” of this casual game is its basic mechanics. It is she who distinguishes Rest in Pieces on the general background of many runners and arcades. In the toy, you will not run but swing from side to side.

Unusual runner

Since the first Temple Run, which was released in 2011 in the pre-flooded mobile gaming market, we’ve been used to running in the early days, dodging to the right and left of the scattered obstacle level, while collecting some coins at the same time. After 8 years of such intrusive gameplay on your fingers will surprise few people.

We’ve seen it a thousand times in different variations. But, the creators of this game added an unusual element to the familiar mechanics, unfolding it to the player to look at the familiar genre from a new point. Here’s your character, the “cryptic” porcelain doll. And it swings right and left on a string.


You can swing the figure to the right or left faster, or you can set a wider scale of the porcelain pendulum. But, the good old gravity and inertia have not gone anywhere to help (or prevent) your idea. A single blow to the obstacle will break the porcelain doll into a thousand small pieces, which means the inevitable end of the game.

That’s actually the whole point of this free game. Swing to the right, swing to the left, pick up a strange thing, get to three checkpoints to break out of this dark nightmare place, like the dreams of a paranoid schizophrenic or a terrified writer.

Rest in Pieces screen 3

Game control

The control in the game is extremely precise and intelligible. So you will press the Play button time after time to re-enter this world of porcelain dolls and gloomy landscapes.

An unusual entourage was chosen by the developer for the early stage. But, the exotic game mechanics have and to experiment with the atmosphere. In the App Store and Google play similar free games are extremely rare. Judging by the very dotted plot, in Rest in Pieces you control several characters one by one. They got into a nightmare and became porcelain dolls.


A gloomy plot canvas, contrasting with the very modest three-dimensional graphics of today. Besides, such an unusual approach to the early days against the background of “pop” masses works. He’s an excellent clutch and is not going to let the player go.

Everything in the game looks gloomy and dramatic, and you move from a crazy clown to a slippery crackpot, to then face a giant Bigfoot. In the free game Rest in Pieces, you can unlock several porcelain figures. From a Chinese green elephant to a dude on a surfboard.

Rest in Pieces screen 1 Rest in Pieces screen 2

Rest in Pieces is a very unusual and grim 3D transponder on the phone, but it is quite well-developed gameplay. The visual and general atmosphere only adds to its appealing curiosity. We recommend everyone who is tired of the legions, who won the App Store and Google Play.

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