Full Battery & Theft Alarm App Review

It can be frustrating to run out of battery power, and sometimes it can cause problems. And leaving the smartphone connected to the charger when it is already full can harm the battery.

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But in everyday life, we often forget to charge the device in time and disconnect it from charging. If the standard capabilities of your smartphone cannot alert you, Full Battery and Theft Alarm will take care of it.


The app beeps when the battery level drops to a certain level, or rises to a set level when charging is complete. Also, the alarm sounds when the smartphone overheats. You choose the level of temperature, charge percentage, sounds for all these events on your own. Any of the alarms can be disabled. The sounds can be suggested by the application, or yours.

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You set the duration of all sounds. As good as volume levels for everyone. The app provides clear analytics data on battery usage. The most important question here is who is stealing your battery life? Maybe the thief app should be disabled or even removed from the device?


The next information is also available: how much time has passed since the last charge, how long charging lasted, how long the battery life is going to last.

The disabled icon in the top bar shows the charging percentage. The numbers are bolder and more visible than the standard ones on many smartphones. A disabled notification in the bar shows the percentage of charging and the temperature of the smartphone. If you tap on the notification, a light, eye-catching animation appears with a pie chart of the charge percentage.


All settings are available on the corresponding button on the main screen; everything is fairly clear and understandable. But if there is any misunderstanding, the developer is very responsive and always ready to help.

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All in all, the Full Battery and Theft Alarm app can definitely be recommended for those who are interested in keeping the charge level under control. Especially if the standard capabilities of your device do not suit you.


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