9 Best Cooling Apps for Android

Phone overheating is a common problem that can quickly become hella annoying. This problem can happen for various reasons but requires a quick reaction regardless of the cause.

Luckily, there are lots of cooling apps for Android that will help to optimize your device’s temp. The greatest thing about all these apps is they allow you to cool down your phone in secs with just one tap. Plus, the majority of these apps cover other useful features such as junk cleaner, booster, and all that.

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Here’s the list of the best 9 apps in this category you may try. Take a look!

CPU Cooler

CPU Cooler

The first app on our list is fully dedicated to lessening the usage of your CPU.

The mechanics of this app is quite simple — it reduces CPU by closing all the other apps you don’t currently use. Plus, the app scans your device to detect the software that may cause temperature increases and turns them off as well. Therewith, the app shows you all the detected apps and asks your permission to close them before actually doing something.

Thus, you can be sure none of the essential apps will be closed. Along with that, the app continuously scans your mobile’s temp and displays it on your screen. So if you’ll notice the CPU gets a bit more heated than needed you to get to use the cooling tool. The cooler turns on easily — it literally takes a few taps.

Additionally, the app covers some other useful tools such as a cleaner that automatically deletes all the cookies and junk files. Plus, there’s a speed booster that runs on decluttering the RAM. There’s even a photo cleaning tool that automatically deletes all the duplicate pics. The app itself is very lightweight so it won’t take too much space.

CPU Cooler 1 CPU Cooler 2

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Phone Cool Down

Phone Cool Down

Next, we have an app that levels down the temp of your device’s battery.

The app has a pleasant design and comfy UI so if you were looking for something simple but yet powerful — this is the one. The app comes with several features but let’s start with the cooling one. At this point, the app monitors the temp of the battery 24/7 and you can see the results on your screen as well. Then, you have two options — to use manual or an auto mode.

As you may guess, the manual mode aims you to turn the cooling mechanism on by yourself while the auto one does this for you. The cooler works simply — it detects and shuts down all the apps that overload your phone and rise the battery temp. Therewith, you’ll need to give your permission to shut even in an automatic mode.

Along with that, the app covers a smart booster that cleans your RAM and prevents and slow-downs. Plus, there’s a tool that immediately deletes all the unneeded cookie files and other junk that does nothing but clutter your phone’s memory. You can also use the app’s battery saver tool in case you’re not happy with the one build-in your phone.

Phone Cool Down 1 Phone Cool Down 2

Cooling Master

Cooling Master

If you were looking for a smart app to solve the majority of your phone’s problems — look no further.

The main feature of this app is the cooler that levels down the temp of your mobile’s battery in secs. This is how it gets done — first of all, the app scans your phone and determines all the apps that overload the CPU. Next, the app gives you the list of these apps and asks your permission to turn them off. Then, it restarts all the bg apps to level down the CPU a bit.

Herewith, you get to set the list of apps that can be shut without permission to make the cooling process even quicker. Besides, the app constantly monitors the temp of your mobile battery and displays it on your screen (you may even add it as a widget for your homepage). You can also view the detailed stats and see how the temptation changes according to what you do on the phone.

Plus, you can make a list of apps that can not be shut no matter what. These lists are adjustable and you can add and delete the apps at any time. The app also covers a battery-saving mode — it stops all the apps you’re not using along with some bg running ones.

Cooling Master 1 Cooling Master 2

Smart Phone Cooler

Smart Phone CoolerThis app is intended to cool down your device and keep it at a stable temperature.

In the first place, this is an all-in-one kind of app that lets you do more than just CPU cooling. The cooling tool works the same as the ones in its sister apps — it detects your phone and finds the apps that affect the battery temp. Once it’s done — the app gives you the list of overheating processes and shuts them down.

Therewith, you get to decide if the apps will be shut. You can also make a stop list and pick the apps that should run no matter what. Besides, the app covers boosting tools that speed up your device. It’s getting done by shutting unneeded apps that run in the bg. The app can also clean your phone from all types of junk files — from unneeded AD ones to cookies.

Another great feature is a RAM booster that lets you free some space with one touch. Plus, the app analyses your apps list and points out the ones you use the least. You can also view a detailed report on apps you use on the regular and how much time you spend on them daily.

Smart Phone Cooler 1 Smart Phone Cooler 2

CPU Cooler

CPU Cooler BoostThis is another cooling master that will keep an eye on your phone’s temp.

Frankly speaking, this is an ultimate phone optimizer that maintains stable phone work. The main feature of this app is a CPU cooler. It continuously scans your device searching for the tools that overheat the battery. This process runs in the bg and it takes one tap to optimize the temperature. You can also add a temp widget to your main screen to view it in real-time.

In addition, there’s a RAM optimizer that detects all the unneeded bg running processes and shuts them off. It also takes a couple of taps to use this tool so you can use it any time. Plus, the app covers a junk cleansing tool that will help you free up some space and declutter the storage. It automatically cleans all the temporary files and gets rid of everything you don’t need.

Furthermore, the app has a battery-saving mode. Who wouldn’t want their battery power to last longer? Right, no one. You may say that all the phones already have low-energy modes but you’ll actually see the difference with this one. And if you’ve ever noticed your phone is running slow there’s a booster tool covered as well.

CPU Cooler Boost 1 CPU Cooler Boost 2

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Phone Cooler Master

Phone cooler cpuThis is a free app that manages your mobile’s temp.

The main feature of this app is a CPU cooler that will help you to maintain an appropriate temp of your device. What this tool does is scans your device and look for the overheating apps. Once it’s done, you get to shut all these tools down with one tap. The temp control runs 24/7 so you can take a look at it at any time.

Plus, you can view the stats on how the CPU temp changes according to the apps you use. In case your phone gets overheated the app will send you an alert so you could turn on the cooler. You can also view the list of apps the regularly overheat your device if needed.

Besides, the app can detect the apps that run in the bg of your mobile and slow it down. You can shut all these apps down for speed boosting as well. This app can also be useful in getting some free storage. There’s a built-in cleansing tool that deletes all the junk files with one tap. The app has no ads or paid tools which is nice.

Phone cooler cpu 1 Phone cooler cpu 2

Cooling Master

Cooling Master - Phone Cooler

Cooling Master is another app for stabilizing the temp of your mobile.

This app has pretty much the same tools as the other ones on our list. Its cooling tool detects all the apps and processes that may level up the temp of your battery and potentially overheat it. Once the detection is done, the app lets you close all the heating apps with one touch.

In case there are any apps you don’t want to shut you can make an ignoring list. This list has no limits so you can enter as many apps as needed. Plus, the cooling tool runs in the bg so you’ll get a clear picture of the processes in your phone. When your battery gets overheated you’ll get an alert to run the cooling tool.

Apart from that, the app covers a battery saver and smart charging features. As for the battery saver, it finds the most power-consuming apps and recommends you to close them (especially the bg-running ones). The smart charging tool is made to help your phone charge faster by closing all the running processes.

Cooling Master - Phone Cooler 1 Cooling Master - Phone Cooler 2

All-In-One Toolbox

All in one toolbox

As you may guess by the name of this app, it’s a multi-functional tool for phone optimization.

This app provides you with all the features needed to keep your phone running steadily. For instance, the CPU cooler lets you level down your battery temp with one tap. This tool scans your device looking for overheating processes and shuts them down automatically. In case your mobile gains heat you’ll get an alert to cool it down.

Herewith, you get to pick the processes you want to shut so nothing will be turned off without your permission. Plus, the app scans your storage status and points out the apps you use the least. The app also lets you get rid of all the junk files at once — from cookies to AD ones.

The app gives you detailed stats on all your apps, pics, vids, and other stuff and you can clean them out by categories. There’s also a speed-boosting tool that can release up to 500 MB of storage with one tap. It may not seem like a lot of space but it’s enough to speed up your device’s work.

All in one toolbox 1 All in one toolbox 2

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Cool Cleaner

Cool cleaner

And lastly, we have a phone cooling app that manages the heat of your device’s battery.

This app can cope with lots of stuff — from a slow phone performance to an overheated battery. As for the cooler, it detects all the processes that affect the battery heat and shuts them down. Herewith, the app still asks for your permission for apps close so you get full control after all.

Plus, there’s a tool that lets you clean your phone’s cache by deleting all the ad files, cookies, and other stuff that takes free space without the need. In case your device tends to run slowly this app can help too — there’s a boosting tool that makes your phone faster with one tap.

Besides, the app covers a power-saving mode that shuts all the bg-running processes and lengthens the life of the battery. You can also use the app to manage your notifications — from cleaning all of them at once to stop the whole notification bar for some time.

Cool cleaner 1 Cool cleaner 2


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