9 Best Data Saving Apps for Android

Let’s all agree that nobody likes paying extra money for going off-limits of their data plan. Luckily, there’s a simple way to avoid this kind of situation.

There are lots of data saving apps for Android that you can use to prevent exceeding data usage. These apps analyze your traffic consumption and give you recs on how to make it more effective. Plus, these apps let you automize your web connection by setting various rules.

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Here’s the list of the 9 best apps in that category you may try. Take a look!

DataEye | Save Mobile Data

DataEyeLet’s start with the DataEye app. This is a tool that will manage and control your mobile data.

The main goal of this app is to let you control your mobile traffic and save it when possible. Plus, the app tracks your data usage around the clock and gives you detailed reports. Thus, you get to see which apps or actions consume more power and limit it.

Besides, this app lets you detect all the data-heavy bg processes that consume too much traffic and get rid of it. Another great thing is this app works worldwide even while roaming. At this point, you’ll be able to save your data whenever you go.

Another way to use this app is for extending your battery life. This service is quite classic — you get to see the most power-eating apps and processes and turn off the ones you don’t use. The same goes for bg running processes and all that. Furthermore, the covers various coupon codes and discounts for the most-used apps.

Data Eye 1 Data Eye 2

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My Data Manager

My Data Manager

Next, we have a data manager that lets you take traffic under full control.

The app observes your data activity 24/7 so you can always view how much traffic you’ve used for a day, week, or month. Plus, the app shows you what type of web connection you’re currently using — from Wi-Fi to roaming. As a monitoring result, you’ll have detailed reports on your web usage.

The report usually includes all the apps and processes that consume your data. Herewith, you get to sort the list to view the most traffic-consuming services. Besides, this app gives you a list of bg-running processes that consume your web data while being unnoticeable Once it’s done, you can deactivate these processes right away or limit the volume of data they are allowed to consume.

You can even set individual data plans for yourself and your family members if needed. At that, you can also set personalized alarms that will notify you when you’ll reach a particular data-consuming point. In case you want to always have the data statistics before your eyes you can add a widget to your home screen.

My Data Manager 1 My Data Manager 2

Mobile Data Saving

Mobile Data Saving

This app will help you optimize your data plan.

According to the statistics, an average phone user doesn’t have a clue how much mobile data he spends on casual stuff like watching a video. In case you wanna be the one who controls traffic usage — you need this app on your arsenal. This app lets you manage both mobile data and Wi-Fi so you’ll be aware of everything.

Herewith, the app has a simple UI so you can use all its features effortlessly. What this app does is monitors your data consumption in all its aspects and provides you with detailed graphic reports. To be more specific, the app will tell you how much traffic each app consumes and how it affects your overall plan.

Plus, the app gives you personal recs on how to save web data. You’ll get to control the traffic consumption of every app and limit it if needed. You can also set the alerts to tell you when you’re spending too much traffic on something. There’s also a data saving mode that will shut all the bg-running apps automatically.

Mobile Data Saving 1 Mobile Data Saving 2


Net-GuardThis is the app for managing your internet connection.

Frankly speaking, the concept of this app is incredibly simple. The main feature this app provides you with is automatic web disabling. Herewith, the app covers both mobile data and Wi-Fi connection which is nice. Although the app is doesn’t cover lots of services, it still can be very useful if you need to save your mobile data.

For example, you can set a command to disable a web connection when you start to play some offline games. So once you’ll start playing the app will cut you out of the web and save some data. When you’ll finish playing the web connection will be automatically abled over again. Of course, you can set this command for any app, not necessarily a game.

Along with that, this app lets you control how other people use your device. For occurrence, you don’t want your kid to open YouTube and watch dozens of vids online so you can set the child mode. And when your kid will take your phone you can quickly turn this mode on via widget.

Net-Guard 1 Net-Guard 2

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Data Usage Manager

Data UsageThis is another data assistant that will help you control your traffic usage.

This is a user-friendly app that shows you all the important parameters in a graphic form. The app has a built-in tracker that analyzes your web usage in detail. In other words, you’ll get to see how much traffic each app consumes. Herewith, the app covers individual stats for mobile data, Wi-Fi, and a total count as well.

You’ll get to view the reports about your total web usage and individual apps consumption. The app also gives you the ability to view the amount of data each app has used on a particular day or time period. Besides, all the most traffic-consuming apps will be formed in an individual list.

Plus, you get to set data warning notifications that will help you not cross the limits of your traffic program. Thereby, you get to pick the data limit by yourself and regulate the usage cycle. For example, you can set daily, weekly or monthly limits according to your needs. You can also select the circle start if needed.

Data Usage 1 Data Usage 2


As you may guess by the name, this is an app that will keep your web connection under administration

The main goal of this app is to reduce your data usage. It’s getting done by providing you with an automatic web clocking tool, But don’t rush to judge — it’s not some kind of a parental control app. What this app actually does is lets you set individual rules for all the apps. Let’s figure out what it means using the browser example.

For instance, you want to set rules for browser usage. The app lets you automatically block your access to it when roaming. You may also block the browser in lockdown mode. Along with that, you get to adjust “when the screen is on” rules. This tool lets you pick what type of web connection you are permitted to use — mobile traffic or Wi-FI.

The app also lets you filter your traffic — you get to view all the processes that go out of the VPN. Plus, there’s a battery-saving mode that will automatically shut all the bg-running apps and processes that consume your data. You can also use this app to block some adult websites or specific content.

internetGuard 1 internetGuard 2

Mobile Data Saver

Mobile data saver

This is another data-saving app that will supervise your traffic.

It needs to be said, this app doesn’t have tons of tools or modes apart from the main one. The mechanics of this app is quite simple — it lets you simply block web access for all the apps individually. Thus, you’ll be able to keep your traffic under control and save it. This tool can also help in saving your battery and increasing your privacy.

At that, this app is incredibly easy to use. It shows the list of all the apps you have on your phone, What you need to do here is tap on the Wi-Fi or mobile data image next to the app’s name to enable or disable its web access. Therewith, you get to sort the list by the most traffic-consuming apps if needed.

Furthermore, the app detects all the bg-running apps and processes that consume your traffic and you get to shut them off as well. Plus, you will always see the info on how many apps are disabled from the web. The app doesn’t give any subscription packs or paid tools which is nice.

Mobile Data Saver 1

Check Data Usage

Check Data UsageThis app lets you keep an eye on your web usage and control it.

If you’ve ever had troubles with going off-limits of your data program this app is the one. The main goal of this app is to reduce your web consumption and save it when possible. To cope with that, this app analyzes your traffic usage and detects the most consuming ones. These apps will always be on top of the list so you can quickly see them all.

Once the analysis is done you’ll get to set web limits for all the apps or the individual ones. Additionally, you can set notifications to alert you when you come too close to your data plan limit. The app works for both mobile traffic and Wi-Fi so you can get the stats for everything. The app also has a speed-test tool that lets you see the actual speed of your web connection.

Along with that, the app has a smart plan use tool that gives you personal recs on how to save your traffic a little. You’ll also get to view your data consumption history. You may use this info to find out if your current data plan is actually working for you or not.

Check Data Usage 1 Check Data Usage 2

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And lastly, DataSaver is another kind of data-saving app. The concept of this app is quite unique — it doesn’t limit your web access or anything.

What this app does is finds wireless networks wherever you go. Thus, you’ll be able to use these networks instead of your mobile data and save some traffic. The app has a wide base of wireless networks around the globe so the chances are high you’ll find the suitable one on your route.

Herewith, the app runs as a community of generous users who give off the info of wireless networks they are aware of. In other words, everyone could share their wireless network info in order for the other to use it. You can also share your network if you have any. The app works simply — it tracks your location and shows you all the networks available nearby.

All you need to do is to click on the network you want to use and that’s it. All the networks you’ve used are being saved in your personal history as well. Plus, the app tracks your mobile web usage and shows you how much you’ve to spend according to your data plan. You can also set weekly or monthly alerts to avoid getting off-limits of your plan.

DataSaver 1 DataSaver 2


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