7 Free Stamp Identifiers (Apps & Websites)

Do you like collecting things? Then you have probably tried collecting stamps!

However, if you often buy stamps, you also have to identify them. It is hard to keep all the things in mind. The good thing is that you don’t have to memorize everything – just delegate identification to a good app.

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There are nice options for iOS, as well as Android users.

Stamp Identifier

stamp-identifier-logo-1Here is a great application that will assist you in stamp identification. To use the app, just download it and give it the permission to the camera.

Stamp Identifier has a simple interface that is clear at the first glance. However, this isn’t the only thing you will like. The set of options is also impressive. Let’s take a look at them:

  1. Instant identification by camera. Open the camera right from the app and tap ‘identify’. Wait for the result. It usually takes a few seconds to fulfill the recognition.
  2. Create your digital collection of stamps. The app will remember all the stamps you managed to identify.
  3. Read info about your stamps. This is the best way of getting information about stamps. All the facts were checked by professionals. The sources used for the articles will always be displayed on a screen.
  4. The database of stamps is really impressive. It contains stamps from all over the world.

Stamp Identifier requires about 25 MB of your phone memory, which isn’t a lot if we keep in mind a big database of stamps from almost all the countries.

Both Android and iOS users can download this app.

stamp-identifier-screen-1 stamp-identifier-screenshot-1

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US Stamps Catalog

US-stamps-logo-1If you collect stamps in the USA, you will like this app. It is a catalog of the stamps that are used in the United States.

Unfortunately, the app can’t help you with the identification by camera. This means you can’t use your photo of stamps to recognize it.

One of the features is its brilliant system of filters. You can find almost anything you want with the help of these advanced filters. Let’s imagine you have a stamp you can’t identify. Take a look at it. You can set filters, telling the app about colors, image, and text you see on a stamp.

Another cool thing is that there is a vast community of people who love stamps and know a lot about them. Feel free to ask a question.

The app doesn’t collect your personal info so you are 100% safe in terms of your the usage of your sensitive data.

To install and use this tool, you need to have about 55 MB of memory. This isn’t a lot for such a huge database.

US Stamps Catalog is free of charge. You can get it on the App Store or Google Play.

 US-stamps-screen-1 US-stamps-screenshot-1

appstore1 googleplay1

Stamp Mate Mobile

stamp-mate-logo-1This app isn’t about identification only. This is a universal tool for stamp lovers. You can do all the operations in one app.

The interface of Stamp Mate Mobile might be a bit confusing. Still, if you use it for a few times, you are highly likely to get used to it.

What can you do with the help of Stamp Mate Mobile?

  1. Create an extensive digital collection of your stamps. For sure, you might also have a real one, but storing your stamps in the app might help you to filter them.
  2. Read info about each stamp. Every stamp has a card where you can find a short description and files attached to it.
  3. Identify a stamp. Yes, you can’t recognize your stamp by camera, but you can always use the system of advanced filters to find what you need.
  4. Enjoy full synchronization. If you choose to use the app on multiple devices, the data will be automatically synchronized once you log into your account.
  5. Try online auctions. If you want to sell your stamps, this is a brilliant opportunity to do it. You can purchase and sell right in the app. This is a very secure and simple way of stamp trading.
  6. Share data with other members of the community. For instance, you can share a photo of your favorite stamp.

Stamp Mate Mobile has a free version. If you are an amateur collector of stamps, you can go for the basic version, you won’t probably lack options. There is a free trial as well.

The app doesn’t collect your data, so you are 100% safe. What is more, the app is quite small. Having 50 MB of memory will be enough to install and enjoy its options.

Stamp Mate Mobile is available on the App Store and Google Play.

stamp-mate-screen-1 stamp-mate-screens-1-1 stamp-mate-screenshot-

appstore1 googleplay1

U. S. Stamp Checker

US-stamp-checker-logo-1Here is a great application for stamp lovers who live in the United States. This tool is rich in data that is connected to any stamp made in the USA. 

Most users say it is easy to get started. You don’t even need to log in if you don’t want, the info will be available anyway. 

This is what you can do in the US Stamp Checker: 

  1. Identify stamps yourself, using the database and advanced filters. There is no way of scanning stamps by the camera, but if you remember what the stamp looked like, it won’t be hard to find it. 
  2. Read additional info to become an expert in the stamps of the USA. You can fully trust the data, as it was double-checked by the experts in this sphere. 

Here is one thing you need to know. The database contains info connected to the US stamps dating from 1847 to 1951. If you need to identify modern ones, it won’t be helpful. 

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However, here comes a serious downside. The app has ads, and its number is big. What is more, if you go for a premium subscription, they won’t disappear either. 

US Stamp Checker is available on Google Play only. 

US-stamP-checker-screen-1 US-Stamp-Checker-screenshot-1


Philately – Stamps & Envelopes

philately-logo-1Do you want to find out more about stamps? Well, here comes a good option. With Philately, you can study interesting facts about stamps and envelopes, as well as identify them.

The UI is a bit old-fashioned but still quite friendly to users. Let’s see what you can do in Philately:

  • Explore the collection of 30,000 post stamps. Most of them belong to the United States. The stamps are divided into groups according to their characteristics.
  • Check over 20,000 envelopes. They are divided into groups as well.
  • Ask questions about stamps if you have a hard issue to solve. For instance, you might need to sell some stamps but have no idea how much they cost, feel free to ask for help.

The catalogs are enriched with every new update. It means the app is getting more and more accurate all the time.

Philately has two modes – a free one, as well as a paid subscription. The good thing is that you can enjoy a free trial and enjoy all the premium options.

At the moment, this stamp identification service is available for iOS users only.

philately-screens-2 philately-screenshot-1


Stamp ID Pro: Collect Stamps

stamp_ID_pro_logo_1This is another fabulous stamp collecting application for the residents of the United States. Its main feature is stamp identification. However, there are also some other options you might enjoy as an amateur or professional stamp collector.

The app doesn’t have a camera scanner, meaning you must browse the database to identify your stamp. This isn’t difficult, though. To browse correctly, use help and advanced sorting system. The search takes a few seconds, and as a result, you will find the list of stamps that might be yours.

Then you have to open all the options from the list and see which one is right. Unfortunately, you have to do it manually.

Stamp ID Pro contains more than 1,400 US postage. The stamps you will find there belong to the period from 1847 to 1963. If you need another period, the app can hardly help you.

The database is enriched with new stamps with every new update. If you have a stamp you want to add to the database, you can contact the developer and ask for it.

Another cool thing is that the app is small. You will need less than 40 MB to install it on any device.

All the basic options are available at no cost. However, you can also enjoy premium features by using a trial.

You can get Stamp ID Pro on the App Store for free.

stamp_id-screen-1 stamp-ID-screen_1 Stamp-iD-screenshot_1


Stamp Scanner

stamp-scanner-logo-1If you are looking for a tool to identify a stamp by the camera, this is a pretty nice one. To use it, make sure you give the app access to your camera and file system.

The interface of the app is friendly and easy to start with. There are no extra functions that might distract you from the identification.

Here are the best options you will explore in Stamp Scanner:

  • Instant identification. Once you have made a photo, the app will analyze it and find the best match.
  • Create your collection of stamps inside the app. This will allow you to store all the things in your phone.
  • Save your favorite stamps. If you want to obtain some stamps and you are afraid to lose them, you can add them to your favorites.

The application is pretty little – to install it, you will need about 35 MB of memory.

The only downside is that the databases are quite limited. What is more, the app tends to crash at times for no reason.

You can download Stamp Scanner on the App Store for free.

stamp-scanner-screen-1 stamp-scanner-screenshot-1


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