11 Best Digital Scale Apps for Android & iOS

It sounds unrealistic to use the phone as a scale. Every time you heard it, you probably thought it was a joke program or even a prank. Of course, there are also applications that aim to get fun, pranks, and other jokes. But in fact, some smartphones can really measure the weight of objects.

For such a measurement, an object should weigh up to 100 grams, as larger objects can damage the smartphone. Still, the data about them can be inaccurate. The scales in your smartphone are implemented with the help of a gyro sensor, which monitors and tracks the position of the smartphone in space.

For this kind of weighing, the smartphone must lie on a spring-loaded surface, not a hard one. But there are also fun applications that you can install just for fun. We tried to find 11 best digital scale apps for iOS & Android.

Weight Scale Estimator

weight scale estimatorIf you need to weigh an object weighing between 10 and 500 grams, you can use the Weight Scale Estimator app. It is designed for small measurements even without weight sensors but uses a rather unusual method.

The Weight Scale Estimator is a combination of the unlimited possibilities of a smartphone and human ingenuity that came up with this method.

In order for you to start measuring, you will need to calibrate your smartphone. The app includes a video with precise instructions and all the details you’ll need to do. You’ll need a 0.5-liter bottle of water and two sheets of paper.

The video explains in detail how to organize everything. The problem is that the Weight Scale Estimator requires calibration before each use. But if you just want to see the reality of this method, it is a great option.

weight scale estimator1 weight scale estimator2


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Truck Scale Calculator

truck scale calculatorWe think you’ve often seen huge trucks driving on the highways. Such a huge car is fully controlled by one person – the driver. The Truck Scale Calculator application was created to help truck drivers who need to analyze the weight of their axles.

Of course, you won’t be weighing the truck or its axles on your smartphone – all the data is obtained after certain calculations that the application makes.

The Truck Scale Calculator requires the driver to enter data that is already known to him. In the calculations, it is possible to disable and enable the scaling of indicators.

The Truck Scale Calculator helps the driver to correctly adjust the fifth wheel, which distributes the load throughout the truck. The user adjusts the values of his truck himself, so you need to know those values. It’s worth noting that the Truck Scale Calculator is a fairly specific weight, which calculates the data for you.

truck scale calculator1 truck scale calculator2


Digital Scale FREE – weight estimator simulator

digital scale freeDigital Scale FREE is another application that is designed to be used as a smartphone scale. In fact, it is a simulator, and the data you receive may be quite far from reality.

The application itself looks like it will really help you measure the weight of any objects. The interface of the app looks pretty stylish – neon colors on a dark background, which simulate the buttons and the real display of scales.

The developers suggest using the application for weighing small objects, scales of just a few grams or ounces. In fact, on the screen of your smartphone Digital Scale FREE will display a random number, which means that the object weighs only a couple of grams.

If you show something like this to your friends, be sure they’ll be surprised. But if you’re going to use the Digital Scale FREE for yourself and really know the weight of an object, this application will not work for you.

digital scale free1 digital scale free2


Right Weigh Load Scale App

right weigh load scaleRight Weigh Load Scale App is another application that will be useful for truck drivers. It is designed for those people who are already tired of stopping because their truck is overloaded and there is no way to go further.

You won’t have to look for a giant scale to try to spread all the weight along with the axles of your car – Right Weigh Load Scale App can do all the work for you. Things get a lot easier when you’re not afraid to trust your smartphone.

The app allows you to track the weight of a group of axles of the main truck and its trailer. It can also be used for vehicles that simply attach a normal trailer at the back of the truck when transporting things.

Weight data can be logged directly in the Right Weigh Load Scale App, and then used or sent as a file. The data you have entered may also contain information about your location at the time of measurement. You can also keep joint logs with other drivers if you work together.

right weigh load scale1 right weigh load scale2


Digital Scale Simulator

digital scale simulatorSome people really think their smartphone is capable of anything. They use it for communication, entertainment, watching videos, and even mobile games. Why not use it as a scale?

The developers of the Digital Scale Simulator thought the same thing and created their own application to surprise or play around with their friends. It is naive to think that a smartphone is practically a transformer that can be anything. But you can try to convince other people that it is.

Digital Scale Simulator simulates the usual small scales, which are designed for small things and small objects. The application will allow you to show that some small things (like a coin) lying on the screen are actually measured by your smartphone.

Of course, Digital Scale Simulator is just a weight simulator and does not give you information about the real weight of an object. On the other hand, you can convince your friends of this by demonstrating the unusual capabilities of your device.

digital scale simulator1 digital scale simulator2


3 Grams Digital Scales app with Weight Converter

3 grams digital scalesThe digital scale, which is a smartphone app, weighs everything in grams. We think that’s why this app is called 3 Grams. This tool combines 3 handy features that will be available to you after installation.

The developers have made the application free of charge, but it has built-in advertising, which you can not remove for free. That’s why there is another version of the application – Pro, which is bought once.

It is worth talking about the features of 3 Grams. The application can turn your smartphone into a digital scale, which, if properly calibrated, can even determine the weight of small objects. You can also use a visual digital scale.

This feature in 3 Grams uses your smartphone’s camera to calculate the approximate weight of a large object. And as a separate function, 3 Grams presents a weight converter that stores your measurements. The application itself describes the weighing process for each method in more detail.

3 grams digital scales1 3 grams digital scales2


Weight Scale Simulator Prank

weight scale simulator prankDespite the fact that we said that measuring the weight of objects using a smartphone is a real possibility, not all devices have this capability. These are mostly modern phones that have a pressure sensor and use it for this purpose.

That’s why Weight Scale Simulator Prank application was created, which just simulates the work of such a system. Some users even perceive the application as real and are disappointed when they do not get the desired result.

The interface of the Weight Scale Simulator Prank is quite realistic for mobile scales. After running the application, you can set the desired weight of the item you are going to put on your smartphone. Then you can already start the joke.

Weight Scale Simulator Prank provides you with an interface of electronic scales, on which you will put a prepared item. The screen will show you the number that was recorded by you earlier. So you can play naive friends and show that you have a “super-modern phone”.

weight scale simulator prank1 weight scale simulator prank2


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Kitchen Scale

kitchen scaleThere is often a situation in the kitchen that leads you into a stupor. You seem to have found the perfect recipe for the dish and are happy to make it happen. But at some point, you realize that you don’t have a kitchen scale at hand, and all the ingredients are in grams, not glasses or other measures.

In that case, you can use the Kitchen Scale app to help you implement any recipe. This app is perfect for baking, as the main ingredients that can be measured are sugar, flour, or salt.

In addition to these ingredients, you can also measure cereals and several other items. The way Kitchen Scale works is as follows: you enter the number of grams you need and choose the ingredient you want to measure.

A white circle appears on your smartphone screen, which you need to fill with the selected product. Of course, these measurements are not perfectly accurate and error-prone, but it’s much better than adding all the products without measure.

kitchen scale1 kitchen scale2


Digital Scale by LucidSWs Inc.

digital scale lucidswIf we talk about the full function of weighing products, the Digital Scale application has a completely illogical name. At the same time, it is really useful and works with product weight.

Digital Scale is an application that allows the user to calculate the cost of something that he is buying or selling. You just have to enter the value of the product for 1 kilogram, define the unit of measurement, the currency in which the calculation or purchase is made, and as a result, you will see the amount of the purchase.

Digital Scale is perfect for those people who are confused about calculating the price of weight products or afraid that they will be cheated by the seller. Also, such an application will be useful for sellers who do not have a free calculator to calculate the price.

You weigh the product yourself in the traditional way on a normal scale, and in the Digital Scale, you enter the ready-made data. By the way, if we talk about usability, the developers were able to take into account different money currencies.

digital scale lucidsw1 digital scale lucidsw2


Smart Chef Smart Food Scale

smart chef smart food scaleTalking about recipes again, you can’t forget the important thing about its nutritional value. Despite the same weight, different foods may have different values for proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

For example, your trainer or nutritionist said that you need 50 grams of protein per day to stay healthy. But how do you calculate their weight? You can’t just take one nutrient and separate it from the product. Smart Chef is an application that allows you to track all your prescriptions and the food you consume.

Smart Chef is also a great way to calculate grams of food at the first look. It has a measure of conversion from grams to glasses or tablespoons – i.e. more familiar ways of measuring.

It even has a scale of eggs, which offers you to determine the size of the egg you use in your recipe. You could say that Smart Chef is suitable for people who want to measure the nutrients in their food, not just its weight.

smart chef smart food scale1 smart chef smart food scale2


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Kitchen Scale by Emiway Infotech

kitchen scale emiwayKitchen Scale is an application that housewives and fans will love to cook with recipes from the Internet. When all recipes from the internet are based on gram measurements, people without a kitchen scale get confused.

Kitchen Scale is designed for such cases. Any housewife can use the application to compare measurements in grams and other values – such as teaspoons, cups, and glasses.

The application can also work the other way around. If you have a kitchen scale, you can easily understand the grams from the recipes described with the kitchenware. In Kitchen Scale, you can also find the average weight of fruits and vegetables.

You can take the ingredients themselves into account: the app contains almost 200 different items of the most popular products. These can be nuts, flour, oil, berries, and much more. Among the measuring measures here you can find glasses of different sizes, as well as standard spoons – tea or table.

kitchen scale emiway1 kitchen scale emiway2


It should be noted that no developer will guarantee the accuracy of such measurements. The fact that gyroscopes in smartphones are needed for completely different purposes, and weighing – this is just one of the possibilities.

Keep in mind that smartphone sensors can get worse over time, fail, or break down at all. You can’t rely on a phone scale as an accurate measuring tool that gives you results right away.

You can play with such applications, play a trick on someone, or surprise your family with unusual smartphone features that they hardly knew about. This feature is present in some of the presented apps, so you can test and see for yourself.

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