Download Manager App Review

Are you tired of searching for a perfect download manager? There are tons of such apps on the market, however, it is quite hard to find something worthy. But we managed to dig up an amazing app called IDM and it offers everything and even more. It is a must-have for anyone!

IDM has a very simple UI, pretty easy to figure out how it works. It is full of amazing features like high download speed, resuming the download if the connection is patchy, and also supports torrent files.

In addition to this app, you can also get yourself a YouTube download app so you will be able to get vids from there as well.


The thing that we loved the most about this app, though is video downloading. You can get any video almost from any website and social media as well. All you have to do is to copy the link of the required video and add it to the app by pressing the plus icon in the lower-left corner.

Then press Add to the clipboard. It will give you different quality options (144p, 240p, 360p, 480p. 720p), choose the one you want and proceed. You can download any file in this way, not just videos. There is a great option too of downloading the files in batches. It allows you to add multiple links, not one by one but all of them at once.

And when you downloaded a movie that you want you can enjoy watching it on your TV. If you have a Hisense brand, you can also check out our list of the best apps for the Hisense TV.

IDM has also a built-in browser that is very fast and efficient. It detects automatically any media files on the current page and it will show the list in the notifications right next to the link bar. Downloading media has never been easier.

This app is not just about downloading and that’s it. IDM offers a password manager, hosts management, and grabber. It is very useful as it replaces 3 additional apps minimum.


The tech support answers all the inquiries not only in the Store but in the Telegram channel. Any of your questions will be answered within minutes there. They also organize weekly quizzes in Telegram to win a promo for IDM+ with even more amazing features.

A little tip: you can find lots of useful videos on Instagram nowadays. Find them on IPTV. Use our list of apps for better convenience.

We are officially huge fans of this app. It manages downloads perfectly and will not let you down. IDM is reliable, fast, and user-friendly. We insist you try it, promise you will not be disappointed.


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