9 Best Dumbbell Workout Apps 2023 (Android & iOS)

Have you already passed the initial stage of training with your own weight and want to reach the next level? The best option is to train with weights in the form of dumbbells. So, you will be able to create an extra load on the muscles, which will lead to their strengthening and give them an attractive shape.

Yet, when performing such physical exercises, it is crucial to follow the correct technique. So the training programs you find on the web are unlikely to help you.

We recommend you get acquainted with these best dumbbell workout apps. They come with a detailed explanation of each action, which will allow you to quickly achieve the desired result. 

When doing physical exercises, you should remember that everyone needs a special approach, so we also advise you to use these best apps to create your own workout.

Dumbbell Workout at Home

If you are interested in gaining muscle mass quickly and efficiently, then your ideal solution is the Dumbbell Workout at Home app.

The essence of this program is that the developers have added several courses of exercises. They aim to increase your muscles and give them relief.

A serious advantage of the app can be attributed to the fact that the training programs are designed for different complexity. There are three levels, from beginner to real professionals.

Besides, training programs are designed for men and women. An important advantage is that the completion of a full course of training will not take you much time. Each program is designed for a month.

In total, the developers have added hundreds of exercises to the app. They involve different muscle groups: abs, legs, back, chest, and arms. All of these exercises are divided into two categories: with dumbbell weights and with the weight of your own body.

Each of these exercises is accompanied by handy video tutorials. They are created as 3D animations, so you will definitely understand the correct technique of their performance. Furthermore, the app allows you to track your progress, your schedule, the number of calories you’ve burned, and more.

Depending on your goals, you can also create a personalized workout program. Join millions of users and get muscle definition in as little as a month!


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Dumbbell Workout Plan

Do you want to strengthen your body and gain as much muscle mass as possible? If so, your best option is the Dumbbell Workout Plan app. From now on, you will no longer have to go to the gym and see an instructor.

You can do it all from the comfort of your own home, just by following the instructions in the app. All you need is dumbbells and the desire to work on yourself.

The developers have added a huge number of different exercises to the app for all situations and types of people. There are sports program options for men and women.

It does not matter if you are a beginner or have been involved in sports for a long time – you will find exercises for absolutely everyone. They are divided into several categories. Each of them handles a particular muscle group.

The developers have also included a separate category specifically for beginners. Rest assured that you can do without a trainer. All exercises are accompanied by convenient and clear instructions. They are created in the form of 3D models, as well as text descriptions.

Moreover, you can create your own personal training schedule in the app and follow it.


Dumbbell Workouts at Home

Do you want to gain muscle mass and start working on your body, but don’t want to go to the gym and give money there? Then there is a great way for you – the Dumbbell Workouts at Home app.

With it, you can change your body at home for free. All you will need is a pair of dumbbells. The developers have added a huge number of exercises and workouts to the app specifically for different types of people and tasks.

All of them are divided into three levels of difficulty, depending on your level of training and past experience. Besides, there is an important feature in the program – you can pick up a personal training plan that will exactly meet your features and needs.

A special program is also available in the app that lasts for 30 days. The exercises you have to do are aimed at all existing muscle groups, including your abs, legs, arms, and back.

They are all accompanied by simple instructions created in the form of video tutorials. In addition to the workouts themselves, you can use the app to track your progress.

The app has been receiving a huge amount of positive feedback for a long time. Users notice changes in themselves after going through the workout programs. So, you can be sure that with its help you will achieve the desired result.


Dumbbell Workout Women Fitness

Do you want to get in shape in just a few minutes a day from the comfort of your own home? If so, you should use the Dumbbell Workout Women Fitness app.

This program was created specifically to help women who work out at home. All you need to perform the exercises presented by the developers is a pair of dumbbells and some free time.

Absolutely all workouts will not take you much time. It will take you only 8 to 25 minutes every day, depending on your goals and level of difficulty.

Besides, you will not have to develop your own training program and think about what exercises to include. The developers have already added a variety of exercise sets for each category of people and their goals.

The app has plans for 9, 21, and 30 days. The exercises involve all muscle groups: biceps, triceps, abs, legs, and many others. Furthermore, the developers have provided for their different types.

Here you will find exercises from stretching to full bodybuilding. In addition to exercise, the app also contains information about diets. Download it today, because it is absolutely free!


Home Dumbbell Workout For Men

Home Dumbbell Workout For Men is an app that allows you to forget about the need to regularly go to the gym and work out with a personal trainer.

Now you can take care of your body from the comfort of your own home or wherever it is most convenient for you. You can understand everything yourself – the app will fully replace your instructor.

The developers have added a huge number of exercises that are suitable for all types of people and any needs.

All these exercises are divided into 13 categories, depending on the muscle groups they are aimed at. For example, there are exercises for developing the back, legs, abs, and various arm muscles, including biceps and triceps.

Each exercise comes with instructions so that everyone follows the technique of execution. But the benefits don’t end there. The developers have tried to ensure that everyone could find here a personal training program with a schedule of exercises.

All you have to do is enter your data, the muscle groups you want to develop, and the goals you are pursuing. The app will automatically generate a workout program specifically for you, and you just have to follow it.

The program contains more than 750 exercises in a wide variety of categories. Such a number only means that you are sure to find the right ones for you and get the most complete workout program.


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Dumbbell Workout Challenge at Home

Many people give up going to the gym in favor of working out at home. If you are one of them, then you should definitely download the Dumbbell Workout Challenge at Home.

The fact is that without the help of a trainer, it can be difficult to develop your own workout program. Fortunately, this app completely solves this problem.

The developers have included a huge number of full-body exercises. They affect absolutely all muscle groups so that you will develop them evenly. You can perform these exercises from anywhere. The only thing you will need for this is dumbbells.

The developers advise you to have two pairs, one heavier and one lighter. This way your workouts will be most effective.

The app includes several sets of exercise programs that you can choose depending on your goals. They usually last for 30 days. Each exercise comes with instructions in the form of text with pictures, which means you are sure to understand everything.

Besides, the app allows you to keep track of the number of workouts you’ve done so far and how many calories you’ve burned. Join millions of users and start working out today!


Home workouts with dumbbells

Do you think that you can only train effectively and gain muscle mass by going to the gym and following the guidance of a trainer? The Home workouts with the dumbbells app will easily change your mind.

All you have to do after you download the app is grab a pair of dumbbells and follow the simple and clear instructions in the app. You won’t even need to leave the house or have any special equipment.

The developers have already loaded the program with absolutely everything you need. The app includes hundreds of different exercises for different muscle groups, your goals, and initial data.

It’s also worth mentioning the other benefits you get from using the program. First, you can easily keep track of your progress as a result of your workouts. The developers have added handy charts and tables, so all the information is presented clearly.

Second, you’ll get extra motivation. Every day you train, you will increase your level in the app and get extra bonuses. Moreover, the program has a simple and pleasant interface that will help you quickly understand all the features. Join the millions of users and also appreciate the work of the app in action!


StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log

Do you want to start taking care of your body and strengthening your muscles absolutely for free? Then your option is the StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log app.

Now you don’t have to go to gyms, work out with trainers or even leave the house at all. Everything you need for an effective workout is in this app.

The developers have put in it more than a hundred different sports programs that will help you make all the muscles of the body relief.

The app has a huge number of advantages. Each exercise is accompanied by clear instructions recorded on video. You will not have to additionally look for any materials on the web.

Besides, it has another important function. You will be able to design your own workout program based on your data and needs. Finally, the app will allow you to fully track your progress during your workouts.

The developers have made handy graphs that show the effectiveness of your workouts and the number of calories you burn. The program receives daily positive feedback from the vast majority of users. Try it, too, and take care of your body health!


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Workout Plan & Gym Log Tracker

With the Workout Plan & Gym Log Tracker app, you can track your workout progress and perform strength exercises. Personalized schedules and exercise statistics are available.

To use the app, you need to create an account with an email address and password. Then select your fitness level and set up your exercise schedule.

The utility will automatically make several workout plans from which you should choose the appropriate one.

The app contains a selection of exercises aimed at working out different muscle groups. Detailed descriptions of the rules and clear animations are available. There is also an opportunity to see a list of necessary equipment.

The utility allows you to analyze changes that occur to your body during training. To do this, it is necessary to regularly take measurements and record the information in the table.

With the help of clear graphs, users can track the dynamics of weight loss or gain. Besides, it is possible to record muscle volume.

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