6 Best Baseball Manager Games for Android & iOS

Have you ever want to be in charge of your own baseball team? This article has you covered!

There are lots of baseball manager games for Android and iOS that enable you to put yourself in a position of powerful team director. The cool thing is these games empower you to set a perfect lineup for your team so you can basically build the unit of your dreams!

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Here’s the list of the 6 best games in that category you should try. Take a look!

Astonishing Baseball Manager 20 – Simulator game

Astonishing Baseball

Let’s start with the game called Astonishing Baseball Manager. This is a management simulation that empowers you to rule over a team of baseball players.

Just like in a real-life, you get to take care of all the aspects of your team’s life. The cool thing about this game is it’s not only about the strategy — each baseball player in your team has his own personality and it’s not necessarily the good one. Plus, all players have strong and weak points that you need to keep in mind while nothing on the strategy.

Plus, this game has a realistic world that covers all the regards of the real team’s journey to success. Once your team starts to improve their skills and win games it will gain fans. Then, the journalists start to write about the news dedicated to your teams such as a new member or a shameful loss. And you as a manager get to keep an eye on all these press publications for them to not affect your team’s reputation negatively.

You will even get SMS messages from the players talking about their contracts and the troubles you need to solve. You’ll even get to manage your player’s educations and all that. Plus, you may make rotations for some members of your team and sign up new talented players.

Astonishing Baseball 1 Astonishing Baseball 2


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BIG WIN Baseball

Big Win Baseball

BIG WIN Baseball is the game that empowers you to create your own virtual team and leads them to success.

As you might already guess, your journey with this game starts from forming a team. You get to recruit all the players and customize them by your will. It needs to be said, the game covers hundreds of players’ cards but your choice will be limited at the beginning. Then, when your team will start to achieve some goals you will be able to unlock new cards and get more powerful players.

Each character has his own strong points and talents you need will need to improve. However, all of the players have their weak points as well and you’ll need to keep them in mind while building a strategy. You will be able to train your players and develop the tactics that will bring them the win.

As for the games, you get to compete against multiple teams around the globe. But you also need to consider that some teams are much stronger than yours and you need to reach a certain level of development to be able to beat them. As you’ll start winning you’ll also be able to get impact cards and teach your team unique maneuvers and actions.

Big Win Baseball 1 Big Win Baseball 2


Baseball Legends Manager 2016

As its name supposes, Baseball Legends Manager is the game that grants you to raise a team of legendary baseball players.

According to the genre’s rules, your goal in this game is to make your team the best team of the season. So the Baseball cup is the main prize for you. To gain that, you’ll need to form a team of baseball players from the very beginning — you get to pick the players, customize them and even pick the team’s uniform.

Then, you’ll need to train your players, develop their strong points, and finds the weaknesses. You may even hire professional coaches to make sure your team gets the best training possible. The next step is playing games against your opponents. The game covers various teams around the globe you may compete against.

Therewith, you need to keep in mind that each team has its own playing tactics you need to consider. In case of the won, you will move up on the leader board and get prizes you can spend on the team’s development. Sometimes you will even get unique skills that may bring your team to a whole new level.


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Baseball General Manager

Baseball General Manage‪r‬

Baseball General Manager is another sim game that empowers you to lead the team of players to their first championship.

This game allows you to experience what it is like to be the manager of the team in all its aspects. Plus, the whole game is based on MLB rules to make the experience even more realistic. Therewith, you get to set your team lineup from the blank canvas and customize it by your will (you may even edit their names).

In case you don’t know which characters to pick you may use a random mode and let the game decide. All the players have their own talents and storing points, but they have weaknesses as well. That’s why you’ll need to organize the training that will positively affect your team. Plus, you may rotate and trade your players to other teams and even sign up new players.

Speaking of opponent teams, there are dozens of ones you may compete against. However, you’ll need to consider other team’s playing tactics and built your own strategy according to that. Each win will unlock unique skills and new players you may sign up for your team.

Baseball General Manage‪r‬ 1 Baseball General Manage‪r‬ 2


Astonishing Baseball Manager 2019

astroning baseball manager

Astonishing Baseball Manager is the game that grants you to build a virtual baseball team and guide them to fame.

This game contains a detailed living world filled with interesting characters. And your goal here is to write your own story of leading the baseball team to success. Plus, the game covers all the sides of the team manager’s life — the good and the bad ones. Thus, when your team starts to participate in games and win they will gain loyal (or not so loyal) fans.

And you as a manager get to maintain these fans’ love along with rating the team and dealing with their problem. Therefore, you will need to track all the negative press articles about your team and open souvenir shops for supporters. You may also hire coaches for your tea and work on strategies for their next game.

As for the team’s problems, you will get SMS messages from players talking to you to cope with various stuff — from illnesses to boredom and contract details. Plus, you will be able to trade and rotate your players to other teams and sign up new ones. Besides, it’s an online game so you can play it whenever you want.

astroning baseball manager 2


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CBS Franchise Baseball 202‪1‬

CBS Franchise Baseball

And lastly, CBS Franchise Baseball is the game that will lead you through an entire season of being a baseball team management.

You start by building your perfect lineup of players. Thus, you get to pick every member of the team, customize their names and even pick a uniform they will wear. Herewith, you need to consider every player’s strong points and weaknesses to build a solid powerful team.

The next step is training — you get to develop your team’s skills and work on their playing strategies. The game also covers several types of games — from exhibition series to showdowns so you’ll have plenty of time for practicing. Each win will bring you points and rewards you may spend on unlocking new skills and all that.

Plus, you may rotate some of your players and sign up new ones. The cool thing is the game covers lots of real-life famous baseball players you may sign up for your team (you’ll need to pay lots of in-game money for that though). The new players, skills, and events come up with every update so you’ll never run out of fresh gaming material.

CBS Franchise Baseball 1 CBS Franchise Baseball 2


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