5 Best Health insurance apps for Android & iOS

It’s no secret that health is the part of our life which actually controls its fate. Nowadays the healthcare is not free and people have to pay considerable sums of money to take care of it. Sometimes these prices are reasonable, sometimes not. Besides, in some countries, like the United States, the medical system is insanely expensive and people living there are just obliged to have health insurance.

Also when we are travelling we need insurance to protect us in emergency cases. Despite all these facts, many people are sure that getting health insurance is a long and arduous process. With the apps listed below, you will find out how to get your insurance fast and easily.

Star Health Insurance App

This app is represented by the biggest health insurance company. With this app, you will get access to the number of useful functions, such as Instant Policy Renewal or if you have something to do with the visits to the doctor, you can track the updated status of your claim. Besides, you can always find a company’s office in your local area, including the one closest to you. You can also get a quote for various products and purchase them hassle-free without any documentation.

In case you need to make a call to the company there are numbers included and all you have to do is to tap into them. You can buy insurance right in the app, choosing the category relevant to your case and then go to the details. Each type of insurance contains a detailed description of emergency cases and all payment information. All you have to do is to write your data and sign an agreement.


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Cigna Health Benefits

You never know what is going to happen in your life and with your health, which is, by the way, one of the essential elements of it. This app can provide you with insurance for any life cases. You will get complete access to all you need wherever you are. However, keep in mind that in order to use this app, you must be enrolled in coverage from Cigna’s Health Benefits unit. Cigna app will help you to find a doctor, hospital or a facility and use them when you need it.

You can also download or send an electronic version of your membership card for you or a family member. Moreover, you’re in control on each of your claims and you can monitor their status. You can also call on the hotline of the company by just clicking on the phone number in the app. Even though using apps like these may seem difficult, here you will discover a friendly interface which is easy to use.


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With this app, you will cover literally everything when it comes to your health. The goal of this app is to help you to save more time and get more productive results. It doesn’t matter what exactly you need to do – to buy insurance or visit your local physician – the app contains all the functions. Discover the nearest doctor in your area. Get the claim done. Find a pharmacy. Moreover, you can check your medical spending accounts with this app. All your information will stay absolutely confidential.

Tools like myHealthcare Cost Estimator can make your health care options easier by comparing procedure, provider, price, and place. You can find out the drug costs and view and share your member health plan ID card. You can compare different medication prices and then make the best choice. Besides, you can refill your prescriptions, or check the status of refills and renewals. With this app, the information about your health will stay with you 24/7.


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nib Health Insurance

Australians can use the Nib app to insure their health. The principle of this organization is that health insurance should be clear and simple for everyone, no matter where they are.
The app looks like a standard service with tabs on the left side of the screen that can be opened by tapping. To use it, you need to be a registered user.

With the app, getting insurance has become incredibly easy – almost as easy as ordering a thing from an online store. You can update your personal data on your mobile phone, apply or see what payments and benefits are due to you

If necessary, the nearest nib centers are also available, in particular, ophthalmic clinics, dental clinics, and hospitals that cooperate with the company. In general, the nib Health Insurance application makes it easier for you to use your insurance and also makes it easier for you to create any applications and obtain information about your documents.


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Health Insurance App

With this app, you can search for affordable health insurance in the USA. What it does is that it find you the best option according to your regards. You will be able to pick up the best one among such companies like Aetna, Oscar, Humana, Allstate, and many others right from your device. The app is not an insurance agent, broker, or carrier. The insurance question is one of the most essential in the United States, due to its costs and functionality. More than half of all Americans who have health insurance are enrolled in some kind of managed care plan, an organized way of both providing services and paying for them.

Different insurance has different functions and what is convenient for one person can be totally unappropriating for another one. There are many different types of managed care plans work differently and include preferred provider organizations (PPOs), health maintenance organizations (HMOs), and point-of-service (POS) plans. The question is if you understand all these differences. This app will help you with that.