8 Best Fake Hair Trimmer Apps for Android & iOS

Wanna prank your mates with realistic hair trimming sound? Then keep reading this article!

There are fake hair trimmer apps for Android & iOS that let you jokingly ruin the hairstyle of anyone of your choice. All these apps provide you with believable hair clipper noises along with vibration, so you’ll get to pull off a perfect trick. Some of the apps also cover other annoying sounds in case you’ll need to diversify your jokes.

We’ve gathered together the 8 best apps in that category you may try. Take a look!

Hair Trimmer Prank

Hair Trimmer Prank

Let’s start with the most-used razor prank apps on the market.

The concept of this app is quite simple — it turns your device into a fake trdevice, so you could. As for the usage field, it’s made for you to effortlessly joke over your mates, pretending to shave their heads. In order to do that, the app simulates the noise of an actual trimmer, so it will sound realistic.

Along with the clipper, the app covers some other prank-worthy noises like a metal detector, taser, chainsaw, and more. The mechanics are simple — a razor will appear on your screen, and you’ll need to tap on the activation button to turn it on.

Herewith, you’ll get o to customize the shade of the razor, the bg, and even regulate the sound to match your preferences. More to that, your device will buzz along with the trimmer to simulate real electronic razors. In case you’re not into that, you may easily disable the vibration in the settings. However, the app is bundled with ads that may level down your user exp.

Hair Trimmer Prank 1 Hair Trimmer Prank 2 



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Hair Clippers Prank

hair clippers prank

Next, we have another razor sim perfect for harmless jokes.

Looking for a simple tool to banter your pals, pretending you’re about to shave their hair? This app has you covered. It provides you with realistic electro razor noises are based on actual electronic razors. The only flaw here is that you don’t get to regulate sound intensity within the app — just with the volume buttons.

Beyond that, there’s a small delay between you taping on an activator button and when the sound happens. It’s not that big of a deal, of course, but it may be quite annoying when your joke is about to happen. The good thing is the app covers buzzing noises that make the clipper even more realistic.

There are also a couple of razor designs you get to choose from if needed. All the designs and effects you may use are free, but the app comes with loads of ads that you can’t remove. Sometimes the ads pop up in the middle of the prank, which is quite a mess.

hair clippers prank 1 hair clippers prank 2 


Real Razor Prank

Real Razor Prank

It’s an iOS trimmer joke app that will be your best companion in-jokes over your mates.

In the first place, the app covers various prank-worthy sounds like razor, trimmer, clipper, stun gun, and even the chainsaw. All of those are free, so no concerns about that. More to that, all the sounds used by this app are based on real-life devices, so all the sounds are realistic.

In case you’re one of the people who like to customize everything they use — the app lets you switch the shade of trimmers to match your victim’s hair. The app also uses the proximity detector of your device to find out when you’re cutting your hair. It also covers the buzzing noises for more realism.

As for the mechanics, it is quite simple. You’ll need to tap on the activating button, and then use your device as an actual trimmer, pretending to shave someone. In other words, you’ll need to run your phone along the head, arm, leg, or whatever else. Once you’ve finished, just tap on the razor to turn it off.

Real Razor Prank 1 Real Razor Prank 2 


Hair Clipper Prank

hair clipper prank

This is a soundboard app that simulates the noises of a hair trimmer.

The main idea of this app is to give you a simple-to-use joking assistant that won’t let you down. In order to do that, all the sounds used by this app are based on actual trimming appliances, so your trick will seem as realistic as possible. Plus, all the noises are high quality, so you won’t have issues with that as well.

Additionally, the app uses your phone’s proximity sensor to find out when you’re about to shave hair. In other words, the sound will start playing as you’ll start to imitate shaving motions by moving your device along someone’s head. You may also pretend to save arms, legs, or any other body parts needed.

As realism is the key to great joke this app also covers the buzz to simulate razors even better. You’ll also get to switch the style of the shaver and regulate the sound volume if needed. The app runs on paid subs packs, but there’s a free trial to decide if it is worth it.

hair clipper prank 1 hair clipper prank 2 


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Hair Trimmer 

Hair Trimmer

It’s an all-in-one soundbox app that lets you pull off any trick you may think of.

This app comes with a wide compilation of joke-worthy noises of any kind. To be more precise, there’s a pack of hair clipper noises, a general pack with breaking glass, footsteps and a saw, a pack with gunshots, a horn one, and more. There’s even a major animal sounds pack if needed.

Of course, it’s quite easy to get lost in such a variety of options, and that’s why all the noises are sorted by categories. Plus, the app lets you add some sounds at your faves. You will also get to customize the sound volume of all the noises individually if needed.

However, the app has its flaws as well. First of all, the noises don’t come with vibrations which level down the authenticity. Besides, all the sounds are time-limited, and you’ll need to tap on a play button again once it’s over. And lastly, some sounds are only available with a paid sub pack.

Hair Trimmer 1 Hair Trimmer 2 


Hair Clipper 

Hair Clipper

Here’s a joking app for tricking your mates with an electronic hair trimmer noise.

It’s a simple simulator that covers the noises of a shaver, an electro razor, and a stun gun. Plus, the app comes with pleasant graphics and provides you with high-quality noises. All the noises used by this app are based on real devices, so no worries about the authenticity.

Beyond that, the app uses the proximity detector of your device to find out when you’re cutting your hair. Thus, you’ll need to tap on the activating button, and then use your phone as an actual trimmer, pretending to shave someone.

In order to do that, just drag your phone along your victim’s head, arm, leg, or any other body part. Once you’ve finished, just tap on the razor to turn it off. The app lets you make the noises more realistic by adding a vibration. However, the app does come with ads (too many ads, to be specific).

Hair Clipper 1 Hair Clipper 2 


Razor Prank

Razor Prank

It’s another pranking app that includes hair shaving sounds, and much more.

In case you’d like to have one solid soundboard app to assist with your pranks — you’ve just found one. This app covers a bunch of noises such as a trimmer, a scream, a horn, a phone call, UFO sounds, blow-up noises, police sirens, farting, drumming, and more.

The flaw here is there are no packs of sound — you just get a single noise in every category. All the options are placed on top of your screen, so it’s easy to switch if needed. The mechanics are beyond simple — just pick the noise and tap on a giant red button that will appear.

Herewith, the noises are not time-limited, so just tap on the controller once again to turn it off. Unfortunately, you won’t get to adjust the sounds, or add buzzes to make the noises more realistic. There are ads, but not too many.

Razor Prank 1 Razor Prank 2 


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Hair Clipper Simulator

Hair Clipper Simulator 1

And lastly, we have a hilarious app to prank your mates with fake shaver noises.

This app provides you with believable HQ hair shaving noise — what else could you need for a good-old harmless trick? The app uses pre-recorded sounds of actual hair clippers, so you to pull off a realistic joke without any effort.

Furthermore, the app comes with a vibration that adds up to the reality of your prank. The app also uses your phone’s proximity sensors, so you can be sure the noise won’t start playing earlier than needed. The vibrations will also start along with the sound, so no concerns about that.

All you need to do is to turn the app on, find a victim, get close enugh and put  your phone to their head while imitating shaving motions. There are several hair razor designs for you to try, and all of them have unique sounds.

Hair Clipper Simulator 2 Hair Clipper Simulator 3



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