7 Best apps to create fake receipts & invoices (Android & iOS)

One day you may need to make a fake receipt. It doesn’t really matter what it for, simply you could lose one of the real ones that should be saved. Or you may need to create a real receipt generating it quickly using your mobile. We never would recommend you to break any related laws.

Thankfully there are plenty of applications that offer invoice and receipt making features. Easy to download and to use,  even to send it via email or print it right at the moment. Below there are 7 best fake receipts makers for Android and iOS. Check them out right now.

Invoice Maker & Estimate App – Billdu

BillduThe first in our list is a Bildu app that combines a lot of features including invoices and estimates making, quotations and of course receipts construction.

Its never been so easy to create all your financial papers including receipts. Though keep in mind that the app offers just 5 different templates for receipts making so make sure that there is one suitable for your case and need. After choosing one template you can custom your receipts selecting a color, logo, and signature.

Billdu Billdu

After that, you can email it or print it. The app will cost you nothing except extra features that you may need to proceed with in-app purchases.

google App Store

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ReceiptishReceiptish is purely a receipt constructor app with all the necessary features. If you are in need to make urgently a receipt you can refer to this app.

Receipts are categorized in different life sectors: food-related, fuel, gas, hotels, transportation or laundry. Choose the one you need and start filling the gaps.

Firstly you need to add a logo and the company name.

Secondly, add items and tax details. There is other information that can be added, like the name of the cashier. In general, your receipt will look like those which get out of the POS machine.

Receiptish Receiptish

The app can do a great favor for you if you lost a receipt or need to issue it in case of selling something for somebody.


Quick Receipt

Quick ReceiptIt just can’t be quicker than with the Quick Receipt app for Android only. It`s one of the most perfect apps to create fake receipts. It offers everything necessary as the logo and name of the company, items or services added to the receipt, client`s information, and that`s it. The outcome is ready to print or to send receipt looking as classic as it can be.

Quick Receipt Quick Receipt

Moreover, you can choose the color of the receipt because some companies may be using other colors apart from black.

So what can be easier than creating a receipt using this program?

google App Store

PDF Receipt Generator

PDF ReceiptPDF Receipt generator is another excellent app that offers receipt making features. It does all requirement features you may need generating a receipt. All you need is to fill the form with appropriate and relevant information and get a fake receipt done. Don’t forget to add a logo and signature as the most sufficient data.

The app is free and light thus won’t take much space on your device. It works smoothly sending you from one stage to another. Unfortunately, the app is available only for Android devices.

PDF Receipt PDF Receipt

Those who need to create real receipts for business needs the app will show them statistics on a monthy, annually or weekly basis.


Invoice Maker & Billing App

Invoice Maker & Billing App logoThe Invoice Maker & Billing App doesn’t limit your options on the way to your goal. Here you can create invoices, receipts, estimates, and other documents in formats that are convenient for you.

You will also instantly know if your bill is paid cause this service is integrated with PayPal and knows how to work with credit cards. Set the payment status to update it automatically or update the information manually. Every month you will receive new templates for creating invoices.

If your brand has its own personal business logo, you can upload it to the app and apply it to any documents. Also, every template available is editable. You can choose a color scheme that fits your style.

If you don’t have your own logo but have been dreaming of one for a long time, choose the one you adore from the gallery of ready-made options.

After creating your first invoice, you don’t need to repeat the whole process all over again. Save the document in this app and you can copy it for reuse in the future, adding new up-to-date information. You can also enable automatic saving of all data to your account.

Invoice Maker & Billing App screen 1 Invoice Maker & Billing App screen 2

The service’s cloud storage offers unlimited use. Switching between form types is just a few clicks away. You can easily translate all documents into the language you want and choose the appropriate currency. There is also a tax system that simplifies any calculations.

google App Store

Receipts: create, print & mail


Receipts app for iOS has everything to create authentic cash receipts adding data, items, signatures. Moreover, the ready receipt can be sent by email, iMessage or uploaded on iCloud. In our time of diverse online communications, its often enough to have an electronic version of all documents as even bank receipts are falling to our account in digital shape.

receipt receipt

For those being in need to create a fake receipt for any purpose, this app will be very handy, especially it doesn’t cost a penny to download it.

 App Store

Receipt Generator

Receipt GeneratorThe last in our list is one of the most advantageous receipt makers with great interface that is easy to navigate. Receipt Generator is an Android app that will be a very handy tool for fake receipts making. Generate it from scratch adding all parts one by one.

Receipt Generator

You will be pleased with the way how everything is structured in the app. You won’t forget to add important detail starting from items, adding discounts and VAT. Then you can share it, download, save or copy. Try this free app as fast as you can. Be one of 50 thousand people who have already downloaded it.


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