16 Best Family Locator Apps for Android & iOS

Statistics show that every single person around the world loses a huge number of people. At first glance, it may seem that we will never have such a problem. But, children are often on the lists of missing people. How to protect them in the modern world?

In the modern world, various devices are an integral part of our lives. With their help, we can protect our children from such incidents. The possibility of monitoring the location of children helps us to do this.

Also, you can always be in touch with your children using these free texting apps for kids to communicate with family & friends.

Today, mobile applications for smartphones are becoming more accessible. Most of them have GPS trackers. In this article, we will talk about free applications to ensure the safety of your children.

Track a Phone – Family GPS

The Track a Phone – Family GPS  application is able to track the location of your family members in real-time. You can also find out the battery level in their mobile devices.

You can set safe zones when the child leaves you will receive a notification. You can set up receiving messages when a person reaches a certain point. This is useful if the child goes to a place on his own.

This application also has a built-in messaging system for family members. It allows you to send messages for free over the Internet. There is also a dedicated alarm button that allows you to send an exact location with one click.

Installing the program of the monitoring object will provide access to the location. Key features of the application Track a Phone – Family GPS :

  • You can track the geolocation of the phone. Learn about incoming and outgoing calls, make a listing of calls. If you wish, you can listen to the user’s phone.
  • The application allows you to control messages and the exchange of various data.
  • You will also get access to media files.
  • You will be able to track which Internet resources the phone owner is visiting.

This application will be the perfect assistant for parents. Track the location of your child with a couple of clicks. This will protect your child and help you find it anywhere. Information about visits and movements is stored in the history of the application. You can share this via email or social networks.

The program Track a Phone – Family GPS  has a nice interface. It is adapted for all types of devices. This is a free application with no ads and useless features.

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Family Orbit

Children are a vital part of each family, they bring joy to the parents and make them proud (hopefully). They are smarter than their parents, faster, stronger – as each next generation should be.

However, sometimes kids can become a real headache for their parents – especially when they disappear from radars without telling the family about their plans.

In order to avoid stressful situations and always be aware of where the kids are, there is an excellent app called Family Orbit. This is the family locator app, that each family member can install on their phones and everyone in that family will be able to monitor the location of each other.

Thus, your kids won’t be able to secretly skip the classes anymore or go hanging out with a bad company. What is more, when the battery level of someone of the family members’ phones is low, the app will send the notification to everyone. You can also change the settings and get alerts each time your kids reach the marked destination.

All the features mentioned above are applicable not only for kids but for each family member. Another curious feature of Family Orbit is that it can assist in case you or your husband/wife/kid lost the phone – it will b easier to track it down.

My Family Locator – GPS Tracker

Application My Family Locator – GPS Tracker helps you ensure the safety of your children. It has all the necessary functions to track the location of your child. Additionally, the program can track its actions on the Internet. An interesting feature is an instant notification that your child is moving.

Application My Family Locator – GPS Tracker features:

  • location determination
  • access to messages
  • call data
  • information on contact lists
  • browser history
  • information on movements
  • the function of recording sounds, including during a conversation on the phone
  • surveillance through the camera phone
  • recording ambient sounds
  • snapshots and recordings of the mobile device screen
  • reading messages from any social networks and popular instant messengers
  • phone lock
  • remote control of the phone using special commands and gestures

To use the program, you must register using a phone number, email or any social network. To determine the location, the GPS tracker must be enabled.

If necessary, the program can copy data from a mobile device to keep it in a safe place. You can send them to yourself by email or to any other device. The reach of the Internet is unlimited. Actions can be performed from anywhere in the world.

Here you can view the received information on a map or as a list. The main task of the application is to determine the location and movement of the phone. A red line of movement forms on the map. When clicked, details of the location are shown.

When GPS is turned off, the location error can reach up to 100 meters. The program My Family Locator – GPS Tracker is popular among users due to its simple interface and the lack of a paid version. This is a free application that will help you know where your child is.


VTrack – Family Locator, GPS Tracker

Application VTrack – Family Locator, GPS Tracker provides detailed control over your family members, including the child. Track their location. Control how your child uses his phone. If your child uses the phone at night, you will receive an alert. You will also find out if he added new contacts or downloaded a new application to his phone.

Parents can also receive detailed statistics on the use of the smartphone. Set limits on time, by the number of messages, by the amount of data transferred, and so on. There is also an emergency call button in case of danger.

The application VTrack – Family Locator, GPS Tracker monitors the charge of your child’s mobile device. You will also receive a notification when the phone of your child is discharged.

You can determine in advance the areas in which your child should be. All movements are stored in the application history. You can request data for a certain period of time to know where your child was.

The application has two modes of operation. The first is the parent mode. When enabled, you get full access to all functions and settings. The second mode is the child mode. Here you can only confirm tracking. Changing the mode is done using the set password, which only the parent knows.

The app VTrack – Family Locator, GPS Tracker is absolutely free and has no annoying ads. The program interface is simple. With the setting, you will not have any problems. For those who wish to understand the utility, manufacturers have prepared instructions.


360 Sygic Family Locator

There are lots of life situations when you might need a family locator. For example, you can be in a crowded place, like at a festival, where losing a person is easy as a breeze.

Adults can be confused and lost each other in such a huge crowd, not speaking about children! Therefore, when going to some mass events, don’t forget to install for all the family an app like this one. 360 Sygic Family Locator is a classic family locator app that shows the GPS location of each family member who has this app.

The maps that you will find in the app are very convenient and easy to use even for the child. They have large icons and a large scale in general, with all the main objects on the street being marked.

What is more, this Family Locator will send the warning to all the accounts of the family when the phone’s battery of someone from this family is almost at the zero levels.

Moving on, members can send the SOS alerts in the app when they are at risk. And just like in any decent family tracker app, parents can set up the notifications to find out if the kids have reached the destination.

The only drawback here that many users complain about is you will have to pay for the membership – around $50 a year. Still, there is a trial period and if you don’t feel that you like this app you can always cancel the subscription.


Family Locator – GPS Tracker

Stay up-to-date on the location of every family member at any given time. Family Locator allows you to get the location of another member using the GPS feature. Each of you must install this app on your phone to access the other member’s phone.

Different accounts are joined into a common circle through a secret code. Get it on your phone and share it with your family members. Once the account is confirmed, all the devices are visualized on an interactive map on your phone.

This app has many useful options to take care of everyone. For example, you will get an alert when the selected object leaves the location. You can check the battery level of your kids’ electronic devices. Give errands, schedule appointments, and send reminders in private chat.

Premium subscription gives you even more positive emotions of communication with your loved ones. Count your steps for the week and compete with other members. Family Locator gives you peace of mind that your family is safe and secure.


Family360 – GPS Live Locator

Family 360 captures the location of other electronic devices that are linked to yours. This gives you the ability to check the whereabouts and movements of children and elderly relatives throughout the day.

You don’t have to make endless calls and send messages with annoying questions. Just open the app and get a clear picture of exactly where each family member is. Parental control is taken to the next level with the GPS tracker.

The app is easy to use. Create a separate circle for your family and their phones will instantly appear on the map. Find out if there are traffic jams on the road, record speeding, and get the ability to send emergency messages.

New customers can use all options free of charge for 21 days. At the end of the trial period, you can make a payment or request free use on a permanent basis.

The app is ad-free and does not share personal data with third parties. It is a simple and modern way to track the movement of children and elderly citizens in real-time.


Family Tracker by Phone Number by SoulApps Studio

This app is a modern and convenient way to be aware of the movement of your loved ones. The app will be useful for families with children, elderly and disabled people. In just a few seconds you will see on an electronic map exactly where your relative is.

The program works as a GPS tracker. You can receive data from 4 cell phones simultaneously. It is not difficult to start a family search. Install the app and allow access to your location. Then you will receive a secret code which you need to tell your family. Once the code is entered on the device, it will appear on the built-in map.

The app helps you create the most convenient route to the place where your child is. Besides, it allows you to send SOS messages in emergencies.

To receive up-to-date data without delays, make sure you have a stable internet connection. The app must be running in the background at all times for the device to be reflected on the map.


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iSharing: GPS Location Tracker

iSharing helps thousands of parents around the world to cope with childcare. Find out where your child is, even if you are thousands of kilometers away. With a GPS tracker, this is possible today. No one but the family circle will have access to this information.

To find out the location of another subscriber, it is enough to open the app and see the mark on the map. Stop distracting children with endless calls and persistent messages. Explain to your child how the phone works and control his or her movements remotely.

The map is constantly updated, so the data displayed is always up to date. You will know at what time your child left the site and reached the destination. If the child has lost the device, activate the “Find my phone” option.

To send a message to the specified subscribers about a dangerous situation, you just need to shake the phone. All data for 90 days is saved in the history and is available for viewing. With iSharing, parental control can be effective and discreet.



Dscover is an app that helps its users to stay in touch with loved ones in any situation.  This app has a number of different functions that will help in communication, planning events, and other activities.

In this app, users can create groups to which they can invite other people. Users can also use the “List” function. This feature allows you to make various lists, such as a list of places to go to with your loved ones.

In addition, users can share interesting moments of their day. Moreover, users can create plans and share them with group members to keep everyone informed. There is also a feature via which members of the same group can share locations with each other.

Another rather unusual, but important function is the SOS button. With it, users will be able to send their location as a notification to other members of the group.

The interface of this app is quite simple and straightforward. There are no extra buttons here, and any user can find the necessary function.



The sweet and cozy suburb is perfect for the family lane and that’s where most people want to buy their dream house and spend their best days with family. But what about those who live in a megapolis? The family life is filled with much more peril than in the small towns. However, difficult doesn’t mean “impossible”.

For the families living in the huge agglomerations, it is crucial to have a family tracker app simply because the life rhythm is much more intense there. Parents don’t have them every day possibility to call children on the way to school and from school to home to check if they’re doing ok. It is just bizarre trying to get everyone under control when you have a bunch of business meetings at the office, for example.

What is more, the big city is full of danger for little kids, for obvious reasons – all those junkies, weird people, frauds and so on. GeoZilla will be displaying the location of your child 24/7 and will send you an alert if the kid suddenly turned away from the usual track or their phone’s battery is about to die.

In addition, there is an SOS button that each member of the family can use when they urgently need help. There is also a chat function available right in the app, so you don’t need to create separate groups in What’s App or other popular messengers to stay connected to the people you love.

What is more, the parents can adjust the settings so they would get the notification each time their children leave a spot, for instance, the school. The only aspect that you should be careful about in GeoZilla is the app doesn’t really inform you about the end of the trial period and charges money for the yearly subscription.



Though the main subject of the family locators remains the kids’ safety, the safety of all the members of your family can’t be neglected. For example, if you live in not the best area in your town, installing an app like Familonet is crucial for safety.

When your spouse will be coming back home from work you can finally stop worrying about her/him because you have their GPS location on the map.

The same is for elderly family members. Having the Familonet app will be a great help in case your grandma or grandpa is suffering from amnesia. It is truly essential because many people underestimate the situation and then the grandparents suddenly leave the house never coming back again. You don’t want such a situation, right?

Familonet is a universal family tracking app that will be suitable not only for the family members, but also for friends, roommates, and other small groups.

The safety of everyone you care about is important. Familonet stands out form other family locator apps in the sense that it concentrates not on the controlling, but simply on locating and general safety of each other. You can open the app an see where the others are at any time.

For that, they simply need to have Familoet as well. By the way, sometimes, apps like these can be a perfect tool to check if your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse is cheating on you. About the flaws of Familonet – many users complain that after the latest update it started sending the notifications about the location way too often.


Friends & Family Locator: Phone Tracker & Chat

Friends & Family Locator: Phone Tracker & Chat is a great application for determining the geolocation of your family members. Here you need to enter the device data whose location you would like to know.

You must receive permission to transfer the location of this device to you. The interface consists of two parts: a list of contacts and a map. The map changes depending on your actions.

Besides, you can create temporary groups to see where these users are located. In this case, besides the very coordinates of the person, we know when this data was sent. You will receive instant and accurate information about the user’s location.

The main element of the interface in this application is the map. All the functionality is located on it. Customize which location will be available to family members: current or selected.

In the case of manual installation, the user himself indicates the coordinates. Coordinate during tracking is sent every few seconds.

There is also a chat for simple text messaging and a primitive meeting management system. All this functionality works in relation to the interface card. The main advantage of the application Friends & Family Locator: Phone Tracker & Chat is to work on all popular platforms.

Each user on the map leaves the coordinates with the passage of time. You can see where the user is now, and you can find out where he was at a certain time. This is a free application. It will help you always know where your family members are.

Find My Kids

If you are a parent and you ever dealt with the family tracking apps or tried to control your kids in general, you are most likely aware that children, and especially teenagers, don’t like being controlled.

This app will be a suitable choice if you have a more complicated situation with your kids because it is not so noticeable and send the notifications only if the users have adjusted the necessary settings. Well, you will have you install (even secretly) this app to your children’s phones, that’s a fact.

However, after that Find, My Kids app will show all locations of your family members and their travel history during the day. You just need to open the app, choose the section of connected accounts and you will see the map with all the GPS spots. Warning: the app can view the sim card of the device it is connected to.

Another feature that is essential when you have the younger kids, is when your child doesn’t pick up the phone, you can listen to the surrounding sounds near them via the app. Apart from that, Find My Kids has invented the new cool section – the section with pictures and tasks for a current day.

You can use all the functions of the service for free for 7 days. At the end of this period, the free version will only have location tracking online. For all functions in the app, you will need to buy a subscription.



Application Parental Control & Family GPS Tracker – Locategy will determine the location of the child. Here you can mark the safe area in which your child should be. It will send you a notification if it leaves the marked zone or any place.

To connect to the application, you can use the phone number, email, or account on any social network. With their help, you need to register in the application. The application can run in the background. Even if the phone is locked, the application will send geolocation information.

To start using it is necessary to carry out the initial configuration of the application. The owner of the phone can set the parameters according to the instructions:

  • Click on the icon of the application that appeared on your smartphone screen. Only at the first start, two requests from the program will pop up.
  • Confirm access to geolocation, microphone.
  • It is recommended to perform both permissions. So that the navigator works as correctly as possible.

After the initial settings, a map appears. There is an arrow in the center indicating your current location.

Further, you can set the following extra settings:

  • Click on the “Menu” button, which is located at the bottom right. Open the “Settings” section.
  • The “Map View” item handles switching between the satellite and standard road and street map. You can choose one of the options. Bur the schematic version is considered more convenient.
  • To go offline, you need to open the item “Download maps”, then click on the search line. A selection of countries, territories, regions, cities, and provinces will appear. Find the area you need.
  • The “Icon” tab handles the icon for your current position.

This is a free application that has clear and useful functionality. There is no embedded advertising.


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The OurPact – Parental Control & GPS Family Locator app helps to keep track of all family members, including children. To determine the location, it is imperative to turn on the GPS tracker. It will send data to your mobile device.

The application must be installed on the phone of parents and children. Then you can create a special group in which you want to add all family members. So parents will always know where they are and where their child is going. Everyone must confirm tracking permission using geolocation.

The main features of the application OurPact – Parental Control & GPS Family Locator:

  • locating all family members
  • send free messages over the Internet
  • control the charge level of the mobile device
  • installation of a safe area in which your child should be
  • notifications about the exit of the child or any other family member from the designated area
  • notification of the arrival of the child or other family members to the destination
  • alarm button
  • family chat
  • a group in which you can add all family members
  • phone lock
  • reading incoming and outgoing messages of the child
  • View incoming and outgoing calls
  • deletion of all personal information from the phone if it was lost or someone stole it
  • the ability to hide the application on the child’s phone

The program OurPact – Parental Control & GPS Family Locator will allow you to know with the help of geolocation, where the phone is located. To manage the data, you need to register in the application using a phone number or email. This is a free application with no ads. Here you get only the most necessary functions.

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