6 Best Delivery Apps that Take Cash in USA (Android & iOS)

Courier delivery is very convenient, especially if you do not like to go out of the house another time. With its help, you can receive various goods and large equipment, furniture, food, and products home. We think that every modern person at least once used the delivery by courier or special service for his life.

Most of the purchases and orders that we make online require payment in advance. You transfer money to the account of the seller or company, and only then your order begins to collect and deliver. You may read the list of 11 Best Food Delivery Apps In USA for Android & iOS if you care about other delivery apps.

If you only use cash, then many purchases and orders become simply impossible. To correct this misunderstanding, we decided to find special services that allow our customers to pay in cash. As a result of the search were found 6 Best Delivery Apps that Take Cash in USA (Android & iOS).

Swiggy Food Order | Online Grocery | Delivery

Swiggy Food Order Online Grocery DeliverySwiggy Food Order is a delivery application that focuses on everything related to food. If you’re out of milk, bread or you want to order food at home, then feel free to open the Swiggy Food Order and collect your basket.

For those people who do not like to go to the store on their own, there is a delivery function from the nearest supermarkets within 2 hours. To get the necessary things for life, you do not even need to leave your bedroom.

The most important thing is that Swiggy Food Order is open 24 hours a day. The possibility of delivery from a certain place will depend only on the schedule of the restaurant or supermarket.

So if at night you suddenly want a burger from McDonald’s, you will receive it sometime after the order. It is worth noting that you can pay both in cash and with a bank card. At the moment Swiggy Food Order recommends you to pay by card to avoid viruses, but you can use any method.

Swiggy Food Order Online Grocery Delivery1 Swiggy Food Order Online Grocery Delivery2


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Grubhub: Local Food Delivery & Restaurant Takeout

Grubhub Local Food Delivery & Restaurant TakeoutIf you only need food from restaurants or fast food cafes, you will definitely like Grubhub. This delivery accepts cash (you give it to the courier) and online payment. You can also pay by bank card to the courier if you wish.

It should be noted that during a pandemic Grubhub offers you a contactless delivery service, where the courier will simply leave the order at the door of your house. In this case, cash payment becomes impossible.

In Grubhub there are many different discounts and promotions of the restaurants with which they cooperate. Also, the service has a special subscription, buying which you get exclusive offers from your favorite restaurants.

Perhaps, if used frequently, you will save a huge amount of money through a subscription. All restaurants in Grubhub are presented as a list, as well as the dishes in them. Everyone can see the rating and ratings of other users to get their opinion on food.

Grubhub Local Food Delivery & Restaurant Takeout1 Grubhub Local Food Delivery & Restaurant Takeout2


delivery.com: Order Food, Alcohol & Laundry

delivery.com Order Food, Alcohol & LaundryFast delivery is an important factor when choosing a service. If it is really important for you to get your order or purchase as soon as possible, then just use delivery.com.

They cooperate with many local stores and cafes throughout the United States, which allows delivery in the shortest possible time. If you wish, you can also come to pick up your order yourself by simply indicating the option Self-delivery in the application.

delivery.com allows users to order not only food. If you like craft beer or unusual drinks, the service is always ready to help and bring you exactly what you want at the moment. Also in delivery.com, you can create future orders, which you will make after some time.

For example, choose the day on which you will need to order beer for the whole company or pizza, and delivery.com will carry out delivery at a convenient time for you. For each order, you will receive bonus points on your account, which will then allow you to pay for part of the purchase.

delivery.com Order Food, Alcohol & Laundry1 delivery.com Order Food, Alcohol & Laundry2


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Seamless: Restaurant Takeout & Food Delivery App

Seamless Restaurant Takeout & Food Delivery AppThere is a huge amount of food, drinks, and restaurants in New York. Seamless tried to collect the best of them, and now they are ready to deliver food directly to your apartment.

If you do not like to visit restaurants on your own, you can always open the application and place an order – the courier will be at your place in a short period of time. Also Seamless collects all favorable offers, which may be liked by users and will allow them to get the benefit.

Points, which you will receive for each order, can reach the size of 100 dollars. Of course, this applies to giant meal orders for the whole company. To find your favorite food at Seamless, just type “sushi”, “pasta” or “Mexican food” in the search bar, and the service will automatically select the right restaurants for you.

In Seamless you will also find something for yourself and people with eating habits: you will be offered a choice of vegetarian dishes, low-carbohydrate or dietary products.

Seamless Restaurant Takeout & Food Delivery App1 Seamless Restaurant Takeout & Food Delivery App2


Deliveroo: Takeaway food

Deliveroo Takeaway foodOrdering online can be very easy if you place it through the Deliveroo service. This is another meal delivery, which will pick up the right dishes and restaurants for even the most fastidious guests.

Of course, you can also find traditional KFC or Pizza Hut on their list. Simply install your own filters in the application search to show you all available options that meet your criteria. Vegetarians, dietitians, children – in general, everyone will find something to suit their taste.

Payment in cash at Deliveroo is made when you transfer your order by courier. You can also order take-away food to come to the restaurant and pick up your own food.

Some orders can be made in advance, and at a certain time courier will knock on your door with a package full of fragrant and delicious food. Don’t forget to check the “Offers” section in Deliveroo: sometimes you can find very profitable deals there, which can save a lot of money on your order.

Deliveroo Takeaway food1 Deliveroo Takeaway food2


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Railrestro – Order Food In Train

Railrestro - Order Food In TrainTravelers often have trouble eating on their trips. If you haven’t brought something nutritious with you or are going for a long time, sooner or later you will have to buy food somewhere. Often the food in train restaurants is not tasty.

That’s why Railrestro service was developed, which will allow you to improve the taste of your food while traveling. So if you want to eat delicious and proper food on the trip, then install this application.

Railrestro asks you to enter the PNR number first, and then to read the menu of available restaurants. Once you have decided on the positions, you choose the payment method for your order.

Since it is a delivery, you can pay for it by cash on delivery (in cash or by card), as well as by online payment or PayPal. In the application, you get all the information about your order, the route of your train and its current location, and much more.

In fact, Railrestro becomes your pocket guide on the trip, which tells you what you will eat and how you will go.

Railrestro - Order Food In Train1 Railrestro - Order Food In Train2


Payment by bank card or by transfer is undoubtedly convenient. You are not in contact with cash and paper and do not use your wallet on a regular basis. However, some people still prefer cash for various reasons.

Some people may really like it, but someone just has to carry cash with them all the time. We have tried to select the best delivery applications that allow you to pay in the most convenient way. We hope that our article was useful for you and now the screen of your smartphone will be enriched with another special delivery application.

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