11 Best Feet Meter Apps for Android & iOS

Have you ever noticed that things disappear right when you need them the most? Like when you need to measure something but you can’t find the measuring tape or ruler?

There are the best feet meter apps to help you. They may not be quite as accurate as your good ol’ measuring tape but, they will give you a decent estimate of what you need measured.

These apps will help you to choose the right size of your shoes. Try these apps to buy them online.

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club logoNike, the largest brand of athletic footwear and apparel, decided to use advances in AI technology and deep machine learning to make the sizing process fast and tedious.

Nike is used to innovation and modern technology. It is easy to confuse this app with a fitness app, but the novelty is the most accurate shoe size measurer with the help of artificial intelligence.

The measurements are taken according to the standards adopted by Nike.

The specialized app uses a smartphone camera, combining computer vision technology, deep machine learning, big data, artificial intelligence, as well as special recommendation algorithms for measuring feet.

The user stands up against a wall, takes a picture with the app of his or her feet. The app then gives the user comprehensive information about the feet.

Nike Training Club screen 1 Nike Training Club screen 2

This is not only the size itself but also about the features of shoes of that size, even prompts how many people in the world wear shoes of the same size.

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Shoe Size Meter

Shoe Size Meter logoThis application is used to determine the size of your foot. Simply place a white sheet of paper on a dark floor or dark t-shirt.

Then place your foot on the sheet so that your heel is exactly on the edge of the sheet.

After that, simply point your phone camera at the sheet and get the exact measurements.

You will know your American, European, English, and Chinese size.

The module takes the orthopedic size of your foot – and saves an “electronic footprint” to help you find the right shoe later on.

ShoeSize AR includes an innovative approach to calculating the foot that allows the software system to “see” an image from a video stream.

Shoe Size Meter screen 1 Shoe Size Meter screen 2

In doing so, it calculates foot parameters many times per second and includes a selection of the most accurate result from the set.

Neatsy – AI sneaker fit finde‪r‬

Neatsy - AI sneaker fit finde‪r‬ logoThis application allows you to determine the size of your feet using the front camera of the iPhone.

The service allows you to make the right choice of shoes during online shopping.

The new program works as a 3D scanner on the iPhone X and newer models. It uses TrueDepth technology to capture a three-dimensional image.

On iPhones without a Face ID sensor, the novelty works with a questionnaire. The app reportedly uses a combination of computer vision, AR scanner, and machine learning technologies.

After installing the app, you need to fill out a short questionnaire about shoe preferences and scan both feet with the smartphone’s front-facing camera.

According to the developers, AI-based algorithms determine the user’s foot size and select the most appropriate sneaker models.

The Neatsy catalog includes shoes from such brands as Puma, Nike, Jordan Air, and Adidas.

After selecting the model, the app redirects users to the sites of sneaker manufacturers and online stores where the necessary goods are available.

Neatsy - AI sneaker fit finde‪r‬ screen 1 Neatsy - AI sneaker fit finde‪r‬ screen 2

The app can be used by iPhone owners in the U.S., U.K., France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and Canada.

FitFeet – Scan foot and choose right shoe size

FitFeet - Scan foot and choose right shoe size logoWith the help of this mobile application, users can make a 3D model of their own feet and use it when choosing shoes in online stores.

The application consists of three main elements: an industrial scanner that produces 3D models of the internal volume of the shoes, a mobile application for obtaining 3D images of customers’ feet, and a software module for selecting the appropriate size.

A special algorithm takes into account the length and width of the foot, the height of the instep, the location of the toes, and other factors necessary for shoe selection.

After processing the images the application will give an ID code of measurements for registration in the system.

xFitFeet - Scan foot and choose right shoe size screen 2 FitFeet - Scan foot and choose right shoe size screen 1

Non-contact fitting is done by comparing a 3D model of the internal volume of the shoe with a 3D model of the customer’s feet. The service compares your foot parameters with the scanned shoe and selects the size that fits you.


FootFact logoThis app is also ideal for measuring your foot size. After installing this app, you will need to take a piece of paper and place your foot on it.

All instructions and requirements will be in the app. After that comes the most interesting part of using the app.

The app will compare your foot size to the paper and tell you the exact size of your foot.

FootFact screen 2 FootFact screen 1

Moreover, it is able to measure not only the length but also the width. Thus, when you shop online, you will find the most suitable pair of shoes.

Jenzy: Easy Kid Shoe Sizing

Jenzy: Easy Kid Shoe Sizing logoThis app will help you easily determine the size of your child’s feet. First, you need to take a picture of your foot.

The app will automatically take automatic measurements and show you the necessary results.

This app is suitable for children from 0 to 6 years old. What’s more, the app has a store available with brands such as Saucony, See Kai Run, and many others.

In the app, you’ll also find shoe recommendations that are age-appropriate and developmental stage appropriate for your child.

Right in this app, you can order the product you like, and shipping will be provided to you completely free of charge.

Jenzy: Easy Kid Shoe Sizing screen 1 Jenzy: Easy Kid Shoe Sizing screen 2

A unique feature of this app is that it will track your child’s growth and development and be sure to remind you when it’s time to buy a new pair of shoes.

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FitMyFoot logoThe FitMyFoot app is designed to help you find the right shoe size. Thanks to it you will not make a mistake when shopping online.

Using your smartphone camera, this service creates an exact 3D model of your foot. After obtaining this information you will be able to select the best version of the shoes with millimeter accuracy.

Also with the help of this service, you will find out if your feet are symmetrical. You can scale and rotate the finished model as you like to see even the smallest details.

FitMyFoot screen 1 FitMyFoot screen 2

All the information can be saved in your profile so that you always have access to it and don’t have to measure it all over again. It is possible to create a profile with your email.


INESCOP YourFeet logoThe INESCOP YourFeet app is easy to use. First, take a picture of your foot against a white background.

Upload the image to the app. It will determine the length and width of your foot. All measurements will be saved in the app.

You can also find out your foot size in different international systems such as European, British, American, and others.

INESCOP YourFeet screen 2 INESCOP YourFeet screen 1

Another big advantage is that you will also be able to find out your size from famous brands. For example, the app will tell you what size sneaker from the Nike brand is right for you.

AR Ruler App

AR Ruler App logoThis application has a simple interface and great functionality. The manual sorting mode is also available. You can move the value to the right place or hide it so as not to interfere.

Push the icon and get to the main screen, made in a minimalist style. You can choose the conversion direction. Such as movement, informatics, mechanics, dimensionality, and so on.

At startup, you can open the menu, last selected values for conversion, favorites, and choose the direction of calculation.

In this case, you can set the menu to rotate (dynamic by content) or to use a classic column. By the way, the number of columns can be set independently for both portrait and landscape orientation of the screen.

Finishes the settings the mode of the line displaying in the converter – single-line or two-line. The first line – name, the second – input field, and abbreviation. This is a very convenient solution, especially if you have to convert several times a day.

Of course, this application immediately adjusts to the working way with its interface and logical settings.

AR Ruler App screen 1 AR Ruler App screen 2

This is one of the best converters-combines, which will suit both the engineer and the average user. Interface, management, settings – everything is thought over and done qualitatively. At the same time, you can create your own conversion directions.


EasyMeasure logoIf you are a bit overwhelmed by the sudden surge of questions relating to conversions, then there’s no doubt you have already forgotten how to convert certain units of measurement to another. But fear not, converter apps like this are here to aid you.

Aside from the obvious fact that it can convert units of measurement, what makes this app awesome is its feature that allows you to see possible unit conversions of more than two units all at once.

If you need to convert 10.72 meters to inches then to feet, you can see all possible conversions in just a few taps.

You won’t have to exit the current screen after you’ve done one conversion for you can do even more than five conversions simultaneously.

EasyMeasure screen 1 EasyMeasure screen 2

This app may be one of the best free unit converters and it’s for free. Download it today and see for yourself.

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SizeMyShoe logoSizeMyShoe is an advanced tool for determining your foot size. Choose correctly the shoes in which you will be comfortable.

With its help, making orders in online stores has become even more comfortable.

All the data obtained can be saved in your profile and provide access to online platforms.

SizeMyShoe screen 1 SizeMyShoe screen 2

So, you do not need to repeatedly make measurements. The app itself will enter all the data and show you the best options.

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