10 Best Flower Matching Games for Android & iOS

Enjoying matching games and looking for something new? This article has you covered!

There are lots of flower matching games for Android and iOS that empower you to experience your fave gaming genre with a stunning floral setup. All the games come with unique plots and some even include some educational info about the flowers.

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Here’s the list of the 10 best games in that category you should try. Take a look!

Blossom Blast Saga

Blossom Blast Sag‪a

Let’s start with and app called Blossom Blast Saga. This is a matching game that aims to make flower combinations.

Frankly speaking, this is quite a casual game with a simple and understandable UI so it’s suitable for all ages. This is a classic linker game with basic rules — you need to connect the flowers with the same buds till you’ll run out of new moves. And your goal here is to clean the whole flowerbed.

The minimum number of buds you need to match is three. The more you link — the more points you get. It needs to be said, the game contains more than 600 levels and there are new ones coming up with each update. All the levels come with different;y shaped buds so you won’t get bored too fast.

According to the genre’s rules, you start with simple levels that take secs to pass and then move to the more difficult ones. Therewith, you’ll get a number of prompts that will help if you’ll get stuck. When you’ll reach a certain level you’ll face the weeds that will interfere with you from matching the flowers. The game doesn’t have a timer though so you can play in your path.

Blossom Blast Sag‪a‬ 1 Blossom Blast Sag‪a‬ 2


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Flower Match Puzzle

Flower Match Puzzl‪e‬

Flower Match Puzzle is a classic match-3 type of game with a floral setup.

During this game, you will need to complete various missions in a floral garden and try to get the best score possible. For example, to match 10 green flowers and 20 purple. The missions start with the simple ones — there will be lots of identical flowers and no barriers standing on your way to the win.

However, it will become more complicated with time — the flowerbeds will change shapes and some flowers will be replaced with brick. Although the game doesn’t have a timer that lets you play in your path you still have a limited amount of moves. And as you can’t move to another level without completing the mission you need to spend your moves wisely.

The game does have several support items that may help you such as an extra move, prompts bombs, and a rainbow flower. Another cool thing about this game is a multiplayer more empowers you to compete against other players around the world. You will be able to view the world’s leader board and try to get on top of it.

Flower Match Puzzl‪e‬ 1 Flower Match Puzzl‪e‬ 2


Garden Dream Life: Flower Match

Garden Dream Lif‪e‬

Garden Dream Life is another flower matching game that will keep you busy for a long time.

First of all, this is an offline game so you can reach it whenever you want. And although the game already has hundreds of levels, you may only get the new ones after an update. As usual, the first levels are incredibly easy to pass, but they get more and more complicated with time.

The rules are simple — you have a flowerbed filled with various flowers. And you need to line three of the same ones or more to make them disappear. In case you’ll line more than 4 you will get an extra bonus in a form of a backup support item. The game doesn’t have a timer though but there are still limits anyway.

The trick is — you have a limited amount of moves and a mission to complete. These missions usually ask you to match a specific amount of particular flowers. And sometimes you might get two or even three missions in one level. In case you’ll ever feel stuck you can use a support item such as a prompt, a rainbow, or whatever else.

Garden Dream Lif‪e‬ 1 Garden Dream Lif‪e‬ 2


Bloom Swap

Bloom swap

Bloom Swap is a flower blaster game with a colorful UI you’ll fell in love with.

What’s so unique about this game you might ask? Well, in terms of the rules and all that the game is pretty classic. You complete the tasks by blasting three or more same-colored flowers to make them disappear. The more flowers you combine the more point and bonuses you get.

The thing that makes this game stand out is the visual effects and animation. Each combination blows up or disappears with cute animated effects and the whole interface looks pretty adorable. Each level sets you a specific goal you need to complete. For instance, you’ll be asked to blast a particular number of specific buds.

Therewith, you have a limited amount of free movers and as you’ll run out of them the game will be over. The levels will get more difficult with time so you’ll have to make your moves wisely. However, there a trick — you don’t need to get five stars to unlock the next chapter. So if you’ll blast long combos several times you might get enough starts to pass the level.

Bloom swap 1 Bloom swap 2


Flower Mania: Blossom Bloom Match

Flower Mania

Flower Mania is an entertaining matching flower game for people of all ages.

The main principle of this game is no real money should be paid to win. Thus, your success is totally up to your brain skills and your wallet is safe as well. Classically to this genre of games, you will need to blast three or more of the same flower buds to make them disappear.

Therewith, you’re only able to make matches vertically or horizontally — no diagonals. In case you’ll be able to make long combos out of four or more flowers you will get bonuses in form of support items. Plus, the game covers more than 500 levels so it will keep you busy for quite a while. Each level comes with a unique flowerbed that never repeats so you won’t get bored.

All the levels also come with a challenge you need to perform. It’s usually about blasting a particular amount of specific flowers. Sounds easy buy it will let more complicated when you’ll move through the levels. That’s because there will be barriers that will interfere with you from flower matching. You also need to consider the game runs with a timer so act quick.

Flower Mania 1 Flower Mania 2


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Flower Book: Match-3 Puzzle Game

Flower Book

Flower Book is a cute linker game that contains stunning flowers.

The outcoming thing about this game is all the flowers you see there have real-life prototypes. There are even flower book sections that empower you to read the description of every flower. These descriptions include the info on where you may see this flower, the amount of sunshine and water it needs to grow healthy, some interesting facts, and all that.

According to the game’s plot, you need to decorate the treehouse along with the gnomes and you need to solve puzzles to do so. During each level, you will need to blast three or more of the same flowers for as long as you have time and free moves. Yeah, the game doe comes with a timer so you’ll need to move fast and wise.

Plus, each level comes with a goal you need to gain like matching a precise amount of specific flowers. And if you complete the level successfully — the flower for your house decoration will grow. This flower will also be added to your book so you could explore more about it and maybe grow it in your actual garden one day.

Flower Book 1 Flower Book 2


My Home Flower Garden

My Home Flower Garde‪n‬

As you may see by the title, My Home Flower Garden is a puzzle game fully dedicated to flowers.

According to the game’s plot, there is a girl named Sara that dreams of growing the sweetest flower in the world. So your goal here is to help her to bring this dream to life by solving matching 3 puzzles. The rules are absolutely classic — the minimum number of flowers to blast is 3. The more you’ll blast the more points and bonuses you will get.

Therewith, each level has its own mission you need to complete like blasting 20 blue flowers or something. As you’ll move up through the game the missions will get more complicated — you will need to blast more flowers and gain several missions within one level. Plus, let’s not forget that each level comes with a timer and a specific amount of moves you can make.

In case you’ll get stuck you can always use prompt and other saving items to help you move on. Although this is an offline game (which is incredibly comfy) there’s still a leaderboard with the stats of all players. Which means you can try to get on top of the board and become the best player in the world.

My Home Flower Garde‪n‬ 1 My Home Flower Garde‪n‬ 2


Flower Blossom Jam

Blossom Jam

Flower Blossom Jam is a colorful match-3 game based on flowers and gardening.

Your goal in this game is to help the florist by completing various missions in matching games. This game has hundreds of levels so it will entertain you till you’ll get bored. As always, you start with simple levels with basic landscapes that take secs to complete. But as you’ll move through the game the levels will start to get really challenging.

Plus, each level comes with its own unique flowerbeds so you won’t get used to it. Once you’ll reach a creating level the barriers will be added so the matching will become even more complicated. Herewith, you always have a limited amount of moves, and a timer you need to act quick and wise.

There will also be missions you will need to complete and you can’t pass the level without it. In case you’ll combine more than 3 flowers at a time you will get extra prizes such as support items or more time. The game also runs offline so you can reach it wherever you are.

Blossom Jam 1 Blossom Jam 2


Blossom Bloom – Flower Blast

Blossom Bloom

Blossom Bloom is a flower-blasting type of game that will tease your brain and attention.

This is a classic representation of matching 3 genres with a beautiful flower setup. The rules are all the same — each level of the game has a mission you need to complete. In the begging, there is only one mission but on higher levels, you may get two or three at the same time.

Plus, there will be barriers interrupting you from lining the flowers freely. The game doesn’t have a timer but you have a limited amount of steps. Thus, you can take your time overthinking your next move but you need to act wisely. Besides, this is an offline game so you can play regardless of an Internet connection.

Your goal is to line 3 flowers with the same buds together to make them disappear. In case you’ll match more than three you will get extra support items or even an additional move. Herewith, there are more than 500 levels for you to pass and the new ones are coming with every update.

Blossom Bloom 1 Blossom Bloom 2


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Kango Islands – Connect Garden Flowers

Kango Islands

And lastly, Kango Islands is a cute flower matching game filled with countless puzzles.

The UI design of this game is slightly different from all the other ones on our list — it’s more pastel and tropically-themed. It might seem unimportant but if you feel tired of the same-looking games this might be the one for you. As for the rules — they are classic.

You pass levels by combining three or more of the same flowers to make them disappear. In case you get to match four flowers at a time or more you will get bonuses and more points than usual. The support items might be incredibly helpful if you’ll get stuck — they might give you advice or increase your powers for a while.

Each level also comes with a goal you need to gain like matching a particular amount of the same flowers. Plus, there will be various barriers that will interrupt you from blasting the flowers (those appear on higher levels though). The game doesn’t have a timer but it does limit you in moves.

Kango Islands 1 Kango Islands 2


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