12 Best Handwriting To Text Apps for Android & iOS

Did you know that there’s a whole category of apps that convert handwriting text into a digital one? This article will tell you all about it!!

What is more, these apps also empower you to handwrite topics on your phone. You can even customize your notes, save it in various formats, and even share it with your colleagues.

What is more, if you want to also use the apps that convert speech to text, you can check out this article.

These apps can make you way more productive as you’ll be able to make quick notes in a rush. Here’s the list of the best apps to transform handwriting to text for Android and iOS users. Check it out!

Pen to Print – Convert handwriting to text

Let’s start with an app called Pen to Print — Convert handwriting to text. According to its name, you can already predict what tools it contains — it transforms any manuscript text into a digital one. To begin with, let’s consider how you can use this app.

First of all, this app is a must-have for every person who in some way works with numerous text files and notes. What is more, the app can also be very helpful for students — imagine a world where there’s no need to spend hours figuring out incomprehensible words in your friend’s syllabus.

As you start using the app you’ll read the article on how to use it. After you do that you’ll need to give the app examples of your handwriting.

Along with that, this app does is scan and detect your paper notes and then transform it into a report on your phone. Furthermore, if you see that the app has made a mistake you can fix it yourself. However, according to comments and claims, this app is very good at detecting words and putting them into sentences.

In addition to that, all the texts you add in the app will store in a cloud service with easy entrance to it. What is more, you can use the app to detect your meeting diary and the app will turn it into a table that you can sync with your calendar or another notes’ app.

To sum it up, if you want to get rid of old copybooks while saving the data on it, the Pen to the Print is a nice instrument for that. Check it out!

PenToPrint Handwriting to text
PenToPrint Handwriting to text

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The second app on the list is PenReader. This is another app that can transform any manuscript docs into a digital text. Let’s start by considering the main purpose of this app. First of all, this app can turn everything you write on your phone’s screen into a full-on document.

In other words, when you’re writing a word by letters they need to be placed on top of each other. After that, you can add this word into a dictionary and the app will remember that. It should be mentioned that the app goes very fast — it gets seconds to detect a word.

In addition to that, the app has a spelling check so even if you’ve made a mistake, the app will fix it. In case you still don’t get the point of this app, it empowers you to start new notes right on your device’s screen and it will be turned to digital text so you could read it easily.

After a file is complete you can save it as a doc and share it with your colleagues. Along with that, the app is constantly upgrading and now it works on small screens as good as with big ones. Besides, there’s an instrument that can detect and recognize a word even if it’s written partly.

To sum it up, if you write notes often but not always have a copybook on hand, PenReader will be your savior. Try it out, it won’t disappoint you!



An easy-to-use app that replaces notes, saves ideas, documents and much more.

At the entrance, he immediately “meets” you and requests the necessary data to help you work individually with each person. First of all, you can also immediately get acquainted with the possibilities, which include:

  1. Writing notes with changing the font, color and highlighting the most important;
  2. Adding tasks directly to notes;
  3. The ability to mark notes with labels and sort them for quick finding;
  4. Grouping notes by projects, teams, or clients, and so on;
  5. And scan any records: from receipts, documents, whiteboards, or handwritten.

To do this, go to the already saved note, or create a new one and click on the new note or edit button, then the plus sign in the lower left corner, select the camera and take a picture of the record and that’s it.

In Evernote, everyone can create separate notebooks, give them names and add the necessary notes to a certain notebook, the number of which is unlimited.

It’s all about notes and notes, but compared to others, this app also has a lot of features like:

  • Make a note in the form of a to-do list, where you can write about what to do on this day, tomorrow or even for the whole week, and then cross out the completed task.
  • Choose a template for recording daily thoughts.
  • And also use them to add a list of references: enter the name of any book and where you finished reading and add your notes under them.
Evernote - Note Organizer
Evernote - Note Organizer


Penultimate is another nice manuscript to test the app with a huge amount of features. This app empowers you to make notes on school and university lessons, at work, and basically wherever you need.

Besides, you can also paint some pictures and write down your ideas in the most creative form. This app is a new form of pen and paper that will always be in your pocket ready to be used.

Along with that, this empowers you to use your phone more productive as you can shift on reminders that will tell you to send a particular doc to a particular person.

What is more, according to people’s comments this app has a powerful detection feature so there won’t be huge troubles with spelling. Besides, there’s a capability to zoom the page, pick the color of the writing instrument, and even pick its type.

In addition to that, this app syncs with Evernote so make sure to install it and make a user account. Once you do that, you’ll have the chance to keep it there.

What is more, you can also arrange your notes by splitting it into collections and topic sections. It should also be mentioned that the app has a built-in spelling check so even if you’ve made a mistake, the app will fix it.

To sum it up, if you want to go along with technology development and be able to write notes right on your phone, Penultimate is a nice choice for you. Check it out, you won’t regret it!


Text Scanner [OCR]

The name of the next app speaks for itself. Text Scanner [OCR] is another app that scans your docs and transforms it into a document on your phone. Let’s consider how you can use this app. First of all, this app will destroy a problem when you need to write a long URL address using just your keyboard.

What is more, any telephone number you see on tabloids can also be scanned and saved on your phone in seconds. Besides, the app is also capable of scanning characters’ faces and recognize them (we can’t be sure what you may need this feature for).

Along with that, this has an incredibly fast speed of reading so anything you want to scan can be detected in a couple of seconds. It should also be mentioned that this app detects more than fifty different languages!

Sounds impressive but you still need to see if yours is on the list (it most likely is there, but just in case). In addition to that, this is capable of reading texts with different backgrounds even if it seems impossible.

What is more, the app can also detect handwritings so if you want to turn your documents into a digital form this app is a nice way to do that. Besides, you can send your documents to colleagues and upload them to your cloud service.

To sum it up, if you’re tired of writing information using your keyboard, you can use a Text Scanner [OCR] app to scan it. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Text Scanner [OCR]
Text Scanner [OCR]

INKredible – Handwriting Note

INKredible — Handwriting Note is the easiest to use app that empowers you to handwrite records on your phones. Let’s start by considering how you can use this app.

First of all, it’s very intuitive because you write your notes as you would on a paper sheet. You can use a special tool to make writing easier on a small screen but it’s totally up to you. Needs to be said, after a couple of tries you’ll probably understand how to write with no extra equipment.

Along with that, the process of writing notes is completely customizable so you can modify the shade of your writing instrument, the saturation, and the size.

What is more, once you’ve done with your doc you can zoom in to see all the details. It should also be mentioned that the app gives you a choice depending on if you want a lined copybook or a clean paper sheet. The tone and texture of the paper can also be adjusted.

In addition to that, you can mix manuscripts and emojis in your notes. Moreover, a picture from your phone. What is more, you can arrange your docs by splitting it into collections and topic categories. Besides, there’s an opportunity to share your notes in a messenger.

To sum it up, if you want to make original digital records on your phone, INKredible — Handwriting Note is a nice choice to try. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

INKredible-Handwriting Note

MyScript Nebo

The next app is very popular in that category. MyScript Nebo is an app that empowers you to create notes and transform manuscripts into digital text.

Let’s start by considering the main purpose of this app. To begin with, this app has lots of options to organize and customize your text. To be more precise, you can automatically split a text into paragraphs, use headlines and various colors to mark relevant information. As you download the app there will be a tutorial of how to use it.

Along with that, you will also be able to use handwriting to text mode that scans any paper text into a digital version of it. It needs to be said, this app has a very powerful identification feature that usually detects any text quite well. However, if the app makes any mistakes, you can fix something yourself.

In addition to that, the app can generate graphs and diagrams for you. All of those graphs will appear in an image form so you can also save it to your gallery if you need it.

To sum it up, if you wanna quickly make docs, the MyScript Nebo is a nice option for you. Give it a try, it won’t disappoint you!


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MetaMoJi Note

It is an excellent note pad app in all aspects. MetaMoJi Note is a versatile notebook that you can use in a number of ways – you can keep it as your business notebook or daily planner, or use it as a classic notebook and write down things there from time to time, or maybe you want to to be an address book and so on.

What is more, it brings a lot of possibilities to creative people – you can keep MetaMoJi Note as your diary and not just make the writing there put draw and insert images right in the app.

Here you can capture your ideas anytime with quick voice recordings, advanced handwriting recognition and handwriting to text conversion, or annotate Office and PDF documents.

You can use this app also as your sketchbook, not just only as an app that converts handwritten text to the regular one. In MetaMoJi Note, you will discover a high-resolution sketchbook with a vast color wheel palette, pastel colors, and advanced calligraphy pens.

Plus, the app has been awarded by lots of prizes, for example, it won Tabby Award for Best Personal Productivity App – Silver Stevie® Award for International Business – Finalist for Appy Award for Productivity – #1 Productivity App in Japan and this list isn’t full yet.

In other words, this app is created to quickly do all the manipulations with the text without any extra hassle. The intuitive interface of the app will make the work with it even more pleasant.

MetaMoJi Note
MetaMoJi Note

Handwriting To Text Recognizer

This app has been specifically designed for iPad to transform your handwritten note­s into digital text. You just need to capture a picture of your notes, and the app will convert them into editable text in just one click.

The recognition process operates seamle­ssly and with commendable accuracy. It may encounter difficulties with messy handwriting or uncommon fonts, but overall, it performs ade­quately. The interface itself is rathe­r basic, albeit user-friendly: I found it remarkably easy to use­.

The app is unlikely to consume a large portion of your device’s memory unless you store a substantial numbe­r of notes.

There is another note­worthy aspect: while the app is free, it includes ads. There are paid features such as the option to remove those ads, and a few subscription plans.

Handwriting To Text Recognizer1
Handwriting To Text Recognizer2

Handwriting notepad

Handwriting notepad is another app that empowers you to take fast notes on the go. Frankly speaking, this app is your digital memo pad that you can use to write wherever you want immediately.

Another thing that makes this app very handy is that you can add a little button on our main screen and quickly tap on it when you need a new note. What is more, there’s an autosave mode so even if you close an app in a rush, you won’t lose your records.

Along with that, you can also add some pictures of your note if you have time for it. What is more, if you saved a quick doc and want to make it nice and managed you can make all the changes later. Besides, this empowers you to use your phone more productive as you don’t have to take a copybook with you anymore.

In addition to that, this app has a powerful identifying tool so there won’t be huge troubles with spelling. Furthermore, you can also zoom the page, and pick the tone of your writing instrument. You can even make the background look like a lined copybook.

What is more, you can arrange your docs by splitting it into collections and topic sections. To sum it up, if you need a fast-working app to make fast but readable notes in a rush, the Handwriting notepad app is nice for you.

Handwriting notepad

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Notes Plus

One more cool app that can convert the written text into a regular digital one. The app is available for iOS only. It is really similar to MetaMoJi Note, however, it is a more simple variant. If you don’t want all that diversity of functions because they make an app “heavy” for the phone’s memory space, then you can try this alternative app.

Notes Plus is a gesture-based writing app for iPhone and iPad that supports more than 50 languages and delivers fluid handwriting capabilities, complete with ink effects, palm rejection, shape recognition, and a close-up writing mode. It also includes a convenient interface design that all users will be able to handle.

At the same time, Notes Plus also has lots of options, and just like in MetaMoJi Note, here you can add images and drawings to your text – you can either add the handwritten or digital text.

Combined with the MyScript engine, Notes Plus translates your scribble into text, accepts text input, and export notes as PDF or images to email, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote. It is remarkable to mention the possibility to make the handwritten notes right in the app which can be converted into the text at the same time.

Notes Plus1
Notes Plus2

Handwriting to Text Converter

This is another app that can help you transform handwritten notes into digital text.

The conversion process is consistently smooth and accurate­. It’s simple, too: you choose between snapping a photo of your handwritten text or choosing one from the phone gallery. You also have the option of cropping the image should you wish to recognise only parts of the text.

The app supports multiple languages, and not just European ones. The results are not totally flawless, but certainly decent.

In my view though, the app’s visual appeal leaves room for improvement, with a rather basic design.

At 11 MB, the app is de­signed to be lightweight. There are ads, though, and while there is a free version, bear in mind there are paid features available.

Handwriting to Text Converter
Handwriting to Text Converter
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