15 Free Spot The Difference Games for Android & iOS

Wanna test how sharp your eyes are? Then keep reading this article!

There is plenty of free spot the difference games for Android & iOS to tease your brain and test cognitive skills. The rules of these games are always the same — you compare the pics and mark the objects they vary in. Herewith, some games come with unique concepts such as a detective mystery, horror one, and more. And if you’re into logic games you may also enjoy looking for hidden objects.

We’ve gathered together the 15 best free apps in that category you may try. Take a look!

Differences: find a difference


Let’s start with one of the most used different games on the market.

The concept of this one is quite standard — there are two pics with the slightest differences that you’ll need to find and mark. You’ll need to find 5 differences in each session — doesn’t sound difficult, but sometimes it’s all about the smallest details that aren’t easy to spot.

Herewith, the difficulty of the levels will increase with time, so it will get more and more challenges to spot all differences. All the lvls include a timer, so you need to act quickly not to fail. For now, the game covers over 10K pics you get to go through, so it will take a while to pass all the levels.

Each win brings you rewards and bonuses you may exchange on hints and all that. Plus, you get to zoom the pics to spot the differences if needed. You may also participate in daily challenges to get extra trophies. All the lvls are free so no concerns about that.

Differences 1 Differences 2


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What’s the Difference?

What's the Difference

Next, we have a basic puzzle game that will train your observing skills.

If you’re in need of a classic spot the different kind of game — you can’t go wrong with this one. This game will do great for people of all ages and solving skills, so even if you’re not familiar with the genre you’ll quickly figure everything out.

The game covers over 1k lvls for you to pass, so you won’t be able to cope with it too fast. Besides, the round’s difficulty will increase with time which means you’ll have enough time to get used to the mechanics and not get bored at the same time.

As for the pics, the app covers plenty of HQ photos that you’ll be able to zoom. Each level contains 5 difficulties you’ll need to spot before the time runs out. The game runs on a bonus system, so you’ll get gems that can be exchanged for clues and extra time.

What's the Difference 1


The Detective

The Detective

This game is a different breed for several reasons — the plotline, investigations, challenges, and all that.

As you may guess by its name, this game lets you play a detective and solve multiple cases within one game. For now, there are over extraordinary 20 cases and more are on the way. Each case comes with its own unique plotline, someone to find, and a puzzle for you to solve.

From the first glance, all the cases and plots seem predictable and basic, which they are, but there are plenty of plot twists to surprise you with. In case you’ll ever get stuck on the task you could use a hint to move forward.

As for the puzzles, the game covers various types of them. Thus, you’ll need to find a specific amount of clues, spot the differences between photos, and more. There are over 1k riddles in general, so you won’t get bored. Plus, there is no paid content which is always nice.

The Detective 1 The Detective 2


Find the Difference 1000+ levels

Find the Difference 1000+ levels

This game is for those of you who prefer to peacefully enjoy finding the differences between pics.

Frankly speaking, the only thing that makes this game stand out is that it doesn’t have a timer. Is it good or bad? There’s no definite answer to that. On the one hand, no timer means that you can play at your own pace.

But on the other hand, it seems that there’s no fun without a limit. Besides, the game gives you an unlimited amount of hints, so it’s impossible not to complete the round. Anyways, the decision is on you. The game covers over 1000 levels for you to pass, and each one is more complicated than the other.

The mechanics are quite standard — there are two pics, and you need to find all the differences between them. In most cases, there are 5 differences in each round, but sometimes there are more than that. All the lvls are free and there are no ads to annoy you.

Find the Difference 1000+ levels 1 Find the Difference 1000+ levels 2


5 Differences Online

5 differences online

The name of this game fully speaks for itself — your main goal here is to spot 5 differences on each level.

It needs to be said, the game has a stunning magical design, so it’s a pleasure to play. There are over 11k lvls for you to pass, and the difficulty may vary from one to another. Plus, the game gets regular updates, so you’ll never run out of material.

Along with that, the game doesn’t have a single mode so the only thing you can do is to compete against other users to see who’ll find all the differences first. Needless to say, the game runs online, and you need a stable web connection.

Each win will bring you bonuses and rewards you may spend on several things. The first and the most obvious one is hints and extra time to play. But if you want to do something else, you may renovate the room you see on a home screen and even grow animals to live there.

5 differences online 1 5 differences online 2


Spot It 2

Spot It

In the mood for a find the difference logic game? This one has you covered!

The concept of this game is standard for the genre — you need to compare two pics side to side and find all the differences between them. Once you spot an object you need to tap on it as fast as you can to highlight and move to the next one.

Apart from its sister games, this one doesn’t limit lits levels with a particular amount of difficulties — it may vary from round to round. Plus, as you’ll move forward in the game the lvls will get more complicated, so you may need to zoom the pics in to find the differences.

In case you’ll find yourself unable to move forward you can always use a hint to help you cope with that. Herewith, each hint will cost you some points so think twice before getting one. There’s no timer in this game, so you can play at your own pace.

Spot It 1 Spot It 2


Infinite Differences

Infinite Differences

This game lets you test you’re spotting the differences in skills.

The outstanding thing about this game is it doesn’t waste time on elementary lvls. If you have a history with logic games, you know how it may be — you start with two pics with obvious differences and move on to the more complex ones.

At this point, it may even feel offensive to someone to have to solve such an easy puzzle. Well, this game will take you straight to the interesting lvls — the pics will even look identical from the first sign. Herewith, you’ll get to zoom in and pinch the pics for a closer look if needed.

Each lvl comes with 5 differences for you to find with no exceptions. Once you’ve found the differences you’ll need to tap on them to highlight them. In case you’ll get stuck at some point you may use hints to move on. The lvls also come with a timer, so you’ll need to act as quickly as you can.

Infinite Differences 2 Infinite Differences 1


Find The Differences – Secret

Find The Differences - SecretIf you don’t like the idea of having a narrowly themed game — this one is your cup of tea.

It’s a logic game that lets you play a detective and solve multiple stories. Each story comes with an individual plotline that aims to search for clues and solve countless puzzles. For now, the game covers 20 stories but all of them take time to be solved and more are on the way.

As for the plots, not all the stories are classic detective cases with murders or robbery. You’ll get to figure out if the wife is cheating on her husband and all that.  Plus, all the stories contain puzzles and mysteries you’ll need to solve to get clues.

There are various types of puzzles covered by the game, including finding the different ones. The mechanics are quite standard — there are two images you need to compare in a limited amount of time. Herewith, you can zoom the pics and use hints in case you’ll get stuck.

Infinite Differences 1 Find The Differences - Secret 2


Spot it

Find The Differences - Spot it

Next, we have a logic game that will tickle your brain and reaction skills.

Frankly speaking, this is a classic find the difference game, and a little more. There are more modes, more lvls, more challenges, and all that. Let’s go through the modes, shall we? First of all, there’s a classic one where you need to compare two images (with no limits or rewards).

Secondly, there’s a bonus one that will bring you in-game bonuses for every round you successfully pass. The bonuses may be spent on hints, and so on. Plus, there’s a night mode where the pics are originally dark, and you need to use a torch to spot the light in some areas and find the differences.

There’s also a mode with a timer if you wanna raise the difficulty lvl. In case you’re in the mood for a competition, there’s a computer mode that lets you play against the AI and the MP one where you get to compete with your mates. For now, there are over 5K lvls in all the modes, so you won’t turn out of material quickly.

Find The Differences - Spot it 1 Find The Differences - Spot it 2


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Find the Differences Haunted

Haunted – Spot It GameWanna get into the spooky season? Then you’ll totally love this game!

This is a classic spot the differences game but with a dark mystery setting. Is there any difference in the mechanics of this game? No, you still have two pics to compare side by side. Herewith, all the pics are Halloween-themed with crows, skulls, magical books, and so on.

Plus, all the pics refer to different in-game locations that you’ll enter while passing the lvls. There are such locations as a haunted hospital, vampire’s mansion, witches’ house, and all that. Once you’ll find the different object you need to tap on it to highlight — that’s the only way to make the difference count.

All the lvls come with a timer so make sure to think fast and mark all the objects as quickly as you can. The number of the differences will raise from lvl to lvl, so you’ll never know for sure how much you need to spot this time. The game tun on a hints system so you can always use help to move on from the dead spot.

Haunted – Spot It Game 1 Haunted – Spot It Game 2


Can You Spot It

can you spot it

Here’s another brain-teasing game for the ones who appreciate the classics.

Apart from the cute cozy design, it’s your standard find the difference game. The rules are all the same — there are two pics placed side by side. At the first sight, the pics look the same, but are they really? No, and you need to find all the objects that make them different.

Herewith, you get to zoom the pics to get a closer look and find the slightest differences between them. All the pics are HQ, so they won’t turn into a bunch of pixels after zooming. The game is made for people of all ages, so the first lvls will be quite simple.

However, the difficulty level will increase as you’ll move forward in the game so get ready for complicated rounds. Each pair of pics contains 5 differences that you’ll need to find till the timer runs out. In case you’ll ever get stuck you can use the clues to move on.

Can You Spot It 1 Can You Spot It 2




If you’re looking for a logic game to spend all your free time with — this might be the one.

This game contains over 3K lvls you can play for free and more are yet to come. Plus, there are plenty of bonus lvls and challenges you get to participate in if needed. The mechanics are classic — there are two pics you need to compare and spot the differences. There are always 5 differences in each lvl, not more.

Herewith, not all the differences are visible — sometimes you need to search for the hidden objects as well. Besides, you won’t need to search for differences on some random pics. The whole game is made in one style and dedicated to various rooms and houses.

You’ll get to zoom the pics to notice all the tiniest objects that may vary. What is more, you’ll have 3 hints to help you throughout the game. Not enough? You can buy more by spending the bonuses you get for passing each lvl.

Define 1 Define 2


A Cat House

A Cat House

Everyone likes cats! Even if you do not consider yourself being a cat person you can’t deny they are cute as hell.

As you may guess by the name, this logic game is made for all the cat lovers out there. It needs to be said, the concept of this app is a little different from the majority of its sister games. The thing is, your main goal here is not to find differences on pics — it’s just a means to an end.

Your main aim in this game is to take care of a virtual cat and its home. To cope with that, you’ll need to pass multiple lvls and look for differences on pics. For now, there are over a hundred lvls for you to pass and more are yet to come out.

Each lvl contains 5 differences, and you have 2 mins to find them all. In case you’ll have any difficulties you could use hints to move forward. Each game will bring you rewards and bonuses that you may rather spend on feeding your cat or improving its house or to get more hints and time.

A Cat House 1 A Cat House 2




This game aims for you to compare two and more pics and search for the differences between them.

In the first place, regardless of its cartoonish design, this app may not be the best option for children. The lvls here are quite complicated which makes it great for adults but not that good for kids. Plus, there’s no specific number of differences for all the rounds — there might be 3,5, or more.

Besides, some differences won’t be visible from first sight, so you’ll have to search for the hidden items first. For now, there are over 1000 puzzles for you to solve and more are on the way. There are also plenty of extra challenges you can join if needed.

Along with that, the game has an MP mode, so you get to compete with your mates or worldwide players. The game also includes hints so if you’ll ever get stuck on smth there’s a way to get help. You may also turn the timer on and off according to your mood

Diffy 1 Diffy2


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Spot 5 Differences: Find them!

Spot 5 Differences

And lastly, we have a simple logic game with over 5K lvls.

If you need a classic spit the difference game — this is the one. It aims to compare two images and mark the objects that make them vary. The hame covers with plenty of levels with increasing difficulty, so you’ll slowly move from obvious rounds to almost impossible ones.

All the pics you’ll need to compare are HQ and you get to zoom them if needed. There are always 5 differences in each round and there’s no timer, so you can calmly place at your pace. Once you’ve found a different object, make sure to highlight it with a tap.

The game is fully free with no ads or other paid content — all the new lvls unlock after you pass the previous one. Besides, the game runs on a hints system, so you can always get help if you’ll get stuck. In case the lvl feels impossible to solve you may view the full-on solution to find out how you should’ve done it.

Spot 5 Differences 1 Spot 5 Differences 2


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