12 Best FM Transmitter Apps for Android

If you’re struggling to find a simple way to connect your smartphone to your car audio system, then you are in the right place! With new FM Transmitter apps and possibilities of modern technologies playing favorite songs or radio programs while driving has become extremely easy.

To start with, there are several ways of how to make your phone transmit music to an audio system. One of the traditional ones is to use USB cable, however, this method is not effective when it comes to playing music which is not stored on your phone, in other words, the access to which requires using internet connection.

So the question arises: what can you do if you are used to listening to music on Last.fm, Spotify, some radio podcasts sites, and so on? Well, the answer is to use an FM transmitter. There actually can be two cases on how to do it. The first one is buying a special device to connect your phone and an audio system. It can look like this:

The second one is simply downloading a special app on your phone. However, this option suits only those whose smartphones have an FM-transmitter system installed automatically.

Sometimes if you use a special physical device (the first case), you also need to download some kind of an app. Below, we have gathered lots of great apps for both cases. Most of them are simple radio apps that will serve as pleasant additions to your transmitting device.

Free Radio Tuner

The most popular radio app both for Android and App Store. On many devices, it comes pre-installed. If you don’t have it yet and you like to listen to the old good radio, this is definitely a miss for you. It is available all over the world, all genres of music are available.

Radio Tuner Directory features over 50,000 professional and community programmed radio stations from around the globe – that exceeds any number at stations and programs that any other app can provide. Besides, Free Radio Tuner has a very convenient player, that you can use even if the screen of your phone is blocked.



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For those who want to have both traditional and online radio stations on their phone this is a perfect app for that. In addition, it has a very cool design and convenient user interface. Just like the Free Radio Tuner app, this one also has around 50000 radio stations (both inline and offline).

An interesting feature here is that you can rewind back to the previous song that was just playing on the radio. Another fun feature is “surprise me” one – you click on it and then the app chooses a radio station for you randomly.




One more radio app that is quite popular on Google Play. It is a radio app with a convenient interface – when you open the main page you can see various categories and choose one to listen to – for example, today you want to listen to someone talking and next day you want to explore new music.

Overall, XiiaLive includes around 50000 radio programs. The design of the player looks very stylish, and because there are only few knobs, it is comfortable to use. An interesting feature of this app is you can add your own radio station to the list by copying their URL.



TuneIn Radio

Speaking of choice, some of you might have a very specific one. If you are one such person, you might want to try TuneIn Radio. It is renowned for its big variety of rare radio stations including sports channels, news, talk radios, etc. If you don’t mind ads popping up now and again, then download this one!

tunein radio screenshot



Replaio is a radio app that looks pretty standard compared to all the other radio apps on our list. By standard here is meant that it is neither worse, nor better.

You can check it out and see if you like it or not. It has a nice interface design, many radio stations to choose from (around 30000) and it is compatible with Bluetooth connection. Thus, you can easily listen to the radio with this app in your car.




You might notice that this app is quite similar to the last app on our list, but don’t think that they are the same. It occurred much earlier and it has much more content than the latter. Moreover, it has an extremely convenient user interface – all stations are sorted according to the type of genres of music styles, the whole structure is very logical.

One cool feature of Radiogram is that it is not only an FM transmitter, but it is also a TV transmitter so you can watch some TV channels in this app as well.




Radio.net is a convenient app for listening to the radio. It has access to both local and world radio stations. The app’s appealing look and simple interface make it a good companion on any road trip.

Moreover, it allows you to bookmark channels that you like most, search for similar ones and find out information about the songs you like. No Shazam is needed! By the way, there are lots of other apps to identify songs that are playing somewhere near you besides Shazam. Check them out here and never miss a good tune!

As for Radio.net, the functionality of this app is vast. You can search for music or podcasts by looking through your favorite genres’ collection or by viewing the recommended channels. Download the app now and enjoy listening to the good stuff!


myTuner FM Radio

This app is a universal one. It includes many funky functions for listening to music and podcasts. Its search engine is amazing – you can enter names, genres, locations. By the way, there are 150 countries to get radio signals from! And we are not talking about the rich variety of genres available in your local area.

There are also other cool features, apart from the ones connected with finding channels. If you love reading fresh news about your favorite performers, you can do it right in the app. Loved the station? Share it with friends using Facebook or Twitter.

Another great feature is setting up the alarm so that you can wake up with the sounds of your favorite radio station. There are also many other unusual ways to wake up in the morning. You can check them up here. Download myTuner FM Radio right now and enjoy your favorite music!

myTuner Radio Screenshot


iHeartRadio Free Music & Radio

iHeartRadio also has lots of channels – it can entertain you with music, news, sports, live shows, and so many more things. The app has a super cool and fashionable interface. The amazing thing is that you are able to create your own playlists. Want to know how to do it? Then download iHeartRadio right now!

iHeart radio screenshot


NextRadio Free Live FM Radio

NextRadio is one of those modern radio apps that still get updated from time to time. It is an extraordinarily convenient way to listen to your favorite radio stations. It may not have such a large variety of choices, but it doesn’t consume much of your data and battery either.

If you are up for something that is available in your local area, this app is the best choice! It will give an enjoyable experience provided you have the most necessary features, such as viewing the history of songs you’ve listened to or the ability to buy the ones you like most. Get the app now and start listening to the radio without concerns about the battery!

next radio screenshot


Radio Online – PCRADIO

One more radio player which does not drain your battery. It has all the basic features the other apps have combined with a very attractive interface. Its peculiarity is that it allows you to switch from one station to another using your headphone’s controllers (in case you are going to use the app outside your car). Download this one – who knows, maybe it will float your boats!

PCRADIO screenshot


Simple Radio

Simple radio is simple because of its simple interface (probably too many ‘simple’s in one sentence). The app does not limit you in the choice of channels – there are over 30 thousand of them, all it does is that it laconically combines this great variety with a user-friendly design. So if you are tired of all those unnecessary frills the other apps might have, this one is for you!

simple radio screenshot


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So these were 12 FM transmitter & radio apps to use in your car. Enjoy your every trip with nice music from your favorite radio stations, listen to the most informative and interesting podcasts, and be smart in choosing apps!


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