forDiabetes: diabetes self-management App Review

If you have diabetes, you know how many parameters you need to control. ForDiabetes: diabetes self-management app includes all the functions you may need. No more piles of different apps!

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ForDiabetes collect and analyze parameters of your health that are important: glucose and carbs levels, your activity, medications, blood pressure, and so on. You can enter metrics manually or using third-party devices and apps. If you fill in these metrics regularly, the app analyzes their fluctuations.


Based on data analyzes, forDiabetes compiles reports on your health. They help monitor your progress and stay on track with your goals.

What is essential, forDiabetes has a cool feature: you can share your data with your doctor or any other caregiver in real-time for immediate recommendation and conversation.

When you first open the app, it tells you about its features and benefits, but you can skip it. You can continue as a guest, but you’d better complete your registration to avoid losing your data. You can sign up using your email, Facebook account, or Google account. By the way, forDiabetes is adapted for ten languages!


Next, indicate the units of measurement in which it is convenient for you to control your indicators. Then fill in your type of diabetes, year of birth, and your country.

In the center of the main screen, there is your glucose measurement scale. You can see a Meal icon underneath, where you fill in the number of carbs eaten after each meal. There is the icon of your daily activity in minutes next to the Meal. In addition, there are fields for the medication you are taking and your blood pressure.


ForDiabetes does much more than just analyzing your data. It has a collection of articles, tips, and news that can be useful for your health.

If you buy the Premium version, you will have full access to the Web application, your insulin dose calculation, real-time backup, and other advanced features.

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All in all, forDiabetes is a highly recommended and extremely useful app for those who faced diabetes in their life. ForDiabetes helps you live in peace with and control your diabetes.



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