Track Me Fast Package Tracker App Review

If you want to get a secure and reliable tool for tracking all your packages, we would highly recommend you pay attention to this app that is called Track Me Fast.

Here you can track packages ordered from such websites and online markets as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. The app gives consumers up-to-the-minute updates on the whereabouts of their packages, an expected time of arrival, and other crucial details.

Main features:

  • Package tracking
  • Delivery alerts
  • Delivery route mapping

Additionally, here you can rapidly add goods to the monitoring list by scanning barcodes and QR codes.

Track Me Fast Package Tracker1

Enter the tracking number or scan the package’s barcode to utilize Track Me Fast. The software then obtains delivery information for the shipment from the carrier’s website and updates you in real-time. When a package status changes, you may track many packages at once and get push alerts.

In other words, Track Me Fast is capable to provide more precise information than other tracking apps, and it does it faster than others.

The UI of Track Me Fast is designed in the best traditions of delivery and tracking apps. All of the packages are shown on the home screen, along with a delivery status update.

Track Me Fast Package Tracker2

The home screen provides access to the primary functionality, and the menu structure is simple to understand. Additionally, the app has a search feature that enables users to easily locate parcels using the tracking number or other identifying details.

What is more, the app is free and it doesn’t have any intrusive ads, unlike other representatives of this type. There is also the possibility to sync the tracking info between two devices (in case both devices have Track Me Fast) and it makes it easy to use this app in cooperation with your family members or friends.

Track Me Fast offers consumers a range of customization choices in addition to its primary functions. Users may tailor the notification settings to suit their needs and opt to receive delivery alerts by email or push notifications.

Track Me Fast Package Tracker3

The app also offers a dark mode option, which is less harmful to the eyes and could be better appropriate for usage in dimly lit areas.

In other words, Track Me Fast is a comprehensive and multi-functional tracking tool that will be a gem for any type of user. Just install it on your device, enter the code number of your parcels, and track them all the way down!

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