11 Best Fractal Generator Apps for Android & iOS

If you are fond of graphics, and also like to model something, you have heard about fractals. Studying fractal graphics can take you a lot of time, but you will get incredibly beautiful paintings or images.

Fractal images are based on a separate section of geometry, which contains the principle of inheritance. Actually, each of the objects in drawing consists of fragments that merge together and make one whole. You can check 7 Best Geometry Help Apps for Android & iOS to get help in many other sections of geometry.

Each element of a small fractal object completely repeats the properties of all objects. Manually and on a piece of paper it is difficult enough to create such a figure – for this purpose, it is necessary to have great patience, and also to be able to build details accurately.

With the help of modern graphics, you can build fractals even in your own smartphone, admiring the design or using them for further processing. We suggest you learn 11 best fractal generator apps for iOS & Android.


frakslThe Fraksl application will simply fascinate you with its fractal creation process. You’ll be able to navigate through the image with simple screen clicks, but things will change instantly.

As you create your fractals, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of filters and apply unique effects. You can record the whole process on video and share it with friends – so you can watch it together.

You’ll need to pay for additional features in Fraksl to access them. The free version doesn’t include many different tools, but you can watch ads for partial access.



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Mandala Maker: symmetry doodle

mandala makerMandals is one of the varieties of fractals that have become very popular with people so far. Such coloring is a great way to relax, and in Mandala Maker, you can also enjoy the process of creating them.

In the application, you will be able to create various symmetrical drawings using fractals, geometric shapes, and scaling them. With Mandala Maker, you won’t see endless ads.

For a detailed examination, it is possible to move smoothly through drawings and to scale them. For additional fun in Mandala Maker, there is a huge number of different colors and brushes for drawing.

mandala maker1 mandala maker2


Fractal Eye – Fractal Image Creation

fractal eyeFractal Eye is a mathematical tool for creating different fractals. It uses the GPU of your smartphone so that you can get the perfect image of different shapes. In nature, you can find many real fractals – leaves of trees, coastlines, mountains, and more.

Now you can explore them and find coincidences between drawings and real life. Fractal Eye features popular fractals such as the Mandelbrot set or the Burning Ship.

You’ll be able to create stunning graphics without putting too much effort into a drawing. You can save the results in the gallery and then use them as wallpapers on your smartphone desktop.’

fractal eye1 fractal eye2



mandelbrowserIf you want to create beautiful pictures yourself, the MandelBrowser application will help you. It is a fractal image generator that has more than 70 different fractal types in its catalog.

To create amazing images, the user is offered 40 different drawing modes and filters, which can even turn your vector graphics into 3D models.

Fractals obtained in MandelBrowser can be parameterized, and also you can draw or change their position by yourself. In the application library, you can also find a large number of examples to guide you through the creation process.

mandelbrowser1 mandelbrowser2


Fast Fractal

fast fractalFast Fractal is an application that lets you explore Mandelbrot’s fractal incredibly quickly. The quality of the image generated by Fast Fractal is amazing. You can explore it on any scale – by approaching or removing it with standard double-clicking or pinching finger gestures.

Math allows you to zoom in on every detail 100 million times, giving you the perfect opportunity to examine every detail.

You can set your own Fast Fractal coordinates and number of operations, as well as choose Mandelbrot or Julia Fractal. In the application settings, you can change colors and create a perfect image of the resulting fractal.

fast fractal1 fast fractal2


Deep Fractal Viewer

deep fractal viewerDeep Fractal Viewer is another application that works with Mandelbrot sets. Here you can explore and scale the fractals while doing real math. Not only the fractals themselves, but also their scale, size, and even accompanying information will be shown on each image on your smartphone.

Some text excerpts in Deep Fractal Viewer are taken from Wikipedia, others are presented by developers.

By using the application as an example, you will understand how different fractal images can be in different points of space. You will be able to zoom them at any point to see the shape of the pattern presented in this area.

deep fractal viewer1 deep fractal viewer2


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fraxIf you need a full artistic program, it can be Frax. This application shows the user all the features of fractals and their forms that you can notice in real life.

The patterns that will appear on the screen can be quite different – trees, blood system, even whole galaxies – so you will understand that fractals are a natural geometric code.

With animated digital details, Frax helps you create masterpieces on your smartphone screen. You can use drawing mode and multi-touch to create your own patterns, revealing the inner artist. Share your creations with friends or on social networks, as Frax gives you ultra-high quality images.

frax1 frax2



crazeYou like to create something a little psychedelic and crazy? With the CraZe app, you can draw with your fingers, mix different effects, and get perfect and unusual fractals.

Several different color palettes and brushes are provided for you to make your drawings even more unusual. For easy observation, CraZe has a special mode where you can watch the most unusual images come to life and turn into drawings.

The developers suggest using applications for rest and relaxation, as well as for developing your own imagination. Your creativity may even become a little mathematical since all drawings are fractal code.

craze1 craze2



kaleiderKaleidoscopes are another great example that can visualize fractals. With the Kaleider app, you can experience this magic and see all the figures in 3D. The source of effects can be any image that you choose and download – the service will generate a drawing based on it.

You can also use random effects and get something amazing. To save the resulting effects, you will simply save it in the application. To view it in 3D, there is a separate mode, that places you in a room where everything consists of fractals.



Test Fractals

test fractalsWith the Test Fractals application, you can create your own fractals using mathematical calculations. In order for a nice drawing to appear on the screen, you will need to set the desired variables and watch how the drawing is generated on the screen.

You can change the radii, angles, colors of the drawing itself, and its background – until you get the desired picture. You can also change the speed at which Test Fractals generates the image.

The resulting model can be saved in the gallery for further use or just for memory. Unfortunately, in Test Fractals, you can generate images from only 2 colors, and drawing in several shades at once is not available.

test fractals1 test fractals2


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Mandelbrot Explorer

mandelbrotMandelbrot Explorer is quite a powerful application for creating Mandelbrot fractals (we think this is understandable from the name of the application). It allows you to change different parameters of the fractals to get completely different images.

In addition, you will be able to view the Julia Set on each point of the resulting image. In order for your result to be accurate, the service uses several drawing streams at once.

The simple interface of the application allows you to quickly understand what functionality is included in it. From variations of drawings, you will be able to change parameters and colors of fractals, but it is not possible to draw independently by clicking.



Combining elements, changing the color, adding something to the drawing, you can infinitely create completely different objects and images. Fractal compositions are made from the obtained figures, which can represent complete combinations of objects.

The graphics can be either vector-based or volumetric, and you’ll be just mesmerized by what’s happening on your smartphone screen. You can use math and computation to create something incredible – it’s not boring multiplication.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you find the app that’s right for you and make you feel like a real wizard using fractals.

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