11 Free AI Christmas Cards Generators (Apps & Websites)

New Year holidays are approaching, which means it’s time to prepare gifts and greetings. On the shelves of stores, you can find a huge variety of greeting cards, which will perfectly complement any gift.

By the way, you can congratulate any person on behalf of the main character of the winter holidays – Santa Claus. To do this, use these free apps.

Often we spend a lot of time choosing the right greeting card. Now you can get rid of this problem. These free AI Christmas cards generators will help you. Using them, you can create a unique personalized greeting with an unusual design. Check their advantages in our review below.

Imagine: AI Art Generator

The Imagine app is designed to create images with the help of artificial intelligence. It can be used to turn words into real works of art. Its capabilities can be easily adapted to the theme of our review – creating Christmas cards.

When you start the app for the first time, you will see a prompt and examples of generated images. You will also be able to adjust the image parameters. For example, choose style, aspect ratio, negative prompt, and CFG scale.

By the way, the choice of styles is huge – there are more than 100 options in the app. To get the desired result, formulate your query correctly. If you enter just “Christmas Card”, you are unlikely to get the right option.

For the app to understand you better, you need to enter specific details. For example, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, Christmas toys and gifts, and so on. You can also use any photo you have taken or a picture from the Internet as a query.

Update the generated result if you don’t like it. Send a postcard directly from the app in any convenient way.


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WOMBO Dream – AI Art Generator

Turn your words into a Christmas card using WOMBO Dream and artificial intelligence. Using the features of this program is easy. The first time you start the program, you will immediately see a text input field. Write your request.

You need to specify more precise information. For example, a Christmas card with a candy cane, Santa Claus, fireworks, and a Christmas tree. You can also choose the style of the card. There are realistic, anime, VFX, or others that are presented in this program.

You can also add text to your card. Just ask WOMBO Dream and it will generate a great greeting for you. Use images as the basis for your request. They can be your photos or any other images.

Send a ready-made Christmas card to your friends and relatives in any way you like right from the app. All this is available free of charge.


Wonder – AI Art Generator

The Wonder app will create a unique Christmas greeting card for you using the power of artificial intelligence. Enter your request in the appropriate input field.

Make it more detailed, specify the parameters you would like to see in the final image. You can also choose a style. For example, there are realistic, steampunk, cubism, and many others.

Ask the AI to generate a text greeting for you, which you can later add to your card. The generated picture can be animated. Update the result if you don’t like the previous version.

New Year images can be used as wallpaper on your device or sent as a greeting card to your friends. Use all the features for free and without restrictions.


starryai – AI Art Generator

The Starryai app will help you surprise your friends and family with a unique Christmas greeting card. Enter your request in the corresponding line. In a couple of minutes, you will receive a ready-made card.

Keep in mind that artificial intelligence works with precise search queries. The same goes for Starryai. Instead of just “Christmas Card” you need to enter qualifying data. For example, Santa Claus, Christmas trees and toys, lights, fireworks, and so on.

You can also ask the service to add text to the picture. Choose the style of the content. To record the generation, you need to register. It will only take a few minutes (you can register with a single tap via Apple ID).

You will get 4 ready-made images. Each one can be updated if you don’t like the result. Edit them if necessary.


Christmas eCard & Greetings

The Christmas eCard & Greetings app will help you feel the spirit of New Year’s holidays and create appropriate greeting cards for your loved ones.

Here you will find over 1000 free eCards generated especially for New Year and Christmas. It will help you choose the appropriate greeting card.

You will also receive notifications about new options and reminders about upcoming holidays. This way, you won’t forget to congratulate your friends at the right time. Try GIF and video postcards. They will make you stand out among the many text greetings.

You can also schedule your cards to be delivered 60 days in advance so that everyone is guaranteed to receive their New Year’s greeting.


Christmas card maker & Wishes by JSG Developers

Christmas Card Maker & Wishes is a personal app for creating greeting and invitation cards for the upcoming New Year holidays. All functions of this service are available to each user free of charge. Postcards in this service are characterized by their minimalistic and modern style.

If you are tired of realistic Christmas trees and bright clappers, then this program will appeal to you. All you need to do is choose a template, text, stickers, and photo frame. Choose these options from the ready-made templates generated by this app.

The result will surprise you because it looks like a real handmade program. You can even print it out and no one will know that you used Christmas card Maker & Wishes to create the card.

You can also share the finished card on social media right from this app.


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Christmas Wishes & Cards by CSIT

The Christmas Wishes & Cards app gives its users access to a large collection of generated holiday cards. There are text formats, GIFs, and even themed photograms.

This is a great way to congratulate your friends. Each card can be copied or shared directly from this app. Here you will find postcards with Santa Claus, Christmas toys, a Christmas tree, a garland, and other holiday stuff.

Overall, this is one of the best free apps where you can generate greeting cards according to your preferences.


Christmas Greeting Card Quotes by Widgets For You

This app will generate a huge variety of Christmas cards for you. Here you will find original quotes for the new year and unusual designs of holiday photos.

The app has templates for cards in its gallery. Decorate them with thematic stickers, and text, and add your photo. You can also take instant selfies right in the app. Share a finished postcard using the corresponding section.

Send congratulations to your friends on social networks and messengers. You can also use the postcard as wallpaper on your phone.

The app is available for free to all users, but it has ads. If this fact in no way prevents you from using all the tools, then feel free to install the program and create amazing Christmas cards.



With this service, you can create unique postcards to your liking. It provides many features to customize the text and design of your postcards to make each one truly memorable.

Experiment with different fonts, sizes, and colors to create the perfect headline or convey your heartfelt message. You’ll also love the ability to upload your images to give your postcard even more personality.

Once you’ve created your postcard, preview it to ensure it looks how you want it to. If you need to make any adjustments, you can easily improve the result.

When your postcard is ready, download it in various formats including JPEG and PNG. Share your creations with others by uploading them on the platform.

This service helps you create personalized and visually appealing postcards. It has a user-friendly interface, artificial intelligence-based functionality, a large selection of templates for different themes, and the ability to edit and preview.

Just let your imagination run wild and create unique postcards with the help of this service.


Anvil gives users access to an artificial intelligence that can create Christmas cards. This is one of the simplest services in our review. Here you will be able to receive a randnom congratulations on the coming New Year and Christmas.

You will see a special field with the text of the greeting. Below there is a Show Another button. You can click on it an unlimited number of times and get new options. Copy your favorite one or make a screenshot and use it as a greeting card for a friend or relative.

This service may seem trivial, but the congratulations text will surprise you.

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HyperWrite service will generate an original Christmas card using artificial intelligence capabilities.

It will be suitable for any purpose. For example, you can express your gratitude to your colleagues in the form of a greeting card. Or share the joyful events of the past year with your friends and relatives. Create a personalized greeting card for each recipient.

For all this, you need to open the editor and enter the details of the greeting you would like to receive. Then click the Generate button. The result can be edited or updated. Then copy the greeting card and send it in any way you want.

This way you can make your Christmas memorable.

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