14 Best Flashcard Apps (Android & iOS)

Flashcards have proven themselves to be an excellent way to study. These get used by everyone from students to teachers, and basically everyone who wants to learn something new.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the best flashcard apps (Android & iOS) that make this method even more convenient. No need to carry around piles of paper cards anymore, you can reach those with just a few taps now.

These apps are must-haves when it comes to exam prep, and they will revolutionize the way you learn. With these, you can learn on the go, wherever you are. Let’s dive in!


Let’s start with one of the OG flashcard apps out there. The top fact about it is applicable for acquiring knowledge in any area, as you can basically turn your notes into cards with a few taps.

You can make custom cards private and give link entry to a limited group of people if needed. And if you don’t want to bother making custom decks, don’t worry, the app has a solution for you too. You can check out countless packs made by other users and teachers and use them for your own benefit.

All the cards are easily sharable too, so it’s convenient for teamwork. You can also print the cards for free, there are no hidden fees here.

Plus, the app works great for vocab learning. It has a handy training mode where you can hear how words are pronounced by a native speaker, and even adjust the diction speed if needed.


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This app is here to raise your productivity when it comes to studying. With it on hand, you can learn new things during a boring bus ride, coffee break, or whenever you like. No need to toss around piles of paper cards anymore, this app will replace all of these right away.

It’s a treat for those who don’t want to spend hours making flashcards on their own. There’s a huge lib of cards for all topics and subjects you can think of, so just pick the one you like most and enjoy stress-free learning. To get into numbers, there are over 400M cards for now, so no shortage of options for sure.

And if that’s still not enough, you can make custom decks easily tool. The cards can be customized with images or even audio files, which is handy. You can also take quizzes to test yourself and set reminders to not skip study sessions.

You can also access your acc on a desktop at any time. The app will eleven give you deck recs tailored to your studies.



This app is for those who have difficulties studying the usual way. You know these times when you just can’t find the power or patience to go through all those materials cause they put you in a state of boredom within secs? Well, this app is here to change that.

This app is all about gamifying the approach and making it less stressful and boring. With it, you can learn by solving crosswords and playing quick logic games. Cool, right?

But is it effective? Surprisingly, it actually is. It’s definitely not the app if you need to quickly get ready for an exam that can defy your entire future, but it’s great for chill study sessions anyway.

You can easily find pre-made decks or make custom ones, it’s up to you. The database is pretty wide and diverse, so chances are you’ll find smth for your subject. It works offline, and you can print the cards if needed.



Apart from the last one, this app is all about flashcards, there are no quizzes to entertain you while learning. Its main goal is to make you learn faster, and the stats show that it can help you double the speed of remembering things.

This app is a one-stop shop, as you can use it for any subject from vocab to medicine and even music. It’s great for exam prep as you can make a custom deck for narrowly focused topics. And if you do that, you may rather make it public or private. You can also let your pals access it via a link.

As for the app’s database, it holds over 10K cards of all kinds. There are also some special modes for training and learning, which is convenient. You’ll also get to see all the cards you’ve got wrong and go repeat them.

Now, to not that fun part. The app runs on sub-packs, so the free version is pretty limited. There’s a trial, though, so you can check if it is worth investing in and works for you.



The thing that makes this app stand out is that it is entirely free. It’s here to make efficient learning accessible to everyone, and it should be appreciated. It has a desktop version that syncs to your acc, so you can study wherever you are.

It’s suitable for all topics, and it works offline, too. The app holds a vast lib of decks of all kinds, so you can easily find ones you’re interested in. Make sure to bookmark the ones you’d like to review for quick access.

And if you’d like to study with your own info, you can easily do that too. You can make custom decks, and adjust those to match your prefs. For instance, you can attach media files and sounds along with text. The app can even read the cards aloud for you.

You may rather add or not add the answers, it’s up to you. You can also add info right from a dictionary. The app has a progress widget, so you’ll see how you’re doing at any time.



This app is here to assist in your language learning. You can cater it to your current level and import cards from other apps with just a few taps.

It uses cards to help you learn new words and phrases. Standard, right? Well, no exactly. The unique thing about this one is that it lets you pick the conversations and topics you’d like to master. It makes you way more invested in the process when you’re learning smth you know you’ll need in life.

The topics vary depending on your lvl, too. The beginners can learn to chat about holidays or, intermediates have such topics as restaurant orders, receptionist greetings, and all that. The list of topics is pretty vast, so there’s smth for everyone.

Plus, the app uses AI to give you efficient speaking training and feedback. It’s an AI tutor in your pocket, really. You can also listen to native speakers to get used to the tempo and accent.



As you may guess, this one is here to help you learn terms and vocab. The unique thing about this one is that it gamifies the process to make it feel less forced.

It’s powered by the largest dictionary in the world, so you can be sure the info you’re getting is legit. You can fully cater to your needs to ensure each activity is personalized and interesting.

To get into details, the app can teach you over 15 words and over 230K questions, so there’s a lot to unravel here. Yes, it’s narrowly focused, and you can’t add custom cards, but it’s still effective in its field. It does a great job monitoring your progress and repeating topics you’re not good at, too.

Plus, you’ll get to compare your answers to those of other users (which adds a competitive spirit to the whole thing). There are even modes to help you prep for SAT, TOEFL, and all that.


Flashcards World

It’s an all-in-one kind of app that will work for any subject you need. However, it’s surely not for everyone, as you won’t find pre-made sets here. You’ll need to make cards from scratch, which can be time-consuming if you have tons of material (and it’s not convenient if you’re limited in time).

But if that’s not a problem, you have a chance to enjoy this app. Making a new deck is beyond simple, you won’t need special skills for that. There are no limits for the amount of sets or cards, too, so no worries. And once you’re done, you can share decks with pals.

The app covers diverse modes to make your study more efficient. You can use space repetition to ensure no topics will get forgotten. There’s also a mode that фылы you to compose a review or solve tests.

There’s even a built-in audio player if needed. The app supports CSV files, so you can import pre-made sets with ease.


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Lexilize Flashcards

This is another app that focuses on language. It seems narrowly focused, but it can be helpful for diverse kinds of people. It’s a gem for students who need to memorize new materials and foreign words, and those who want to expand their vocab.

In fact, it can even be useful for teachers who need to prep lists of words for students. You can easily send pre-made lists via emails or other messengers. The only con of this one is it doesn’t have pre-made decks, so you’ll have to make those yourself
(but it’s not an issue for everyone).

You’ll get to make cards with transcriptions and associative images for better understanding. There are also 5 mini-games to make the process more entertaining.

There’s a spaced repetition mode if needed, and you can set smart reminders to boost efficiency, too. The app works offline, so you can use it at any time.


Flashcards Deluxe

Here’s a powerful yet simple app to make your studying more productive. You’ll have to make custom decks here, so you can use them for any subject needed.

The thing that makes this app shine is the amount of customization and modes it covers. The app uses smart repetition to help you focus on the cards you miss, and it’s able to read the cards too. You can add media files to cards, and make searchable listings as well.

The app lets you add multi-choice answers and mark cards with color themes according to topics. There are also diverse response lvls, which is handy. You can also zoom the pics and play sounds if needed.

The app supports diverse formats of files, and you can import the cards from the web within a few taps. All of these can be sorted by categories, and you can add up to 10K cards. And don’t forget to make backups of them to ensure nothing gets lost.


Anki Pro

If you need an app with pre-made sets you can use straight away, this might be the one. It covers over 50K sets in diverse topics, so chances are you’ll easily find what you’re interested in.

And if not, you can easily make custom decks, and there are no limits here whatsoever. All the sets you make can be shared with pals or the community, and you can also make them private if needed.

Spaced repetition is an integral part of the app, managing everything from the frequency to the cards have issues with. Plus, there are several modes to keep you engaged while studying. These include writing reviews, multi-answers, audio players, and a traditional review.

The app is not only beneficial for students but also for teachers. It lets teachers make their own database of knowledge and share it with students. It ensures students study at their own pace, while teachers can monitor and adjust their pedagogy accordingly.



This app is here to change the way you learn languages. It will be helpful for both newbies and those who want to expand their knowledge. The app covers diverse flashcard decks and video courses to ensure maximum efficiency.

It covers tons of languages, so no worries here. As for the modes, the app doesn’t bring anything new to the table, it uses trusted methods that have proven themselves over the years. It will mark the terms and phrases you struggle with and bring them up over and over against till you get it right.

Plus, all the cards will be repeated from time to time, so nothing will get forgotten. And if you’re in the mood for some fun, there are games where you need to guess words and phrases.

The app comes with an integrated translator, which is handy. You’ll get to easily monitor your improvements and see all the week’s points right away.



This app will become your go-to associate for exam prep. It makes learning more efficient and less boring. The sad thing is, there’s no set you can use here, so you’ll need to make those manually.

However, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. First off, it uses cam ID tech that lets you digitalize your paper card collection. Plus, you can download decks from the web and open those via an app, which saves tons of time (if you manage to find the right ones, of course).

You can organize all your sets be folders and tags for easy navigation. You can even use colored themes for diverse topics. The app uses a smart review method to ensure you won’t be forgetting anything.

Plus, you’ll get to add pics to the cards for better understanding. Each card comes with diverse questions, and you can mark whether you partially remember the topic, too. Your stats get saved within the app and used to point out problematic topics.


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To wrap up, we have an AI-based app to help you with exam prep. It lets you make countless flashcards and study notes to maximize your efficiency and make sessions quicker.

The best aspect of this one is the variety of textbooks and materials from leading publishers you can get for free. And if you struggle with organizing your schedule, the app can generate a personalized plan for you.

There are tons of sets you can use here, and if nothing matches your prefs you can make your own. Cards can include images, and you can ask the AI to generate a set using PDF. It will include answers, and it only takes a few secs to get done.

Plus, there’s an exam mode where the AI generates exam mockups for you. It’s quite helpful if you’d like to know what to expect. And if you have trouble with some topics, you can find explanatory materials with just a few taps.

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