11 Free AI Christmas Song Generators (Apps & Websites)

Christmas songs are an essential part of the holiday, creating an atmosphere of magic and joy. If you want to write your own Christmas song but need help figuring out where to start, AI generators are a great option. They will help you quickly and easily create a song that will suit your preferences.

Add charming music to your Christmas song using these best free AI melody generators.

In this review, we are going to take a look at free AI Christmas song generators. Each of these generators has its unique features, so you’re sure to find the one that works best for you.

AI Song Generator by Reload

Easy to use song generator in any format. Al Song Generator by Reload transforms text into unique musical tracks. It is enough to write a few words and choose the genre of the future song.

This app will become indispensable if you want to use new melodies in your blog, or social networks account. You are the first and only owner of the finished song. Yet, to publish it on different online platforms, you don’t need to register the song as intellectual property.

Take a minute of your time to create a unique piece of work. The finished song can be used as music for video clips, shared with friends, or added to your playlist. Fans of all genres are welcome here: hip-hop, classical, techno, pop. Check which style suits you best.

Describe the song in your own words and get a whole list of suitable options. Finish your song creation with simple settings. You can change the tempo, and speed, add instrument solos, and adjust vocals. You don’t need a recording studio to create a real hit song.

This app allows you to get professional high-quality audio files. Use Al Song Generator by Reload for free in your creativity.


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AI Music Generator – Melodia by APPNATION AS

Promote your blog or social media account by creating high-quality covers of popular hits. Create your musical style with the Melodia song generator. All the basic work is done using artificial intelligence.

The app recognizes the text you have written and generates audio files according to the given musical genre. Now you can express your views on classical and contemporary music whether you are a member of a music band, a songwriter, or an active social media user.

Prepare a new song for an important performance, and create a musical background for a new music video or Instagram story. Try yourself as a songwriter. The ready-made melody has no analogs and exists in a single copy: no plagiarism and no intellectual property issues.

To launch the artificial intelligence, you need to write a few words or phrases about a new song. The app will analyze the text, the chosen musical style, and the format of the piece.

You can create only a melody to use for self-singing songs. Or get a ready-made version with instrument customization and vocals. Don’t forget to decorate your song with a bright and stylish cover.

You can save and use the audio file in the popular WAV format. Reach musical heights, even without specialized education.


LyriTunes – Lyrics Generator

LyriTunes is an electronic songwriting assistant. It is used to create simple melodies, covers, and songs for any purpose. You have a toolbar in front of you that allows you to get a new hit in a couple of minutes. With flexible settings, the finished song will fully satisfy your needs.

Fill your YouTube channel with great works or use audio files as a nice background. Make a collage of personal photos and combine them with your music. Or shoot videos in the beauty industry, and computer games and add sound effects to enhance the effect.

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to become a full-fledged songwriter even for those who have never experienced it. The app recognizes the tone and style of your lyrics. To get a suitable song, it is enough to write a few words or phrases. Or add a copy of an existing poem.

Next, you need to choose a style for the future song. Choose the mood, speed, and atmosphere. Create intrigue, convey a festive mood, or provide the presentation with an unobtrusive accompaniment.

You can immediately create a piece of suitable duration. Just specify the desired number of lines and verses. To generate visuals, choose a file size and format: plain background, drawing, or GIF image.


Ai Lyrics by Chatium

Ai Lyrics will be a great option for creating complete melodies. Try a new creative field, and improve your social media content. Use the skills and experience of artificial intelligence to create a brand-new musical hit. Any song will be created based on the description entered.

The user only needs to convey the style, genre, and meaning of the song in their own words. You can enter common phrases like “Christmas song” or accompaniment for a “Minecraft” session.

Create atmospheric music for a yoga or hip-hop dance class. If you run a blog or conduct promotions on the Internet, this app will help make your activities more productive.

Here you choose how the new music track will sound. It can be a quick melody without words, a cover of a song by a famous band, or a minus for your performances on stage. Ai Lyrics creates only high-quality audio files following your desires.

Don’t waste time editing the file: mark the necessary tone, duration, and speed settings directly when creating songs. Use the app whenever you want. Tell your friends about the new opportunity to create great songs with your phone.


Quick Lyrics AI by Audoir, LLC

If you don’t want to waste time and money collaborating with music songwriters, try the Quick Lyrics Al verse generator. Artificial intelligence can instantly generate rhyme, and recognize the meaning and mood of the words you write.

Plan a children’s party and host corporate events and weddings. Get a cute New Year’s greeting that can be placed on invitation cards. Create nursery rhymes to surprise Santa. The work will require a verbal description of the desired work.

Tell in detail for what purposes you plan to use it. What atmosphere should be present in the finished poem? Specify the approximate duration and tone. If you wish, you can familiarize yourself with ready-made templates and choose a suitable one.

All files can be edited manually or by changing the initial text. If you replace one or more words in the description, you will get a completely different work. Poems and lyrics are easy to send via e-mail and messengers. No verification is required to use the generator.

The finished files are stored only on the device you are using. You are their owner and can use them at your discretion. All functions are free and available at any time.


Lyric Creator by CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD.

The Lyric Creator by CASIO is now compatible with your phone. This news will delight experienced musicians and composers. For beginners, it’s an opportunity to simplify their introduction to a musical instrument.

This app supports text input in English and Japanese. Choose your favorite song, poem, or your own composition. The app will automatically divide words into syllables. You can do it manually to avoid mistakes or join some syllables together.

Upload your findings through the program and get ready to solo. Use the built-in meter to match note durations to individual syllables. Pause or speed up where the author intended. You can adjust the playback tempo using a Midi clock or other synchronized device.

If you are an experienced musician, you can customize the phonemes yourself. You can use words from other languages, but phonemes from English and Japanese phonetics are available for editing.

The maximum length of the original text is 100 syllables for 8 notes. Yet, you can combine multiple pieces into a single file.

To use the app to its fullest potential, make sure the USB-Midi is compatible. If the device is listed as available but does not appear when connected, try upgrading to a newer version.


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MusicStar.AI – Create AI Music

Get to know music creativity up close. With MusicStar.Al, it’s easy to imagine you’re an in-demand singer or world hit songwriter. Easily create a new track in the style of your favorite artist. Try to combine the words of a famous song with a brand-new musical background.

You’ll find over 35 different styles including reggae, hip-hop, jazz, and electronic music. Follow the step-by-step instructions to succeed.

Boldly choose any style that suits you. Next, specify the singer and the music group. Artificial intelligence has undergone enviable training and has access to a multi-million dollar collection of hits of all time.

For the title of a new song, you can use an established expression, a phrase from a famous literary work, or come up with it yourself. After the preparatory stage, you only need to enter your description and click the main button. Use the generator for new ideas and inspiration.

The app contains a variety of features and tools to elevate your creativity to a new level. Get a nursery rhyme that will outshine the rest of the performances at the children’s matinee. You can do this with a mobile text generator if you prepare a creative Christmas greeting for your family and friends.

Create qualitatively new content for advertising services and goods. Enjoy easy and free creation of works.


AI Music Generator Song Writer by Trang Phung Dieu

Al Music Generator Song Writer by Trang Phung Dieu is an electronic assistant for creating wonderful melodies. Artificial intelligence has been trained on millions of popular pieces of music. It thoroughly knows the algorithms for analyzing the entered words and their meanings.

Stop worrying about where to find new music for New Year songs. Get great music for your video or social media story. It will be useful if you want to avoid routine and win the prize for the most original Christmas party invitation.

Now you are both the author and composer of unique pieces of music. Describe the ideal melody, and tell about how you will use it. In the settings, specify the desired duration and speed of the melody.

The app will process the text app and offer its option in audio format. Evaluate the result and use it at your discretion. You can use the basic version of Al Music Generator Song Writer for free or subscribe to the premium version.

Remove ads and get even more useful options for creating incredible melodies.



No New Year’s Eve is without heartfelt toasts, nursery rhymes, and Christmas songs. Visit Industryhackerz and get the opportunity to create a wonderful piece of work. Artificial intelligence opens up modern possibilities for constructing rhyming lyrics and songs.

The generator allows you to quickly prepare the text of a song to perform at a party, create the best poem for a children’s party, and send the most extraordinary congratulations to family members and friends. Here you will be able to create a text that is 100% suitable for you.

There are no compromises and no lengthy editing. The online platform works around the clock and is available to residents of different countries. You don’t need to leave your home to become the owner of the perfect lyrics.

Your song can be like ancient ballads, soulful romances, or cheerful quatrains. If you love contemporary art, create lyrics in rap style. In the process of creating lyrics, it does not matter how well you rhyme words and choose consonant phrases.

Enter in a special field the characteristics of the future text. Try to convey the mood and tone of the work. Further, specify the number of verses and the correct mood. Get a ready text for songs and performances in seconds.

You can always make changes to the received text. Feel the magic of New Year’s holidays with the online holiday lyrics generator.


MelodyStudio will become your composer. Create melodies to help you express your Christmas mood in songs, toasts, and greetings. If you have a song lyric, poem, or toast, use the generator to get a musical accompaniment.

Dozens of different music styles are available to you, including blues, country, techno, and indie. No matter what type of event you need music for. Use it for a coworkers concert, a children’s party, or a night out with the family.

Let the right music give you a great mood and the joy of creative success. Work on the online service is available from any electronic devices that have access to the Internet. To create music you need to follow simple instructions.

Start by entering a song. It can be an author’s composition or a world-famous hit. You can specify a poem or a humorous greeting. Then mark the chords or MelodyStudio will do it for you. Get full-fledged melodies that fit the duration, intent, and mood of the lyrics.

You get full rights to own the musical work, but you don’t have to pay license fees. This platform allows you to quickly create a unique piece of music and get a lot of positive emotions. You can use the ready-made options for inspiration and find new opportunities for growth in this field.

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Loudly has no limitations and no payment is required. No degree in composing or singing is required here. Get access to numerous customizations and create a breakthrough in your creativity. Try different styles and genres. Combine multiple pieces and set the right accents.

Montage video clips based on photos and make awesome content with the perfect melody. Wish your friends and colleagues a happy new year. Record a song with your band or get a fascinating background for your Instagram stories.

Only a few actions separate you from the finished work. After opening the page, you need to decide on the genre, performance speed, and tempo. Next, mark the musical instruments you want to hear. Self-determine the duration of the track.

Click on “Generate” button and check 3 different options at once. You can delete, save, and send each of them. The new track is a complete work and has no matches. No plagiarism and no license fees. Thanks to the clear menu and free features you will genuinely enjoy the generator.

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