11 Best Free AI Lyrics Generators in 2024

Now, to become an author of any content, you don’t have to create it yourself. All you need is an idea of how you want to realize it. Artificial intelligence will help you with the rest.

By the way, once you create the lyrics using the apps below, you can upload them to one of these free AI music generators from text and get the perfect music track for it.

It all sounds good, doesn’t it? If so, then try these best free AI lyrics generators in 2024. Their features will definitely surprise you.

LyriTunes – Lyrics Generator

LyriTunes will help you generate fascinating lyrics to suit any taste. Before you start, choose a song genre that you like or want to explore.

The app offers a rich collection of genres from which you can choose the most suitable one for you. You can also refine the mood of the song by selecting one option from those offered.

Use the app’s built-in dictionary to find rhymes and synonyms for the words you want to use. This will help you add variety to your poems and make them more appealing to listeners.

You can create song lyrics automatically by selecting a certain number of lines and the number of words in each line.

LyriTunes automatically generates song lyrics based on the genre and mood you choose. If you don’t like any part of the generated lyrics, you can always make your edits or change it using another feature of the app.

One of the extra features of the app is the ability to export your song lyrics to various formats so that it is easier to use later on. This allows you to easily save and share your creations with other people. You can also add a photo or any other graphic element to your lyrics.


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RapWriter is a mobile app for creating lyrics using artificial intelligence. With its help, you can create professional songs in the rap genre.

The app offers several features that make the process of writing lyrics much easier. The user can type the lyrics right in the app, add verses and rhymes, and make edits and corrections.

Artificial intelligence helps to make the text realistic. It fills the song with meaning and mood, which you can define in the given query parameters. Choose the genre, rhythm, and musical instruments to create a unique sound for your song.

RapWriter also offers tips and advice on how to improve your song lyrics. It can suggest alternative rhymes, synonyms, and song structures to make the lyrics more appealing and professional.

After creating and editing a song, you can export it as an audio file. This allows you to share your creations with friends and other users on any online platform or through social media. You can save the song to cloud storage so you can access it anytime.

The app contains tutorials and lessons to help you develop your music writing skills. This includes different techniques for writing lyrics, rhyming principles, and song structures.

Use this app for free. Here you can leave notes, add your poems to your favorites, and edit the written lyrics for further use in the app and on other platforms.


Quick Lyrics AI

Quick Lyrics AI is designed for musicians, songwriters, and all creative people who want to create their own musical works. With its help, you can create professional lyrics for your musical compositions literally in minutes.

The app is powered by an artificial intelligence algorithm that analyzes many music compositions and song lyrics to come up with unique and original phrases, rhymes, and poems for you. To use the app, enter a keyword or phrase that serves as the basis of the song lyrics.

The app will then automatically generate the lyrics based on the melody and style of the song. You can choose the most appropriate phrases from the suggested options or edit the lyrics yourself.

Besides, you can independently compose a request for artificial intelligence, including some of your wishes and recommendations. After writing a text, you can easily copy and export it to other platforms.

Share your texts from the app with your friends via social networks and internet platforms without any restrictions.


Melody: AI Song Generator

Melody is a mobile app for musicians and anyone who wants to create their own music. With the help of advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, the app allows you to quickly and easily create unique and high-quality lyrics based on your requests and preferences.

One of the main features of the app is its ability to quickly adapt to your individual style. The app reads requests for music genre, tempo, mood, instruments, and even lyrics, and uses this data to create a personalized composition that perfectly matches your needs.

Share all the wishes you would like to see in a future song. Define the genre and direction of the musical composition in advance. Set the preferred tempo of the tune to match your musical preferences.

The app also allows you to select the instruments that will be used in the composition, which allows you to create diverse and rich sound effects. To create a unique song, all you need to do is enter a request, starting with key phrases or words that should be included in your music.

You can choose any phrases from the huge number of options offered and the app will automatically incorporate them into your music composition.

The app includes an editing feature that allows users to make changes to already-created track. Export finished works into various file formats, so that you can easily share your creations with friends and the rest of the network.


AI Lyrics Assistant by Audoir, LLC

This is a mobile app that will help you create lyrics for songs using artificial intelligence. Here you will be able to generate lyrics for your future music compositions. You can enter any word or phrase related to your project and the app will suggest you several rhyme options.

The app also has word search and filtering features. You can search for words based on the given characteristics and parameters. This will help you find the perfect words for your song. The app also contains text editing and saving features.

Edit lyrics right in the app, add or delete words, and save your work for later use. Import existing lyrics from your music library or export your work in lyrics format for use in other apps.

The app provides unique lyrics generation as it is powered by artificial intelligence. You can be sure of the authenticity of your rhymes and phrases that you plan to use in your music compositions.

The app does not limit users in the number of generations, so you can safely experiment with this app and try different rhymes for your future songs. Save your finished works and use them on other platforms. Share them with other users through any social media and internet platforms.


WriteMaster AI Content Writer

WriteMaster is a mobile app for generating any text content using artificial intelligence. With this app, users can create high-quality lyrics and more according to set parameters. This innovative program has the ability to adapt to each user’s unique style and requirements.

The app utilizes advanced deep learning and neural network technologies that enable it to understand the user’s preferences and requirements. It analyzes the structure and content of the text, learns its style and grammar, and suggests the most appropriate writing options.

The app includes a spell and grammar checker, determines the context and meaning of sentences, automatically generates headings and subheadings, and suggests alternative words and phrases. It provides easy navigation and quick access to the main functions.

You can enter your text or paste it from other sources and start working with the app. It also allows you to save and export the generated content in various formats. Any text generated using the app is unique. Thus, you can be sure of its authenticity and use the generated content for various purposes.

The app is capable of writing texts of different sizes, which allows you to use the program for different requests. You can also send the generated content directly from the app to other social networks and internet platforms.


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Rhyme Lines AI

Rhyme Lines AI is a mobile app for creating poems and rhymes. It is equipped with artificial intelligence that analyzes your query and suggests different rhyme options.

You just need to enter the word or phrase you are looking for a rhyme to, and the app will suggest several options for rhyming words. You can choose any options from the ones you like and use them in your text.

The app helps you search for similar-sounding words that will help you make a cool rhyme for your future poems or letters. To use this artificial intelligence-based program, you just need to register your account. It will be free for you, but you can make in-app purchases for real money as needed.

Rhyme Lines AI also offers synonyms for the words you enter. By searching for unique words, you will also be able to diversify your text by saturating it with vocabulary.

Here you can use the save and export text feature, which helps you save your finished work or share it with others. You can export your text to other online platforms.


MusicStar.AI – Create AI Music

MusicStar.AI is a mobile app that allows users to create their own music using artificial intelligence. You can choose your favorite artists and even search for their songs within the app so that the program can create a similar yet unique music composition.

The app provides a huge assortment of music genres, so you can choose any and create your music based on the given parameters. Choose your favorite styles of music or create your own combinations of styles to create original lyrics.

The program also offers various tools and effects to customize your finished tracks. You can independently adjust the tempo and other settings that affect the sound quality. Experiment with different types of songs to create new unique ones.

Save and share your creations with others or upload them to your social networks right from the app. Use the features to write lyrics for your tracks.

The app learns your request and provides unique rhymes for different styles and genres of tracks. In the app, you can automatically generate lyrics and choose a unique music track for it.


AI Lyrics Writer – Generator by chat ai

With this app, you will be able to create unique verses and rhymes for music songs of any genre and style with the help of artificial intelligence.

The app provides a large assortment of themes and genres to create lyrics for your music. You can choose the song style, mood, and theme of the lyrics. The program will then generate unique verses that match your preferences.

It gives you the option to edit and change the generated lyrics so that they are fully customized to your requirements and preferences. You can add and delete lines, change words, and rearrange phrases to make the text even more personal and original.

To make the text quality and unique at once, you can use detailed queries. Use keywords in the query of the neural network so that it gives out perfect results. Then you will need less editing, and you can immediately export your texts to other internet platforms.

The app allows you to save your work so you can come back to it later and keep working on editing it. You can share your texts with your friends and other users through various social networks or messengers right from this app.

AI Lyrics Writer does not limit users in the number of requests, so you can experiment with texts at your own pleasure.


AI Lyrics Generator by NICROMENIA STUDIO

AI Lyrics Generator is a mobile app for all music lovers who would like to create their own lyrics for songs. Since it is based on artificial intelligence, its lyrics come out unique and authentic. You can safely adapt and use them in your music.

Сhoose the genre of music you like the most and the app will generate the corresponding lyrics. The result is available for saving and editing. That’s why you can change the composition of the text, replace some words, and add more emotions to it.

The app contains a huge database of words, styles, and themes that will help you create lyrics that fit your music compositions. You can choose keywords, specify the mood or theme of the song and the app will turn them into beautiful lines.

The program allows you to share lyrics with friends or other users through various social media platforms. You can use the features of the app in an unlimited amount. They are available to you for free, but you need to create and log in to your account.

The profile will store your chat activity, and you will also be able to view the latest versions of the generated texts in it. So you don’t have to worry about data going missing or disappearing.


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AI Music Generator Song Maker

This app uses advanced technology that analyzes your style, preferences, and settings to create unique music compositions just for you. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced musicians.

Choose your music genre and settings, and the app generates music based on your preferences. The app contains a wide variety of music genres, so everyone can find something suitable for them. Choose what you like or use the recommendations from the app.

Here you can experiment with different genres and styles without any restrictions. The app allows you to generate an unlimited number of requests. In a couple of minutes, you can get results for multiple queries. Choose instruments, tempo, tone, and other parameters.

Add your own sounds or vocals to a musical composition. Copy and edit the result to perfectly match your music composition.

Export your finished work in various formats. Save it to a vault and share it with your friends through any online platforms and social media. You can also save your music inside the app and edit it later.

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