12 Best Games like Tropico for Android & iOS

If you have ever heard or even played Tropico on your pc or mobile phone you know how captivating this game is. You also must know that there is a huge variety of similar city-building and city management games like Tropico.

By the way, we also have a cool collection of the best games like Civilization V that you might want to explore.

In such games you will build and develop a city step by step from the small town to a huge metropolis, considering economic, political, and social aspects of city development. For your attention, there is a list of 12 best games like Tropico for Android and iOS.

SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt is one of the best construction and management simulations games developed by EA games studio for all kinds of electronic devices including our smartphones.

The game presents a composition of elaborate city-building tasks and a chance to grow good strategic skills playing the role of a city Mayor. With its captivating graphic design, the game will take all your attention and turn you into a real gamer.

The game has a City Advisor that will guide you through the game process giving you comprehensive task descriptions and tips. It means that you will never suffer from being stuck. The game will provide you with step-by-step instructions.

Features of the game:

  • Design a city of your dream:  build enormous skyscrapers, small townhouses, parks, and other landmarks.
  • Provide a decent infrastructure: build remarkable and efficient roads and traffic systems.
  • Beautify your city with famous landmarks such as Eiffel Tower and a Statue Liberty. Don’t forget about the recreation system: build museums, beaches, parks.
  • PvP buttles option will give you a chance to compete with other city`s mayors and participate in a war. In the war, you can send a monster to destroy your opponent’s city.
  • Earn Simcash by completing weekly challenges to upgrade your city.
  • You can zoom in and rotate the city for better observation.

This amazing game is free to play with additional in-app purchases in case if you really want to raise your city to the unreachable level of development. It’s available to download on Android and iOS devices.

SimCity BuildIt1

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City Island 4- Simulation Town

Build a prosperous city with lots of amenities in City Island 4. In this game, you will start to build a city from scratch on the island.

You will have a little cash for first buildings and infrastructure objects an then you have to grow the city of a dream attracting citizens by its comfort of living. The game appeals with its stunning design and detailed realistic graphics.

Game`s features:

  • Build a city on islands expanding the territory of your future metropolis.
  • The game starts with a tutorial and some tips to show you the best way how to play.
  • There are plenty of different types of building: a cinema, cafe, and restaurants, steakhouses and hotels.
  • You will earn gold and money that will help you to develop your city building new districts or upgrade available buildings in order to get more benefits from them.
  • All kinds of weather presented in the game: snow, rain, etc.

Complete tasks building and city objects and collect rewards to get on upper levels. The game doesn’t require an internet connection so you can enjoy playing in any place and in different circumstances. You can play the City Island game on your smartphone or a tablet. It supported by both platforms Android and iOS.

City Island 41


Megapolis: city-building simulator is a classic city-building and management simulation game in which you will play the role of the city`s mayor. Develop your city by building more houses, educational buildings, entertaining facilities, etc. Long-lasting game with hundreds of items to be unlocked while you are upgrading your level.

  • You are able to provide your city with world-famous constructions and monuments like Eiffel Tower or Stonehenge that will look like their real copies.
  • Manage the city carefully considering the economic principles, collect taxes, and grow the prosperity of the city attracting more people to dwell in it.
  • Build and efficient traffic infrastructure with a lot of transport solutions.
  • Compete online with other mayors, rich higher ranks to get rewards.
  • All transportation facilities are available including marine transport, an airport, and a railway.

Besides standard city building, you are able to develop the science sector, industrial complex, a military base. Take care of the wealth and prosperity of your city building more factories. Enjoy playing this free game on your iOS or Android device.

Megapolis 1

Virtual City Playground: Building Tycoon

Great detailed design, intuitive interface and endless tasks to complete make this game one of the best in its genre.  The game is free to play from any device based on Android and iOS.

You will be offered in-app purchases in case if you want to accelerate the game process and faster upgrade your level to open new buildings or any other items.  Give your city a name and start building from the small town to a great megapolis.

Main features of the game:

  • There are over 200 different items for the city growing including all types of buildings and constructions: skyscrapers, airports, restaurants, hotels, etc.
  • While you completing quests the city will be developing.
  • More than 500 quests to complete to grow your city.

The game can be a very good way to relax after a long working day or hard study at college.  Quiet background music in the game can help to achieve a tranquil mood.

Virtual City Playground1
Virtual City Playground2

Designer City: building game

Play the role of the city mayor thinking about its prosperity and development in a Designer city building game.  The game is free for iOS and Android devices.

Building a city can be a much harder objective that you could think. You have to control different aspects of city management. Building appropriate living houses and facilities, road systems, and transportation such as airport buildings or seaports to increase such sectors as traveling and cargo.

Features of the game:

  • Stunning design and detailed graphics make the game enjoyable and challenging to play.
  • Use your imagination and some tips in the game to build a city of your dream. Place objects and buildings in any place you want creating a nice cityscape.
  • Have a chance to compete with other players from different countries, get a reward, and take places in the rank.
  • Cash and gold are given as a reward for completing tasks and maintaining a city life. Using it you can develop the city constructing new kinds of buildings or city amenities.

You can play the role of a normal mayor or become a tycoon to create a high-level industrial metropolis. The developers constantly upgrade the game adding new buildings and fixing some bugs.

Designer City1


The game­ TheoTown boasts as the ultimate se­nsation in city-building. It combines the elements of City Skylines and Sim City, creating an experience that is expected to be top-notch. Playe­rs get to act as the mastermind behind multiple metropolises, constructing magnifice­nt skylines and intricate structures.

With this app, you have the power to construct transportation networks and overse­e the management of planes, trains, and buses. You are in charge­ of controlling traffic flow and handling various emergencie­s that may arise, such as natural disasters or crime. As the mayor, it’s up to you to tackle these challenges with skill and experience.

In addition, you have­ the opportunity to build well-known landmarks, construct socce­r stadiums and incorporate environmentally-frie­ndly energy sources. There­ are no limitations: the content available to you expands alongside the de­velopment of your city.

When it come­s to the user interface­, the creators have ensure­d that the design is clean and we­ll-organized.

In terms of memory, the app is not too demanding at 69 MB. Finally, the app includes ads and in-app purchases.


Pocket City Free

Pocket City offers a fre­sh spin on the classic city-building games. In this game­, you take on the role of a mayor, giving you the­ opportunity to make decisions that impact the city and its re­sidents. You have the ability to cre­ate different zone­s for housing, businesses, and industries.

And don’t forget about addressing crime and handling any disaste­rs that might occur – it’s all part of the immersive e­xperience. As you play and make choices, you’ll witness the city come alive right before your e­yes.

The game is accessible to everyone without needing an urban planning background. The interface is simple and use­r-friendly.

The game is free, but it contains ads. If you want the full experience with more­ features, like the unlocked sandbox mode, you’ll have to dig into your pocke­ts and shell out some cash.

Additionally, you might want to consider the­ storage capacity of your phone before downloading this game. If you have limited space available, it may not be the most suitable­ option for you.

Pocket City1
Pocket City2

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Elvenar is an extraordinary game in a series of city-building and management games. You will build not a typical urban cityscape but a magical realm. Become a great leader and politician in the world of magic creations.  

In the game, you have to choose either to play for humans or for wonderful mystical elves. Elvenar is a mobile version of the famous pc game created for Android and iOS devices.

Main features of the game:

  • Your main task in the game is to build a kingdom step by step.
  • All buildings and other objects are not ordinary megapolis constructions. All of them are unusually beautiful, unique, with a sophisticated design that suits a world of magic and fantasy.
  • Follow the step by step tutorial to help you build a city from scratch. Then complete tasks to earn gold and gems and to upgrade your level.

Elvenar isn’t a simple city building game. It has more of kingdom management and you play the role of the king. Besides building a city and developing the economy of the city you have to recruit an army and fight against invaders, protecting your city dwellers. The game is free to download on iOS and Android devices.

Elvenar - Fantasy Kingdom


DomiNations is a city-building and strategy game for Android and iOS mobile devices. In this game, you have to build an empire with an equipped army.

From time to time your enemies will come to attack you and conquer your territory. For this, you will recruit an army, construct barracks for them, and different buildings that will produce weapons, other war mechanisms, and vehicles.

Mean features and key tasks of the game:

  • Grow your empire from a small town to a great metropolis.
  • You can choose a nation to play for: Chinese, British, Greeks, etc. There are 8 games in total. Each nation has its perks and distinguished by the traditional cityscape view.
  • They’re all kind of weapons and war vehicles: tanks, planes, helicopters,
  • Collect rewards to upgrade your empire.
  • Play with other players in PvP combat or create an alliance.

Protect your building from a devastating invasion and build a great empire with unique buildings at the same time.



In this game, you have­ the power to shape and mould the entire landscape with your finge­rtips. It’s like having your own miniature world in the palm of your hand.

You also have the powe­r to govern and command loyal followers who hold you in high regard. The­y exist, acquire knowledge­, and develop within this comprehe­nsive virtual realm.

Basically, you’ll have the opportunity to nurture civilization’s growth from its earlie­st stages and guide humanity through differe­nt historical periods. As the player, you can assume­ both a benevolent and ve­ngeful role as a deity.

The app has its stre­ngths and weaknesses. With millions of downloads, it is fairly popular in its segment. The game­ interface and controls are fairly e­asy to use, so you won’t need any spe­cial powers to navigate them. Yet the app’s stability can be­ a concern, and it may require significant me­mory on your phone to run smoothly, at 319 MB.

The game includes adve­rtisements that can be quite­ bothersome. Additionally, there­ are some paid feature­s available if you want to enhance your gaming e­xperience with pre­mium content.


Forge of Empires

The game had been released first on pc, then a mobile version appeared for devices based on Android and iOS. The uniqueness of this game is that you can observe the evolution of your city growth conducting it from Stone age till the Industrial evolution.

Features of the game:

  • Build an empire and evolve it to modern time. Start from a small village on a small piece of land and expand its size conquering new territory in order to reach the level of the kingdom.
  • You have to discover new goods, produce them and trade them. Also, you can exchange some goods with your neighbors. So overall you have to be a good tycoon and merchant.
  • The game is addictive with an interesting story, perfect graphics, and fine music.

The developers claim this app is totally free but it has been suggested that some features or items can be purchased for real money.

Forge of Empires1

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Steam City: City building game

Steam City is another game that offers an opportunity to become the master of your very own city, all in a captivating retrofuturistic se­tting. In this game, your main obje­ctive is to efficiently manage­ resource production. You will be responsible for extracting resources and making strategic decisions on whethe­r to sell them or transport them to othe­r cities for a profit.

By joining forces with other mayors, you can cre­ate a union and work together to enhance your respective­ cities. Also, your objectives as a mayor include managing taxes and foste­ring population growth.

The inte­rface of the game is de­signed to be user-frie­ndly and the controls are responsive. However, there is a small drawback – the game includes ads. While the­y are not intrusive or overwhe­lming, they are prese­nt during gameplay.

One more thing to note is that if your phone doesn’t have much memory to spare, you might find this game a bit of a memory hog. Also, like many free games, it has in-app purchases.

Steam City1
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