11 Best Plant Disease Identification Apps For Android & iOS

Plants are like pets that need constant care. They can also suffer from various diseases and troubles, which can lead to irreversible consequences if not treated in time. A mobile assistant on your phone can help avoid these problems.

Such a service should be reliable and trustworthy since the future of your plants depends on it. We have reviewed these best plant disease identification apps for Android & iOS, cause their quality is confirmed by many positive reviews.

Also, many of them provide access to a large community of experts who will give you valuable advice on caring for your plants. 

Keep your garden in awesome quality and prolong its life with these best plant care apps.


Planta is an app for people who like to grow plants in their homes. With its help, you will be able to take care of your houseplants properly.

The functionality of the app is awesome. Here you will find everything you want to know about the plants that live in your home.

Find out how often they should be watered, what the lighting should be, and what the temperature in the room should be so that the plant is comfortable.

With a special meter, you can find out how much light is in the room and if it’s right for your plants. If you don’t know what kind of plant you have on your windowsill you can use the Scanner function to identify the plant and tell you what to do to take care of it.

You can also find out which plants are suitable for different rooms in your home, depending on the conditions. Get detailed planting recommendations. Enter your planting skills into the app and it will show you recommendations handpicked just for you.

Get step-by-step instructions on how to care for different plants. In the special journal, you can track your progress, record when your plants have bloomed, and add growth notes and photos.

Turn on notifications and the app will remind you when you need to water, clean, and fertilize your plants. Take care of your flowers the right way with Planta.


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Agrio is an app that will help agronomists keep track of their fields and give advice on how to increase yields. This app will help you protect your plants from unfavorable factors such as pests, diseases, and more.

The app has many useful features that are constantly being updated and improved. Communicate with other plant breeders, and share experiences, tips, and notes on various issues.

Detect plant diseases at an early stage, using the special scanner. Upload a photo of the affected crop and the app will identify the disease and give recommendations for its elimination.

Track your fields. Get satellite data easily and simply. For this, you need to select the geolocation of your plot and you can receive information from satellites every day. With the help of special lists, make an account of the work carried out on the site.

Get detailed and precise information about the weather in your area. Thanks to this app will be able to warn about suspected pests, and decrease or increase in temperature.

You’ll receive alerts on climate change and other events on your phone. This will help you take timely action to protect your field from adverse conditions. Make reports on plant growth and breeding. You can do this by voice, which is convenient because you don’t have to enter all the data manually.

Retrieve these reports, print them out and use them whenever you want. Join Agrio and get the kind of harvest you’ve never had before!



Plantix is a plant disease diagnostic app with built-in AI or a community of users, including experienced agronomists. It allows you to keep a diary of plant health.

There are three main windows available in Plantix: the plants, the community, and the user’s personal page. The main plant page displays all of the user’s selected crops.

When a plant has a disease or other problem, simply upload a picture to Plantix that clearly shows signs of ailment. You can either upload an image from the device’s gallery or take a photo with the built-in camera.

After the image has been processed by AI, the app will give you the most appropriate plant disease with its full description and treatment methods. The plant page also displays the weather for the location Plantix found with care recommendations.

Another useful feature of Plantix is access to a community of users, including experienced agronomists. If the app fails to automatically identify a disease, Plantix allows you to post a question with pictures and get an answer from other community members. 


Plant disease identification

Plant disease identification is an app that will help gardeners and vegetable growers identify what disease a plant in their garden is infected with.

It is difficult to identify what a plant is sick with because many diseases are similar to insect infestations. But plants suffer not only from pests, they are also affected by parasites, viruses, fungi, and protozoa.

To identify a disease, you need to compare it with others. There are many books and apps for this, but many have different information. This app has all the data on various diseases, methods of diagnosis, and treatment.

Many diseases can be prevented in advance, and the app will give tips and advice on how to do this. The program has a clear interface, which makes working with it easy and convenient.

This service works for free and without restrictions. In the app, you can learn how and what you should treat your plants so that they have good growth and are less susceptible to various diseases.

Based on the symptoms, the app will show you possible diseases and give you a detailed treatment plan. This way, your crops will be big and won’t damage you economically. Keep an eye on your plants with Plant disease identification.


Purdue Tree Doctor

Purdue Tree Doctor is an app that will help tree lovers determine what disease a particular plant has. The app is developed by scientists, so you will be able to identify the disease as accurately as possible.

Based on the symptoms and changes on the leaves, bark, and other parts of the tree, you will be able to diagnose and start treatment.

In the app, you can find many photos and descriptions of various diseases, compare them to the changes you see on your tree, and identify the disease.

Each photo in the app has a detailed description of the stages and symptoms of the disease. This will help you most accurately identify how neglected your plant is.

Read detailed information about trees and pests to be aware of what you may encounter. Get expert advice on caring for your trees and treating various diseases.

The app has a clear interface, so it’s easy and straightforward to work with without any special skills. No ads, no restrictions, and completely free to diagnose diseases of your trees.


Leaf Doctor by the University of Hawaii

Leaf Doctor is an app that will help tree caregivers understand how healthy a particular plant is.

The app identifies disease by the degree of damage to its leaves. All you have to do is upload a photo of the leaf to the program. Healthy tissues correspond to eight green colors that you set yourself.

The service evaluates whether the color of the leaf in the photo corresponds to the given colors and gives you a conclusion. All this you can do in just one click. Your plant is then given healthy or diseased states.

You will also see the percentage of diseased tissue, this will indicate the stage of the disease. You can receive this information by e-mail. Based on this conclusion, it will be known whether the disease is treated and how effective it is.

The app will be able to identify the disease and make recommendations for its elimination. A simple and straightforward interface makes working with the app convenient.

The app was developed by scientists at the University of Hawaii, so all information is verified and reliable. There are no ads in the app, it works completely free of charge and without restrictions. If you want your plants to be healthy, install Leaf Doctor and be sure that even if your plant gets sick, you can fix it.


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Leaf Doctor by Sarah Jane Pethybridge

Leaf Doctor is an app that helps you figure out in one click if your plant is sick based on a photo of it. The app ends with all users uploading photos of sick plants there.

When you need to find out if your plant is sick, you just have to upload a photo to the app and it will show you the result based on other users’ data. You are asked to indicate eight colors that are consistent with a healthy plant.

The app will compare the leaf in your photo with the desired colors and calculate the percentage of diseased tissue. Thanks to this program, you will be able to establish what disease your tree is suffering from.

You will also be able to get recommendations for the treatment of this disease. In this way, you will be able to diagnose the disease in time and treat your plants to avoid major economic damage.

The program has a clear interface, so you can use it without any special skills. In just one click, get data on the health of your tree.

The app works without ads and without restrictions. Install Leaf Doctor and never again worry about plant diseases causing irreparable damage to your farm.


Plant doctor & Garden planner

Plant doctor & Garden Planner is an app that is an indispensable assistant for taking care of your houseplants. If you love greenery that grows in pots and decorates your home, then this app is the best find for you.

With its help, you can become an expert when it comes to caring for your plants. Learn all the information about your plants, how often they need to be watered, what the lighting should be, and how they need to be transplanted to grow big.

Turn on notifications in the settings and the app will notify you of the manipulations you need to do to your plant. You won’t forget to water, clean, or transplant your flower again.

Thanks to the app, you can also recognize a plant whose name you don’t know. Either point the camera at the plant or upload a picture of it to the app. It will identify the flower and give you detailed information about how to take care of it.

If you see that your flower looks different than before, that the leaves or Stems have somehow changed, it may be the cause of some disease. Don’t be frightened, the app will help you identify what the disease is and show you detailed recommendations for treating it.

You will also be able to choose a plant that is perfect for you and your apartment. To do this, you will need to enter your skills and the conditions of your apartment into the app, and it will find the perfect flower for you on its own.

The app works for free. If you connect the Premium version, extra features will become available to you. Only with the Premium version will you be able to use the app without restrictions. Download now and you will see how convenient it is!


Plant Scope

Plant Scope is an app that will help farmers identify what disease has affected their crops. The app works based on photos taken by drones.

The app is suitable for farmers who have large areas with plantings. Sometimes plants start to get sick all of a sudden, thanks to a photo taken from a drone, you can identify the disease early.

Then, start treatment so that you don’t incur a lot of economic damage from plant death. How does it work? The photos from the drone are transmitted directly to the farmer’s device (in the app) and to the server.

Then the photos are processed, they are compared with others, and the app gives an opinion on whether the crop is healthy or not. All the data is provided to the farmer in real-time.

The app also does a mailing to communities where farmers can get advice from a professional agronomist who will make recommendations on how to treat this disease in their plants.

When a farmer uploads a photo to the app, the time and location are automatically linked to it. This helps keep track of which region is experiencing which disease outbreaks. A simple interface makes the app easy to use and anyone can easily try it.

The app is free and has no restrictions, so you can go as far as identifying diseases in your crops and sharing your knowledge with other growers.


Crop Doctor

Crop Doctor is an app that is a real gift for growers. No matter what experience you have with plants, the app will help everyone.

If you are worried about your plants or want to know the specifics of care, just install this app and forget about your problems.

With it, you can find all the information about the most popular crops, learn how to care for them, which pests are the most dangerous in your area, and much more.

The app will help you understand what disease has affected your crop. Then, it will give you recommendations on treatment so that this disease does not cause huge damage.

The app will notify you of possible hazards as needed, such as temperature extremes or insect season, this will help you take preventive measures in advance. The app has a clear interface, so any farmer can use it without any special skills.

The app has no ads and no restrictions. No registration is required to use it. Download and grow your agriculture simply and quickly!


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DoctorP is an app that will help you identify a plant disease from a photo. If you need to identify what disease has affected your plant, then upload a photo of your plant to the app.

Then, the app will identify the disease, make a prognosis, and give treatment recommendations. Diseases cause irreparable damage to agriculture, which is why it is so important to diagnose and treat them in time.

This app will compare the changes in the plant in your photo with other photos and give you the most accurate diagnosis. You just need to upload a photo. A simple interface makes working with the app clear and convenient.

You can upload many different crops to the app. Identify one of the many known diseases. The functionality of the app is constantly being updated and improved. Learn how to cure a particular disease with minimal economic damage.

The app works for free and has no ads or restrictions. If you have any problems with the app, you can contact support, which is available 24/7. Install it now and never worry about the health of your crops again.

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