7 Best Apps to Fake Instagram Direct Message for Android & iOS

Instagram has become the most popular social network, which continues to grow. Constant updates, innovations – the developers make all the efforts to ensure that the social network does not only remain popular but also becomes even more popular.

Accounts with millions of subscribers, advertising campaigns, native advertising in the application itself, bloggers also participate in the promotion of various things.

Even every morning we cannot miss updating Instagram feed. At breakfast in the morning, during lunch break in the afternoon, before bedtime – all our free time is captured by social networks.

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We watch the lives of rich and famous people or simply popular people. Sometimes we wish they would pay attention to us! Imagine logging into Instagram, and you got a message from Kim Kardashian or Ed Sheeran.

You can brag about it to your friends, take a screenshot and post it on social networks. Or just trick someone. We decided to collect a few applications for you, with the help of which it will become common for you to get a message in Instagram Direct from a celebrity!


“God, do you two know each other?!” This is exactly how your friends will exclaim when you show them your correspondence with Michelle Obama or Eminem. Your friends and family will not even guess the trick. InstaFake changes dialogue so realistically that for a moment you will believe that you are communicating with idols!

How it works: the application itself looks like a chat on Direct Instagram. You can edit both sides of the dialog, both your own messages and those of your imaginary interlocutor.

In the settings of the dialog, you specify the nickname on Instagram of the desired person, photo of his profile, and all that! Each message can be edited separately: sending time, reading status, message text itself.

Just like in the real Direct Instagram, you can send photos, videos, and put a “Like”. It looks absolutely identical in appearance. Make fun of your friends by sending them your correspondence with their idol! Imagine how much emotion you will see on their faces.



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Funsta is not only an application for creating fake correspondence on Instagram Direct. It has a bit more advanced functionality: for example, here you can create a false post, attach the same fake comments to it, post fake Instagram Stories. Functions are the same as the original version of the application – it is amusing, right?

In Direct itself, you can not only create dialogs but whole chats as well. There is a function of adding a false participant or even several of them to the chat! Create a whole chat room of celebrities – your friends will be surprised.

Screenshots of dialogs, chat rooms, and posts look absolutely identical to those on Instagram! Developers pay special attention to the fact that you should not use the application features in anything other than jokes and pranks. But now you can always boast about your family’s correspondence with the president, for example.



Fake Chat (Direct Message)

Would you like to get a comment on your photo from a world-famous person? Or to let your friends see that you are invited to become a model of the Victoria’s Secret or to act in a Hollywood movie? Now it can become a reality!

With this app, you can easily create a chat like these and see the bizarre reaction of your friends! Moreover, many people use this method in order to get more likes and views on such social networks as TikTok or Instagram.

We do not think that they will immediately run to verify the truth of your joke – so you can convince them that Brad Pitt really published your picture.

The usage of this app is quite simple – you are holding the conversation with yourself – so you are texting and replying – all in one. You can choose in the settings, whether is message is sent or received, you can choose the time when the message was sent and even can regulate the viewed status!

Thus, you can create fake Insta conversations with anyone – all you need is to create the nickname of the user and choose the photo. The rest is done as it is described above.




Unfortunately, there are very few apps on this category for iOS devices, and here is one of them. Prankgram allows you to create a fake conversation on your iPhone and make screenshots of those. The algorithm of creation is pretty simple – you create the name of the user with whom you are going to chat (fake) and add their profile picture.

Then you start a conversation with yourself, creating messages, and replies. In the settings, you can choose if the message you have just typed is sent or received. You can even fake the likes of the messages. So in general, this is a simple Instagram prank app for iOS – quite a rare example of its kind.



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Have you ever imagined that you would have a conversation with Adele or any other popular person? And your friends certainly could not even imagine such events! Now you can play them and get a little closer to the world of rich and famous people.

insJoke Allows you to completely fake Instagram Direct. Besides the standard messages, you can send photos, likes, and share videos in a fake dialog. But that’s not all! Now you can even send voice messages!

That is, it will be another reason for your friends to believe you – because from the screenshot you can not listen to the voice message, and the presence of it in your pocket for unknown reasons, only makes people believe in your honesty.

The insJoke app requires permission to take photos and videos, record audio, and access the gallery to save your screenshots. Do not worry, your data will not be stolen, insJoke works absolutely honestly (if, of course, you can say so about the application that creates fake messages).



Fake Insta DM

“I faked this conversation!” You can directly tell your friends the name of the application in a practical joke. Someone will say it is cruel to joke like that, but we do not think so!

This app for creating fake conversations on Instagram is a little bit more plain, but you can still try this out. And by the way, this app isn’t in English (in Spanish) so this is like the option “just in case”.

Though you don’t even need to know the language to understand how this app works. Once again, you create the username, add the photo and start sending messages, imitating a real conversation.

The app will make it look then like it’s really going on on Instagram. Keep in mind here that the app works not on all the devices. For some reason, sometimes it crashes.



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Fake Chat & Fake Followers & Fake Post

Well, if you need to go completely fake on Instagram (for your personal reasons), then you can get yourself this app – it allows you to create not only artificial chats but even get the fake followers and fake posts. Because here you have more options the interface might take a little more time to understand it.

When you launch the app, you get to the main page where you can see the button “create a new chat”. Everything is pretty clear here. In the classic mode, you need to create the fake username who will be your respondent and add the avatar if you want. And, if you want, you can even add the authentication status.

Then, there is another section “create a new post”. It works pretty much in the same way – but you will also need to add the photo and the text underneath. A curious aspect is that you can choose the number or likes and comments under this post.



In addition to conversations and Stories with celebrities, you can use accounts of your friends and acquaintances in each application. For example, you can create a chat with a friend’s girlfriend or create a chat room where all your friends are present.

But we warn you: in case of fake conversations with real ordinary people, be careful. Every day you come across your family, walk and meet with friends. They may simply be offended by you, especially if you make a very evil joke. Be careful.

Use all of the applications presented only for the purpose of harmless jokes and pranks. Make sure that other people’s reputations are not hurt, and then you will definitely have fun with your friends.

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