11 Free Alphabet Apps for Kids (Android & iOS)

Alphabet apps help learn more than just letters. They help children learn about spelling, phonetics, grammar, and many other aspects of literacy and spelling. At the same time, children can follow this path in a playful way that reinforces a child’s interest in learning.

Most of the really good apps offer their features on a paid basis, but these free alphabet apps for kids are a nice exception. With their help, your kids will learn all the necessary materials in a short period of time, while being completely free.

Develop your child’s skills and make him or her ready for school with these best reading apps for kids.

Learn ABC Alphabets & 123 Game

This is a children’s educational game to make learning the alphabet easier.

To master the app, you must first learn the correct spelling of the letters. After that, an assistant talks through the pronunciation and recalls the word beginning with that letter.

After successfully completing all levels, the kid proceeds to the section on lowercase letters. Then comes the correlation between capital and small letters to each other.

After these three steps, the child is encouraged to start learning new words. This app is great for preschool and kindergarten programs. Thanks to the bright, vivid graphics, the process of learning the alphabet will not cause difficulties.

Kids will show initiative and desire to pass as many levels as possible. Learning will be fun, and parents will find plenty of free time while their kids genuinely enjoy the process.

Also as an extra level, there is training in the spelling of numbers. There is a bright beautiful stencil for children, which should be circled according to instructions and teaching cues.


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Spelling & Phonics: Kids Games

Spelling and Phonics is a children’s, educational game for ages 12 and under. Thanks to the creativity and ingenuity of the developers, the app will be a wonderful assistant in learning the alphabet.

Lucas and his friends accompany the child throughout the process. Learning is perceived by the baby as entertainment because of the fun, not distracting sounds.

The lion cub offers new acquaintances a word, and below are the letters in a chaotic order. They must be placed correctly, peeking at the correct version below.

Parents can complicate the task by covering the answer with their hand and suggesting that the kid “build the word” on his or her own.

The choice of letters is accompanied by sound dubbing. Thus, the little users initially hear the correct pronunciation of phonetic sounds. The second level requires inserting the missing letter into the suggested word.

The third level suggests listening to the word and then making it up from the letters below. Comparatively recently, the developers have improved the app, adding a fourth level of complexity and the ability to choose the level.


ABC Learn Alphabet for Kids

ABC Learn Alphabet for kids is an app that will teach kids writing and reading skills. It’s bright, engaging and easy to use.

The app has no ads, which means nothing will distract your child from the process of playing and learning. Designed to teach pre-schoolers ages 2 to 6 years.

The learning process is staged. First, the child learns and memorizes a letter and the corresponding sound. Each letter has its own fun character, which will be equally interesting to both boys and girls.

These characters, as well as many interesting exercises, will allow you to pass the stage of studying letters quickly enough and in a fun way.

At the next stage, the child will learn how to write. We are talking about printed letters. But it is these first writing skills that will prepare the hand for writing lowercase letters. A great helper for parents, which is able to make a difficult learning process easy and interesting.

Be sure to interest the child and help make friends with all the letters in a playful way.


ABC kids! Alphabet learning!

This children’s educational game is a great tool for fast alphabet learning. Upon opening the app, children are greeted by animations in the form of bright, colorful fruits and vegetables that bounce merrily within the screen and greet the baby.

Toddlers under the age of 3 will enjoy learning the alphabet. Once on the main menu, kids are greeted with joyful music and then are offered to choose the level of difficulty or variation of the task.

For example, to learn to write, consider the alphabet, and adventure mode (search or test your dexterity in finding letters). There is also an entertaining format where learning takes place in the form of a game.

This app is one of the best “talking” alphabet for the developmental, children’s apps segment. It also contains the most effective and fun methods of education. Little fidgety kids will be fascinated by the wonderful and cute characters.

They will want to learn more, so the learning process will not cause boredom or frustration. This is confirmed by the many positive reviews of happy parents. Looking at the letters in the form of food, kids develop their hand-motor skills, making it easier for them to learn in kindergarten and school.


Bini ABC games for kids!

The Bini ABC games for kids app allows you to teach children the letters and learn to read. Colorful, with an excellent interface. It is fun to use.

Teaching children is, as it should be, in game form. In addition to the alphabet and the talking alphabet, the app contains a number of educational games. You can teach your child the numbers.

Also, your baby will learn about the types of shapes and variety of colors. Children of 2 years of age and older can do it. From 4 years old, a child can use the app independently.

Great voice prompts will help him or her learn to read and write. It is a good helper for busy parents. Funny letters and colorful characters are sure to interest the baby and help him or her get the necessary knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere.

It is convenient when you do not depend on circumstances and at any time you can organize the learning process for your child.


Alphabet ABC! Learning letters

This is an educational game for children over the age of three to help them learn about correct pronunciation in a playful way. They will also learn how to spell the letters of the alphabet correctly.

It is guided by the recommendations of the leading teachers, the authors of the game took into account all the nuances and built learning material with modern pedagogical methods.

Kids are offered local currency in the form of lollipops, which are awarded for successfully completing the task. Developers offer happy fidgeters first to repeat the words to a particular letter, then trace it on a stencil.

Female voice explains and tells everything without haste, giving more than one minute to repeat the voiced words, which immediately replenishes the vocabulary of the child. To consolidate the learning material, the game offers a choice of three pictures of the word, which begins with a particular letter.

There is no need for the internet, the child can play and pass the levels offline. The result will be saved in the system and the next time you enter the app, the game will start at the same place where the kid stopped last time.


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ABC kids! Alphabet, letters

This educational children’s game will turn an introduction to letters and the alphabet into an activity that brings joy to the child and makes learning easy and entertaining.

The game is designed for children from 2 to 6 years old to learn the alphabet. Playing the game, the child is immersed in an unusual adventure to find the letters, where they came from, and return them to their places in the alphabet.

Through various tasks of circling or tapping, the game develops fine motor skills and memory. The game is also designed to train logic and attention: a child must look for and find letters in the most unusual places.

Explore volcanoes or the underwater world, visit a witch’s house or a bird’s nest – all are mission locations for the child. Spend your time funny and informative, this will help you entertain exercises for kids. They’re designed to make kids laugh and have fun games for boys and girls.

This alphabet game is full of colorful characters, and amazing animation, and prepared for children ages 2 – 6 years. It will help children quickly and easily master the preparation for school. 


ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics

This is a free, educational children’s game for easy learning of the alphabet. The restless lion Lucas introduces kids to all the letters. He helps them write letters correctly, and entertainingly talks about the correct pronunciation of sounds.

Toddlers up to age 8 enjoy the game, they love the bright, vivid pictures, and teachers around the world consider this app to be the best in its field.

This game fosters a love of learning, reading, and writing. It has a huge amount of positive feedback from happy parents. The app does not take up much space on your phone or tablet, and you can play without an Internet connection.

The complexity of the exercises increases as you learn the material. Thanks to the game format knowledge are absorbed much better. To get to the next level, circle the letters correctly, put them in the right order, or listen to what Lucas and his friends say.

Kids love it and refuse to give up the phone, they love learning new things and self-development.


Alphabets game for kids

This is a novelty in the genre of educational puzzle games for easy and simplified learning of the alphabet. Learning takes place in a game format.

Kids over 3 years old are invited to catch letters with a spoon, to create a mosaic, or to match visually identical letters with each other.

The developers did their best with the animation. Thus, it’s interesting for a child to learn something new, and the colorful pictures warm up their interest in learning.

Primer is the main character in the game. It explains and demonstrates the correct spelling and pronunciation of sounds and genuinely enjoys the success of a new friend. Learning develops fine motor skills, cognitive abilities, analytical skills, attentiveness, observation, and concentration.

The developers are working daily to improve the project. More recently, two modes have been added and the ability to increase the complexity of tasks. Correctly performed exercises are rewarded with nice, internal “pluses”.

No Internet connection is required for the puzzle game to work correctly. At any time you can interrupt the “lesson” and then return to the point at which you finished.


ABC kids games for toddlers

ABC kids games for toddlers is an app that allows you to teach children the alphabet. Easy to use. Free for users. Bright design and intuitive interface.

It is designed primarily to teach preschoolers between the ages of 2 and 6 years. Specialists who are engaged in early development, may also be of interest and be useful.

In a fun game form, your child can learn the letters of the alphabet. Funny animated characters and good sound effects will help him in this.

Each letter of the alphabet has a separate lesson with assignments. This allows the learning process to make consistent and effective. The child during the lesson will be able to learn the correct spelling and pronunciation of the letter.

Thanks to the game form, the lessons will be interesting and not tedious. A great helper, really allows you to learn the alphabet, even toddlers. What is important, the app does not collect your child’s personal information.


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The main task of the LetterSchool app is to teach your child to recognize letters visually and be able to use them to write short sentences.

The game provides several levels of difficulty. First, you need to learn how to correctly write the letters of the alphabet, then combine them into words and compose sentences for a short text.

When children choose a letter they like, they’ll learn a random word and a picture of the letter designation. After that, it is recommended to repeat the letter writing on a blank sheet of paper.

At first, you can’t do it without prompting, but later it is desirable to give the child the opportunity to duplicate the letter he or she has passed on his or her own by memory.

This program is a great opportunity to practice phonetics and writing skills. There are no bright graphics, animation is minimal so as not to distract your child from the learning process.

Despite this, children enthusiastically consider the demonstration material. They sincerely enjoy learning and the desire is reinforced by the intention of their parents. The daily study of the alphabet helps to improve mental abilities, analysis, and insight.

The app has a huge number of positive reviews, and the majority of the kids easily passed the admission test for school.

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