6 Best ATM Locator Apps for Android & iOS

Have you ever felt desperate trying to find an ATM at an unfamiliar location? Well, this article is here to change the game!

There are ATM locator apps for Android & iOS that will bring you to a convenient cash point wherever you are.

Thus, you won’t have to worry about finding an ATM even if you’re traveling abroad. Plus, these apps let you pick the perfect ATM that won’t charge any extra fees.

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Here’s the compilation of the 6 best apps in that category you may try. Take a look!


Let’s start with an Allpoint app — an ATM finder with one of the widest cashpoint networks on the market.

For now, the app’s map covers over 55,000 ATMs all over the world and more are yet to come. The concept of this app is simple — it’s an ATM map that lets you find the nearest cash points wherever you are. Herewith, the app works with your GPS data, so you need a web connection to use it.

Beyond that, you get to filter the ATMs by various filters to make sure it’s the right one for you. For instance, you can pick the cash withdrawal limit, deposit exception, accessibility, and all that. You also get to view the info about where the ATM is located. Once you’re piked the ATM you can build a route to it.

In case the cashpoint inside some store you can view its opening hours which is incredibly comfortable. However, if you’re starting to look for the ATMs at nighttime you can ease the searching by adding the 24-hour filter. You can also mark your fave ATMs for better navigation.


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ATM Locator

This is an ATM locator that lets you reach a convenient cash point in any corner of the world.

First of all, this app uses your GPS location to find the nearest ATMs you could use. Then, all the ATMs displays in a list you can add filters to.

You can also search for specific cash points using the text search, voice one, or the map itself. As for the list, the app automatically shows the nearest options on top which eases the searching process a lot.

Herewith, you can set the number of results and the searching radius if needed. In case you’re still unable to find a convenient ATM you can browse more results that are not that close to you.

Once you’ve picked a cash point it takes one tap to open it on the map. Plus, you can view the opening hours of each ATM along with the features it provides.

It needs to be said, the app covers thousands of machines worldwide so even if you’re abroad you’ll be able to find an option nearby. You can use filters to avoid any extra fees and all that. You can also filter the ATMs for accessibility, withdrawal, and so on. Additionally, the app has no ads or paid features.

ATM Locator1
ATM Locator2

ATM Near Me

The name of the next app fully reflects its concept. It’s an ATM fined with a simple UI that covers thousands of cash points worldwide.

The mechanics of his app is simple — the first step here is for you to choose your bank. Thus, you’ll get to avoid extra fees and other unpleasant stuff. The app covers all the popular banks so no worries about that. Once it’s done that app will use your GPS data to pick the most convenient ATMs nearby.

Needless to say, you need a web connection to use the app. As for the interface, you may rather view the options in a list or right on the map.

Along with the cash points, this app can also show you the nearest banks if needed. Plus, you can view the info about each ATM including its accessibility, opening hours, features, withdrawal limit, and more.

Beyond that, the app will build you the fastest route to the ATM and give you directions along the way. There’s even an AR mode that lets you see the exact place the ATM is located. In case it’s inside o the store or smth the app will show you its opening hours.

ATM Near Me - Find nearby Banks and Mobile ATM location!1
ATM Near Me - Find nearby Banks and Mobile ATM location!2

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Nearby ATM

This is an ATM locator that makes it easy to find cash points wherever you are.

In the first pal, this app is as simple as it can be. You practically have two feature options here — to find an ATM or to add a new one to the map. Here’s how the locator works — it shows you all the ATMs nearby in a list. Herewith, all the cashpoints are grouped by the bank, so it’s easier to find the most convenient option.

All you need to do next is to tap on the bank that is right for you and the app will display all the ATMs on the map. The app will show you some machine info such as its opening hours, features, and all that. In case the machine is located inside the store you’ll get to view detailed working hours which is nice.

Then, you can view the distance and the time it will take for you to reach the machine, In case you don’t know the way the app can give you directions. In this case, this app works as a GPS and you can even pick if you’re going to walk, drive or use public transport.

Nearby ATM (bank Locator)
Nearby ATM (bank Locator)

LINK ATM Locator

And lastly, we have an app that shows you a detailed ATM map around the UK.

If you’re looking for the easiest way to access cash from your card on the move — this app is your cup of tea. This app coves over 70k AM machines, so you won’t get left alone wherever you are. Herewith, you can not only find the AT but build a route to it regardless of if you’re driving, walking, or using public transport.

Needless to say, the app requires a web connection so keep that in mind. Along with the ATMs, that app also displays post offices and banks if needed.

You also get to view the details of each ATM such as its bank, its precise location, withdrawal limits, and more. In case the machine is inside the store, mall, or whatever else you’ll also get to view its opening hours.

Beyond that, you can use searching filters such as machine features, accessibility, auto assistance, and all that. You can also add some machines at your faves for faster navigation. In case you’ll ever face troubles with an ATM or get false info from the app — make sure to send feedback to get it fixed.

LINK Cash Locator
LINK Cash Locator

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Coin ATM Finder

As the name implies, this ATM finder app is a bit special: it assists you in locating Bitcoin ATMs to convert your cryptocurrency into cash or vice ve­rsa. It furnishe­s you with a comprehensive list of Bitcoin ATMs in close­ proximity to your current location.

The app prides itself on providing regularly update­d data, ensuring that the Bitcoin ATMs you see­ on the map are most likely in working condition. Of course, it also provides helpful information such as operating hours and picture­s of each location.

So, if you’re inte­rested in cryptocurrency and knowledgeable about Bitcoin, this tool can be quite­ useful. Not only does it help you locate the­ nearest Bitcoin ATM, but it also gives de­tails such as supported cryptocurrencies, addre­ss, limits, and fees.

The app is de­signed to be easy to use­, so you don’t need any specialize­d knowledge to navigate it. Simply input your location, and it will display the­ closest Bitcoin ATMs. You can even ge­t directions through Google maps. When it come­s to design, simplicity and ease of use­ are the main focus. Besides, it’s free.

Coin ATM Finder
Coin ATM Finder
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