7 Best Vending Machine Apps 2024 for Android & iOS

Infinity money and the ability to buy everything with that money in the machine – that’s the offerings of these simulators. We have collected a list of the best vending machine apps, which will make for a long-time stick.

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I can do it – Vending Machine

This app makes the simple process of shopping at vending machines a fun experience. In addition, it makes you believe that you have an unlimited amount of money.

In front of you will be invariably red vending, this vending machine has as many as twelve drinks that will wait in unlimited quantities to drop down at the right amount in the machine. the machine has a scoreboard with the amount of money put into the machine and the drink hole itself

In addition to buying from the vending machine, you will also be able to cash in the money itself, oddly enough. To do this, press the hook on the side of the table and all the money will be cashed by falling with the same coins.

As mentioned above, the player will have infinite money and will be given an ultimatum coin when viewing the advertisement. The player has coins of fifteen, one hundred, fifty, and ten coins. Their number is not limited, as well as the number of drinks.

After buying a very large number of drinks, they can be removed, not only by clicking one at a time but also by clicking on the image of the garbage can next to the machine.


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Vending Machine Surprise

After a short download with the logo of the company that made the game, on a bright background pop up on the main menu as many as three mini-games with machines. They mainly differ only in their themes.

The plush theme implies a machine with soft toys and not only toys. There are sixteen of these toys and they all have their code from A to D and 1 to 4.

The candy theme has the same decoration, but the machine is no longer red and green, and instead of plush toys there are candy and treats. It will take a lot of time to redeem it all, so the game is designed for a lot of time gambling.

The third theme is associated with food. Here we are greeted by a blue vending machine with food and codes In addition to the food and drinks so that you can experiment with sets that you would like to buy

Here you also have infinite money, but the game insists on bringing up exactly the amount of money you need to buy, because the money in the machine does not stay, and the scoreboard with the numbers shows minus for excessive investment of money.

The purchasing algorithm is as close to real life as possible – you enter the code of the toy, confirm the purchase, and put in the amount. And the game is so close to reality that the machine does not give out change.

There are coins of one hundred, fifty, twenty, ten, and five coins to pay. It is desirable to pay exactly the price that is drawn on the board, but the game will not penalize for exceeding the price. 

All purchased toys will be displayed on the collection shelf, which encourages the player to redeem everything to fill that collection. Collections are categorized as the game has three themes. Flipping through the categories is accompanied by a smooth transition and sound, which is very nice.


Surprise Eggs Vending Machine

This game will thoroughly interest little fans of opening chocolate eggs because the game gives as many as two machines with eggs.

There are sixteen eggs in each machine. All of the chocolate eggs in the machine have a code of letters and numbers, which if you enter, you get an egg.

To increase the intrigue, the egg opens in six steps. In the first five steps eat the chocolate shell, and in the sixth, the toy is taken out of the chocolate egg.

The player has infinite money, but the game strictly monitors that the player put the usual amount of money, otherwise the phone will vibrate and the whole screen will show the message of failure.

The collection, too, can be viewed to determine what the player has opened and what else1 has not opened. The game is great for keeping kids occupied and teaching them how to handle the machines and save money.


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Vending Machine For Kids

This game also has a load in it, but it’s not very long. The main menu has three different games in it. They are classic vending, spooky, and egg machines. All of these modes are interesting and peculiar and at least the children will occupy them for a long time.

In the classic mode as well as in the other modes there are also sub-themes of what kind of machine you want. The choice will be toys, candy, and food. All of this is a collection, as well as there is an instruction manual on how to play. Standard instructions in just four steps.

When you choose a theme you will invariably have sixteen items with codes written under them. All items will have bright and colorful colors. The payoff for the toys here must be strictly penny for penny, otherwise, the phone vibrates and a female voice asks you to try again.

Nevertheless, in addition to the instruction, the game will help the player if he hesitates to choose a coin, and the selected toy is not speedy, so you can try until the toy is bought.

We have a row of coins with one hundred, fifty, twenty, ten, and five coins. Although they are infinite, the game teaches you to throw exactly the amount that is highlighted on the scoreboard.

All the toys are assembled into a collection, which is neatly laid out on the shelves, and the missing, not yet purchased toys are replaced by shadows.

Scary vending is no different, only in emotion. There’s a depressing Halloween atmosphere, with wolves howling and cawing in the background. The candy design doesn’t leave a good feeling, either. It is a scary machine.

The egg machine deserves a separate game because it is so versatile. It offers content for boys, girls, and dino eggs, as this is in demand. Separately, children are attracted to unpacking the eggs, so here it is done in five steps, creating intrigue as to what’s inside the egg.

All found objects are also stored in the collection.


Vending machine

A very addictive game that will occupy both children and adults. The only drawback is that this puzzle consists of only three levels, which is rather sad.

The essence of the puzzle is to knock down bottles that are not completely out of place with one other bottle that is standing in place.

This can be done by typing the code of some position. Then the bottle will fall out and snag the others. In the end, you will take not one but several bottles of drinks.

Note that the game is made in 3D and the machine can be rotated, zoom in and out, inspect all the details on the bottles or set the screen of the machine as you like.

There is a remote control at the bottom to dial the desired position. Dial the desired three-digit code on it to buy a bottle that hooks the other bottles. Notably, you don’t have to pay in these machines, just enter the code, but money certainly wouldn’t affect this puzzle.

As mentioned, there are only three levels, and once you complete them, they are repeated. Perhaps devoted fans will wait for more levels and functionality, as the idea of this game is very interesting.


Spooky Vending Machine

For fans of creepy and designed this game. Here the player will be frightened by cute ghosts, spiders and cobwebs, and other mystical things related to Halloween.

In the main menu, there are three themes of things that will be in the atom and will be the accent and content of the game. They are toys, candy, and food. All things are collectible, which encourages you to complete the collection in full, and the menu also has instructions on how to play.

Regardless of the theme, you will be accompanied by creepy but cute scenery. While shopping, interactive ghosts will fly around trying to scare you when you click on them, and an even cat with big green eyes will sit on the floor with candy.

The cute things in the machine will have a spooky theme, the toys will be plush monsters, the food will have a pumpkin emblem and insects, and the candy will be wrapped in wrappers with images of ghosts.

Here, too, the game won’t let you put more than the price, so you have to carefully select the coins for the payout, and niche will have to buy again after the vibration. Collect the entire collection of toys and food to complete this game.


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Vending Inc.

Very addictive game for people of all ages. According to the plot of the game, the player has his burger machine in the store and he must develop and put money machines in the entire mall.

Sounds like a challenge. Visitors to the mall come in and buy food from the vending machines. You can use that money to buy new vending machines. But that’s not all, the merchandise in the vending machines is bought and that’s why you need to replenish it.

To do this there are separate mini-games where you have to collect falling items. When quickly collected items are accrued combos, falling items are the goods that need to be filled in the machines.

The character can move around and buy new machines by standing on the field next to him. Place vending machines with a variety of merchandise themes throughout the store and make the most profit from your business.

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