11 Free Android Games for Couples

Most of the time couples spend together with each other. In case you live together, study, or work, at some point you may get bored with standard entertainment for couples.

During isolation, the couples in a relationship were alone with each other, communicating 24 hours a day and in full contact. Believe me, watching the series on Netflix is not the only way to have fun. If you enjoy watching movies or series you may like the list of 15 Free Movie Streaming Apps for Android & iOS.

Of course, the easiest solution is just to play together. It may be a board game, but most of them are designed for the whole company. In this case, we suggest you use your smartphones to get closer to the soul mate.

So you will spend time together with pleasure, without doing the banalest and boring things. Especially since the games in pairs are becoming more and more popular. We decided to find 11 Free Android Games for Couples for you and your lover.

Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes

Kahoot! Play & Create QuizzesIf you like quizzes and mind games, then try Kahoot. There is a whole system of communication and game users on the network, so you can be with your other half in different cities.

Of course, you can play and sit opposite each other – so that there is an effect of competition between you. In addition, Kahoot will be a great way to learn something new together and even become savvier.

Besides being able to solve tests and quizzes, you can also create them yourself. It is very romantic and fun to write tests about your relationship. You can even test how well your partner knows you by creating a personality quiz about your dreams and facts about your life.

Kahoot is loved not only by couples, but also by those people who have to run regular tests – such as teachers and instructors. Dynamic answers to questions are much more interesting than a boring story about facts.

Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes1 Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes2


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DUAL!The DUAL game is a great way to spend time with your girlfriend or friend. Here you will be opponents, but the process of the game and the victory of one of the players will not quarrel with you or upset the other participant.

In order to try to play, you do not need a connection to the network – so you can play on the road or on the plane, sharing time together. Most importantly, DUAL is only designed for 2 players – so connecting someone else to the process will be a bit difficult.

Players’ devices are connected to each other via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. If you do not want to be opponents, you can fight against artificial intelligence together.

The game has only 2 modes. In one of them you will deal damage to each other, and in the other – score goals to your opponent.

Very simple control will allow you to play together even if one of the partners does not like mobile games. It is worth remembering that you cannot be distracted, otherwise, your opponent will take advantage of the situation!



Desire – Couples Game

Desire - Couples GameTo have fun in a relationship is the most important part of a couple. If you want to further enhance your love and strengthen the relationship, the Desire application can help you.

It pushes partners to new adventures, experiments, and other interesting details. In Desire you will be able to play only with your partner, getting closer and testing your love with each completed task.

Desire has a scoring system that gives you access to more challenging and spicy quests. Each week, their list is updated and expanded, so you won’t get bored along with each other.

If you are at a distance, Desire has a separate chat room for you to chat on any topic (even the spiciest ones). The developers assure you that your relationship will grow stronger with each task, and you will get closer and more candid.

You can keep a log in the application, which will contain brief notes on the most important events in your relationship.

Desire - Couples Game1 Desire - Couples Game2


Draw Something Classic

Draw Something ClassicA cold autumn evening means that you will warm up together and spend a cozy evening. You can brighten it up with the game Draw Something, which will make you feel like artists and real creators.

Here you just take a virtual brush in your hands and start drawing, even if you have absolutely no talent and skills. Especially the game will be fun if you and your partner do not know how to draw – just try to understand each other’s scribbles.

In Draw Something you are offered a certain word or subject, and your partner must guess what exactly you are trying to portray. If you think that you will be presented with ordinary words like “giraffe”, “book” or “clown”, it is not true at all.

In Draw Something, a catalog of words is constantly updated to include the most modern themes and words, such as pop culture and modern music.

If you want to use Draw Something on your own, here is a separate mode where you can improve your artistic skills. There you will follow the instructions, which will give you a nice drawing as a result.

Draw Something Classic1 Draw Something Classic2


Dots and Boxes – Classic Strategy Board Games

Dots and Boxes - Classic Strategy Board GamesWould you like some excitement? Then the game Dots and Boxes will give it to you! Here you have to beat your opponent and maybe even take a place in the top leaders around the world.

The essence of the game is incredibly simple – you need to connect the dots so that the squares of the same color can close. Dots and Boxes will even train your brain a little – do not let it become sluggish and stupid. With a partner, you will compete and be able to determine which of you thinks logically better.

On the playing field at the beginning of the game, there are many different points. You need to connect them in lines and squares so that your opponent would have the fewest opportunities to build a square.

In Dots and Boxes, each player has its own color which will designate your board on the game card. In order to play together, you will need to be close and challenge each other – so you start the round with the person with whom you would like.

Dots and Boxes - Classic Strategy Board Games1 Dots and Boxes - Classic Strategy Board Games2


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Pixel Gun 3D: FPS Shooter & Battle Royale

Pixel Gun 3D FPS Shooter & Battle RoyalePixel Gun 3D is a complete online shooter, where you will fight in a continuous mode. It is perfect for couples who love different kinds of shooters.

With your other half, you can join together in one clan to reach more and more heights and receive valuable rewards. Of course, you can play alone, fighting in zombie apocalypse mode, and resist terrible enemies.

Since Pixel Gun 3D has clans, they can fight each other. You will be able to capture the territory of another clan and establish your control on the entire global map.

For the battles, you have a choice of more than 800 different types of weapons, each of which has its own features and can deal with the most severe damage.

Also to personalize the characters you are offered a variety of skins – Warrior, Amazon, Orc, and many others. You can even create your own paired skin to make you and your partner in the game look like a team.

Pixel Gun 3D FPS Shooter & Battle Royale1


Words with Friends: Play Fun Word Puzzle Games

Words with Friends Play Fun Word Puzzle GamesIs it possible to combine communication with friends and your lover with the study of new material? Of course, you can! In Words with Friends, you will expand your vocabulary, improve your wit, and communicate with your loved ones online.

In a friendly company, you will be able to determine who is the most erudite and will be able to pave his/her way to victory in the simplest way.

In order to play together, you will need to challenge your other half. It will be a fast game in which you can learn new words in a short time. It is also allowed to look at all possible moves on the map, which you can make at the moment.

Each profile of the user can be personalized that your friends could easily distinguish you from other players. Every week in Words with Friends there are competitions in which you will earn rating points and rise in the rating table.

Words with Friends Play Fun Word Puzzle Games1 Words with Friends Play Fun Word Puzzle Games2


Sex Games for Couples – Best Couples Games!

Sex Games for Couples - Best Couples Games!Erotic games are a known way to diversify your relationship and strengthen them. When you run Sex Games for Couples with a partner, you can already get ready for hot entertainment and an interesting evening.

It all starts far from sex: this application will give you ideas for preliminary caress, warm-up, and excitement. So your relationship will play with new colors because this way both partners will be satisfied.

In Sex Games for Couples there are such games as truth or action, as well as the hottest – dice. You are offered 4 levels of difficulty of preliminary caress.

The first level is where you can learn details about your partner or just have some fun, and then all the questions and tasks will become hotter and more interesting.

At the end of the game, you can already run the dice. The point is that on different sides of the cube marked different erotic actions, and you have to do exactly what you have at the moment. Make the evening warmer and even hotter.

Sex Games for Couples - Best Couples Games!1 Sex Games for Couples - Best Couples Games!2


BattleText – Chat Game with your friends!

BattleText - Chat Game with your friends!BattleText is another word game that allows you to play with your friends. Here you will not just expand your vocabulary and learn new concepts, applying them in the text, but also accelerate the speed of typing text messages.

If you often communicate with the other half, it is worth checking who writes faster. Especially if someone answers slowly – maybe a person just typing so long.

Text battle is no less intense than the real one with machines and opponents. You will need to invent long words, type them quickly, and try to do it ahead of time.

At the very beginning of BattleText you may think that it is boring and simple – but in the end, the game will drag you for a few hours and you just will not be able to break away from it.

If you can’t think of anything, the application can tell you the right word – but this happens infrequently. Just try BattleText and fight with your partner in such a simple action – typing messages.

BattleText - Chat Game with your friends!1 BattleText - Chat Game with your friends!2


Ticket to Ride

Ticket to RideClassic board games are increasingly available in mobile or computer format. It is much easier to play online with your friends, so you can get together and start your entertainment in any place and at any time.

As you can understand from the name, Ticket to Ride is a game associated with the railroads and all kinds of adventures on them. Will you be able to get to your destination or something will interfere with it?

In Ticket to Ride you have to confront your other half or friends to build the best road faster than the other players. You can travel the world in different ways – through China to India, move from Europe, and much more.

The textbook, which is presented in Ticket to Ride, will teach you all the necessary nuances of the gameplay. With each new game Ticket to Ride will change, so you can not use the same techniques every time. Try to beat your opponents with your great strategy.

Ticket to Ride1


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Carcassonne: Official Board Game – Tiles & Tactics

Carcassonne Official Board Game - Tiles & TacticsCarcassonne is one of the most popular board games in the world. People for a long time buy special sets of cards and additional figures to arrange the whole game evenings in the company of friends.

One of the key features of Carcassonne is that from 2 to 6 people can participate in one game simultaneously. It is necessary to note that even a game together will be really exciting and interesting, so you can quite spend a cozy evening with your partner.

For smartphones, Carcassonne is presented as an interactive and convenient game. The convenience is that you also can not lose the cards of fields and roads, and you will have everything in your virtual deck.

Tactical gameplay includes the process of thinking about every move and action that you need to constantly perform. Hotels, cathedrals, rivers, turns of roads, and much more – you and your partner will feel like real conquerors.

Carcassonne Official Board Game - Tiles & Tactics1


A joint pastime can become your real entertainment and a way to get to know each other as best as possible. Games, computer or mobile, are a great way to communicate and have fun, especially if at least one of your partners is interested in them.

You can choose the type of games that suits you best – shooters, intellectual quizzes, and battles, as well as simply fun options. Some of the presented games do not even require installation on both smartphones – you can use only one device for the game.

If you are at a distance, just pay attention to the options that support a web connection. We hope that our article has helped you and now you will be able to diversify your relationship a bit.

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