9 Free Anti-Mosquito Apps for Android & iOS

There is no man in this world who has not been bitten by a mosquito. Mosquitoes are incredibly annoying insects that can cause enough trouble. Of course, if you live in the wild cold in Greenland, they probably won’t be a problem for you.

For everyone else, it becomes a problem in the warm season. As soon as summer or warm spring weather arrives, mosquitoes appear immediately.

It is not always possible to fight them in traditional ways. There are many additional special substances to help protect against insect bites. Unfortunately, not all of them are effective – simply because their action takes some time.

And if you want to use a specific app with sounds to scare a mosquito away, here is the list of mosquito repellent sound apps.

In the age of modern technology, there are many additional ways to fight insects, and one of them is done with the help of smartphones. We’ve picked out the best applications to help you get rid of mosquitoes (or at least laugh at the situation).

Anti Mosquito Repellent Sounds

Anti Mosquito Repellent Sounds is an app that will exterminate nasty insects. Want to get rid of bites and stop hanging Velcro in the house? Then try this program.

This app makes unpleasant sounds and thus drives away pests. Moreover, mosquito repellent can be used not only on mosquitoes but also on flies and other insects. The sounds are different and affect each critter differently too.

To start using the repellent, choose a repellent first, then a sound frequency. Then you will be able to start baiting. Stop using it when you think you’ve had enough. This device is powerful on insects and gradually kills them.

The app is free. This kind of protection is high rated by users because the operation is strightforward and the effectiveness is high. Recommend the program to your friends, actively use it when traveling, hiking, and in nature. Do not forget to keep your health!

Anti Mosquito Repellent Sounds1

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Anti Mosquito Prank by ExaMobile S.A.

The fight against mosquitoes can be absolutely different. The Anti Mosquito Prank is one way to eliminate them or simply to complement the basic protection methods.

You won’t have to kill mosquitoes yourself, brush bites or splash heavily with a spray because ultrasound treatment is just as effective. The mosquitoes will be at a distance from you and will not be able to cause the slightest harm to your body.

The Anti Mosquito Prank works at high sound frequencies. It has 4 frequencies to choose from – 13, 15, 17, and 19 kHz. Not all people hear a sound at this frequency – and this is convenient because it will only affect mosquitoes.

When you launch the app, a certain icon will appear on the status bar of your smartphone. That’s what it means for the entire system. Of course, no one can guarantee that there will be no mutated or deaf insects among mosquitoes – but most of them will definitely stay away from you.


Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Get Rid of Mosquitoes is an app that will get rid of annoying insects. Do you want to be free of bothersome insects and bites on your skin while you are on vacation? Then this app is for you.

If you are already fed up with these pests, the fact that they are buzzing over your ear, circling and moreover biting, then quickly take action. All insects are carriers of dangerous diseases.

Indoor mosquitoes are quite problematic to deal with, they reproduce quickly and fly quite well. Chemicals in the home won’t do any good, so start using a safe, proven app that the experts advise. Provide yourself with a safe room and weed out the pesky mosquitoes.

It’s worth noting that the faster you get rid of the pests, the better off you’ll be. Furthermore, the app is free and this is a huge advantage. New information always appears in the program and you will be the first to know it if you update the app itself.

Many people like the program for its interface. People get rid of insects and are insanely happy about it. Share the app with your friends and relatives.

Get Rid of Mosquitoes1

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Kill Mosquito

Kill Mosquito is an app that will save you from insects. Mosquitoes are very annoying. With this program, you can kill a mosquito or other insect right at your smartphone screen.

Such an interesting app has stages where you have to go up and play at higher levels. So how does it all happen? You start out killing a few pests first, then a few more are added.

If you manage to overcome it all, you reach the most interesting level with the giant mosquito. Fight the giant mosquito and defeat it. All killed insects will be shown on the screen, also from mosquitoes, there are bloody places, it means that you have defeated them.

The game is exciting for children and for adults to sit for a while in it. The program has a cool musical accompaniment. Users love its smooth interface, great graphics, and interesting music.

The app can speed up a boring day and let you relax. The relaxation comes from the sound you hear after the mosquito is gone. Share the app with your friends, compete with them to see who can kill the most mosquitoes.

Kill Mosquito1

Anti Mosquito – Sonic Repeller

Anti Mosquito is an app that will get rid of insects around you and their bites. Do you want to be safe and not see pests around you? Then this program is definitely for you.

This app is really effective in dealing with mosquitoes by killing them. Anti Mosquito is at the top of the best insect extermination apps.

So how do the pests are poisoned? The program emits an unpleasant ultrasound that the insects hear very loudly. Moreover, you may not hear a squeak at all from the process itself, because the sound frequency is very high. This way you can quickly kill mosquitoes and poison them with the nasty sound.

Each insect has an individual reaction to the poisoning and this is worth considering. If you want to change something in the program, go to the settings.

Anti Mosquito is preferred by a big number of users with its interface and such a great opportunity to get rid of parasites and to be indoors or on a hike in peace.

Anti Mosquito - Sonic Repeller1

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Smash Mosquito

Smash Mosquito is an app about mosquitoes. It is a game in which there are pests in the form of insects. You have to get rid of the pests. The insects move in a circle.

You need to click on the repellent in time and the mosquito will be gone. This way you will kill the bad guys and then move on to a faster level, where the insects are circling at high speed.

It only takes three tries to spray the wrong areas. What’s more, there are lives in the game; they are pictured in the upper right corner. As soon as a miss happens, the heart disappears and you get closer to losing. Try to kill the villains quickly.

Smash Mosquito is high rated by users for its smooth interface and great graphics. This app is for reaction and attentiveness. Compete with your friends, advise them about the program.

Smash Mosquito1

Anti Mosquito Repellent Sound by Reticode

The Anti Mosquito Repellent Sound is an application for Apple devices that has proven itself quite well. It is free and available for quick download, and will also help fight mosquitoes and other insects.

You will no longer be constantly confronted with nasty insects in your bedroom if you include special applications overnight. The Anti Mosquito Repellent Sound is designed to help you in this fight and protect you from bites.

Low-frequency sounds, according to some studies, can really scare away mosquitoes at some distance. They don’t kill them, they just don’t let them fly too close to you.

It should be noted that the application interface is quite simple and attractive: there are no unnecessary details, but it is easy to start the necessary sound.

There are 2 main sections on the main screen. In section 1 you will be able to turn on a scare sound, and section 2 will tell you what other ways to fight mosquitoes.

Anti Mosquito Repellent Sound by Reticode1

Mosquito Smasher – Mosquito Sounds by Age

Mosquito Smasher is an app that allows you to get out all your emotions on pests. If you are always fed up with annoying pests that not only fly around but also bite you, then this program will definitely suit you.

Do you like to crush mosquitoes? In this game, you will be able to kill the enemies right on the screen of your smartphone.

Do not spare the insects, first of all, they are not real, but virtual, and secondly, this is the essence of the game, to crush the vermin. Insects appear spontaneously and you need as much as possible to kill for a certain time, so they do not multiply. Play for fun and win back mosquitoes in the virtual world.

The app is very entertaining, by the way, it helps get rid of stress. Defeating mosquitoes opens up new, more difficult stages for you. Try to suppress all as quickly as possible. To all of the above, you will get a high from when you beat everyone, you will be able to break your records and be happy to win.

Moreover, there is relaxing music accompanying the game. The program is completely free. It is loved by children and adults. Mosquito Smasher users really adore its interface. Share the app with your friends and crush the pests together.

Mosquito Smasher - Mosquito Sounds by Age1

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Ultrasound Barrier

Ultrasound Barrier is an app that emits ultrasonic waves from a smartphone speaker to repel mosquitoes, cockroaches, and other pests. By emitting high-frequency sound waves, the app disrupts the insect’s ability to locate food, mates, and shelter. It does not kill the pests but discourages them from staying in the area.

The interface of the app has significantly better design than its competitors. Users can select the type of pest they want to repel, and the app will emit the appropriate frequency of ultrasonic waves.

The app also has a timer feature, which allows users to set the duration of the ultrasonic wave emission.

There are some limitations to the app. First, its effectiveness may vary depending on the pest species, the surrounding environment, and the device’s speaker quality.

Second, the app only works in the immediate vicinity of the device, so users may need to install multiple devices to cover a larger area. Third, some people and pets may be sensitive to the high-frequency sound waves emitted by the app, so it is important to monitor their reactions.

Of course, there is no 100 percent proof that the app is going to scare all mosquitoes around you. However, according to our tests and reviews of users, Ultrasound Barrier is effective in 8/10 cases.

Ultrasound Barrier1

Certain applications do create high frequency sounds that help stun insects. Human hearing is not susceptible to these high frequencies, so it’s likely that nothing will even change for you.

But if you use this technologically advanced protection method, you will be more confident than with traditional ointments and sprays. It’s up to you to decide which mosquito application you want to try – it’s very likely to really help you. We hope you can use them to protect yourself from pesky insect bites.

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