11 Free Apps for Truckers (Android & iOS)

Are you a truck driver spending lots of time on the road? Then keep reading this article!

There are lots of apps for truckers for Android and iOS that can level up your driving experience. These apps cover all your needs – from GPS and logbooks to gas stations and parking maps. There’s even an app that can help you to bypass the weight control stations!

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Here’s the list of 11 best apps that category that worth your time. Have a look!

Trucker Path – Truck Stops & Weigh Stations


Let’s start with an app called Trucker Path. This is an app that covers all the needs of an average truck driver.

Frankly speaking, this is one of the most commonly used apps among the truckers as it has a bit of everything. Thus, the app covers GPS function, gas map, weight control, and even the parking options. Most of its features are working with the help of other users so you will always know the current fuel prices, the best parking spots, and all that.

The app even has a section with pro tips where people share their best driving hints using the map. Wherein, the app also empowers you to notify the brokers when you’re ready for a new load. This function syncs with your location so you can find new clients wherever you are. As for the GPS, the app does a good job making a route for you and it also shows you traffic situation on the road.

It needs to be said, all the parking and motels in the app have a rating system and you can view real people’s impressions on that.l the same thing goes for gas stations. The weight control tool empowers you to pay for the weighing online with your mobile.

Path 1 Path 2


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The next app is called TruckSmart and this is an all-purpose app for truckers.

Along with the previous one, this app can also cover everything you might need on the road. Thus, the app can show you the route, help you to book a parking spot and a motel, show you the gas map and the fuel prices, and so on. You can even make service requests with this app.

This app can also be used as a driving journal. You can save your daily path attached to the map to see how far you’ve come. The app also shows you 24-hour cafes, stores, motels, and services on your way. The same thing goes for the places where you can catch Wi-Fi, free showers, and all that. The app runs on a rating system so you can see the reviews.

Apart from a gas station map the app also shows you fuel prices for all the stations and compares them. On top of that, the app gives you weather reports and generates your route the way to avoid potentially harmful weather situations. Besides, you can view the current traffic situation and road repairs so you could change your path if you’re in a hurry.

TruckSmart 1 TruckSmart 2


GasBuddy: Find Cheap Gas Prices & Fuel Savings


GasBuddy is a well-known app that gives you all the info about the gas stations on your way.

This app is being commonly used by drivers and travelers around the globe but it’s great for truckers as well. The app shows you the gas map with all the gas stations marked on your way. When you open a gas station card, you can see all the current prices and charts.

Furthermore, the app as a gas calculator that can show you the cost of each trip (incredibly helpful if you plan to drive a long way). The app runs on a rating system so you can read people’s reviews about the gas stations and its customer service. Plus, you can sort the stations on the price to see the most affordable options.

Herewith, the app empowers you to pay for the fuel online by your mobile which is convenient in case of the social distancing and it also saves your time. Besides, every time you pay online you get a particular amount of cashback. There’s also a GussBuddy card that can save you for up to 25% for each gallon. The app can even be used as a GPS and does a good job with it.

GasBuddy1 GasBuddy2


Truck Navigation, GPS – Road Hunter, Truck Stops


Truck Navigation is another app for truck drivers that can cover all your needs.

This is an all-in-one app that is aimed to ease the life of an average truck driver. The app can serve as a GPS, weight control, fuel, and parking map. As for the GPS, this app is pretty good at generating your route. It considers all the traffic and road repairs and keeps you away from it.

In case there’s a car crash or unexpected traffic on your way the app shows you another path. Furthermore, you can set up the app to avoid toll roads. You can view the gas station map right on the GPS and with all the current fuel prices. Plus, you can filter the gas stations by the price to see the most affordable ones.

The same thing goes for the rating spots – it appears on the map and you decide which one is the best for you. You can view the rating of all the parking and motels as well as their price points. You can manage the app with voice commands so you won’t get distracted while driving.

Hunter 1 Hunter 2


BigRoad Trucking Logbook App

BigRoadBigRoad is a logbook app for drivers that can visibly ease your life on the road.

Why is this app better than your regular paper logbook you may ask? Well, this app reduces the potential careless mistakes you might make, it saves your time a lot and it can also serve as a full-on GPS! The app can also calculate your driving time based on the HOS rules.

Furthermore, the app manages you while you drive and alerts you if you drive too fast so that you can avoid fines. Plus, the app can help you to make ELD mandates easily. As for the GPS, the app helps you to stay away from traffic, road repairs, and potentially harmful parts of the road. You can also set the app on the way to avoid toll roads.

The app can store all your vehicle service reports and send them to whoever you need. You can also store all the docs you might need during the inspection in the app to always have it with you. There’s also a built-in chat so you can stay in touch with your manager on the go.

BigRoad 1 BigRoad 2


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Trucker Tools

ToolsTrucker Tools is an app that can manage your truck route.

The main point of this app is to give you the most accurate parking and gas station maps as possible. The app can be used as a GPS so it can plan your route as well. Herewith, the app considers the traffic and road repair on your way and keeps you away from those areas. You can also adjust the GPS to avoid toll roads.

As for the parking map, the app shows you all the places on our why you can have a rest in. This map includes regular parking, motels, campgrounds, and more. The app runs on a rating system so you can view the reviews of real people for all the places.

Besides, the app gives you detailed info about all the gas stations on your route. Thus, you can view the prices and price charts as well as all the discounts you can have. You can also search for loads and book them while being on the roads. You can even set your loads requirements and sort all the brokers by the price. Plus, the app can be managed by voice commands so you won’t get distracted by it.

Tools1 Tools2


Drivewyze PreClear Trucker App


Drivewyze is an app that will help you to never be fought upon the weight control station again.

The main aim of this app is to help you to avoid the weight stations on your way. How can the app even do that? By offering you various bypass routes! There are more than forty US states covered right now and its number is increasing. As for the weight control stations, there are more than a thousand ones that are marked right now.

On top of that, the app will notify you of all the upcoming weight inspections. The notification will appear when you’re two miles away from the station so you would be able to stay away from it. The app also keeps your personal data safe so no worries about that.

Plus, the app runs on voice commands so you won’t get distracted while driving. In case you wonder, this app is absolutely legal and approved by the law. The app has a 30-day free trial and once it is over you can continue using it by paying for the subscription pack (it totally worth it).

Drivewyze 1 Drivewyze 2




uShip is an app that connects the people who need to send loads with the drivers who can deliver it.

This app makes it easy to find the load wherever you are. You can look to transport jobs according to your location so that you’ll never drive an empty truck. There’s the feed of potential customers you can view and filter to match your preferences.

Each job request shows you the destination point, the size of the load, ts weight, and the price the client is willing to pay for it. You as a trucker can filter the results by the price and the load type you would like to deliver. once you’ve found the load you’re okay with you can send a request on it. If the client accepts your offer you’ll get a notification.

There are also the types of job requests where truckers need to bid how much money they want for each load and the shipper decides which price he can agree on. You can also get paid through the app and use it as GPS. All the jobs you’ve done will be saved on your personal history and you can view it any time.

uShip 1 uShip 2


Weigh My Truck


As its name supposes Weigh My Truck is an app that can help you manage your time in weight control stations.

If you won’t the Drivewyze app you will totally need this one. This app should be your best mate if it’s too late to bypass the weight control station. Thus, you can pay for your truck’s weight right from your mobile without even leaving your vehicle.

This is how it works – the app uses your GPS data and you need to fill in all the required info about your truck. The app finds the scale you’re in and attaches with it and once it’s done you can freely pay. Then, you will get a weight ticket on your email. You can choose for up to five emails to send ticket copies too.

All your truck docs can be stored and managed within the app. Besides, the app also saves all your scaling history so you can always access it and ask to resend you a weight ticket. It needs to be mentioned that you need to create an account on the self-titled website before using the app.

Weigh 1 Weigh 2


KeepTruckin Driver — ELD, Electronic Logbook, DVIR


KeepTruckin is a logbook app that will level up your truck driving experience.

This app connects the driver with his office or the dispatchers wherever he is. You as a driver can easily send all the required docs to the dispatchers as well as your live location. Thus, you can feel safe while driving and the clients can be sure their load will hit the destination point.

On top of that, the app can store all the vehicle service reports and send them to your manager if needed. Besides, the app manages you while you drive and alerts you if you drive too fast so that you can avoid fines. The app can also calculate your driving time and the amount of fuel you will need according to your start and endpoint.

You can also use the app to make ELD mandates. The app also runs as GPS and keeps you away from traffic and road repairs. You can even set the app to bypass toll roads and weight control. There’s also a built-in chat that connects you to your manager.

KeepTruckin 1 KeepTruckin 2


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And lastly, TruckLogics is an app for managing the transport business.

It needs to be said, this app is needed for fleet managers, operators, and drivers. Let’s see how helpful it can be for the tracker. This app stores and manages all kinds of docs – from BOL to ELD. It also has a chat that connects you with your manager so you can easily send anything to him.

The app also organizes your fuel receipts, weight control tickets, and more. You can also keep records of all the spending you’ve had while driving. Besides, your manager will always see your live location so you can feel a bit safer on the road. The app can also calculate the time you’ll need to reach a particular destination point and the indicative amount of fuel you’ll need.

You can also store all your service reports and wight control tickets within the app. Plus, you can keep records on your full workdays and the partial ones to make sure you’re getting all the payment you deserve.

TruckLogics 1 TruckLogics 2


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