11 Best Gender Swap Apps 2020 (Android & iOS)

Gender-changing pics have taken the whole Internet by storm. But have you ever wondered how all those pics are getting done? Well, there’s an app for that!

There’re lots of gender swap apps 2020 for Android and iOS that empower you to try on the opposite sex. These apps provide you with legit-looking outcomes and some of them even empower you to record vids with your voiceover changed!

Here’s the list of 11 best apps that category that worth your time. Have a look!

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FaceApp – AI Face Editor


Let’s start with an app called FaceApp — AI Face Editor. This is a multi-purpose editor app that you can use to experiment with your look.

The main goal of this app is to give you as many fun and unusual instruments and image filters as possible. At first, this app went viral for its aging effects but now it is cap0able for much more than that. Thus, you can try various beauty filters, backgrounds changing effects and, of course, the gender swap tool. You can also put a smile on your face, play with your hair color put on some accessories.

As for the gender swap instrument, it permits you to see how you would look in different sex. This filter is based on smart tech and Artificial Intelligence so it looks pulled together and realistic. However, if you want to alter the filer you can easily do that by changing the number of wrinkles and stuff. You can also add multiple filters to the same pic. Thereby, you can switch genders, transform your haircut, and do whatever you want.

Plus, you can try on tattoos and let the AI pick up a proper look for you in an auto mode. Nevertheless, some of the instruments are blocked in the free version of this app and you’ll be unable to even try it. The amount of free instruments is not that huge so be ready for that. Above the subscription packs, the app has no ads that may bother you.

All in all, if you want to experiment with your selfies, be sure to try the FaceApp app.

FaceApp1 FaceApp2


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Face Swap Booth – Face Changer

Face Swap

The second app on our list is called Face Swap Booth. This is an app that empowers you to alter your gender and appearance on the shots.

This app is not focused specifically on gender-changing so you will get lots of other fun filters along with that. For instance, there are lots of tools for appearance-altering so you can blend the appearances of numerous people or just switch them into places. Plus, you can not only shift the whole faces but parts of them as well. Thus, you can switch the eye color or the lips and even haircuts.

As for the gender swap feature, it’s easy to use and the outcomes look quite decent. All you need do is to load your selfie into the app and press on the switch button. The process itself is automatic and usually doesn’t take longer than a few secs. The app uses AI to switch genders so once again, everything looks realistic. In case there’s something you would like to modify there are a few options for that too.

It needs to be said if you want accurate results from the first try you need to spend some time choosing the proper selfie. Make sure your whole face is visible and the angle is not distorting anything. There’s also a mixing tool that uses AI to mix different people’s appearances and generate whole new people.

In a nutshell, if you want to play with the gender swap tool, give the Face Swap Booth app a try.

Face Swap1 Face Swap2




Snapchat is another viral app that can be used for switching sexes on pics.

This app is being used by millions of people all over the fold. And its filters have taken the Internet by storm the uncountable amount of times. So now when gender swap filter has become a thing Snapchat added a mask that empowers you to switch genders as well. This filter has become extra popular so it won’t be a bother to find it in Snapchat’s collection.

The outstanding thing about this app is that it permits you to swap genders in real-time mode. So the shot of you in an opposite-sex won’t be static and you can film vids and share them with mates. Therewith, the filter even transforms your voice to a more masculine or feminine one when you talk.

It needs to be said, the filter is done quite well and quality-wise so it doesn’t lag when you move your head. However, you’d better not move to fast or not shake your head a lot for the filter to not look strange. Plus, the filer only works with videos so you will be unable to add a picture to it. Apart from the gender swap filter, you can also use other masks to adjust the results. For instance, you can add eyelashes or a beard on your vid.

To crown it all, if you’re a Snapchat user, make sure to try the gender swap mask, you won’t regret it!

Snapchat1 Snapchat2


Face Changer Photo Booth


Face Changer Photo Booth is an app that you can use to try opposite genders on your selfies.

This app started with a face switch only, but now it expanded its tools so that you can switch genders as well. The app has various fun instruments you can use to experiment with your appearance. Thus, you can not only switch selfies with any other person you want but also only switch parts of the face. That may sound strange, but you can try on someone else’s eyes, lips, nose, and even eyebrows.

As for the gender switch tool, it shows you how you would look in am opposite sex. This tool works automatically with the AI so the results usually look quite realistic. All you need to do is to load your selfie in the app and press on the change button. The process usually takes no longer than a few seconds. Besides, if you’re not fully happy with the outcomes you can adjust small details later on.

It needs to be said, to get the best possible results, make sure to load selfies that show your whole face. And pay attention to the angle of the shot if you don’t want the outcomes to be smudgy. You can also try other fun filters like the babyface or the celeb look.

In the long run, if you want to experiment with your appearance on pics, be sure to try the Face Changer Photo Booth app.

Changer1 Changer2


Face Swap Live


As its name supposes, Face Swap Live is an app that permits you to alter your appearance on the shots.

This app started with an appearance builder tool but now it can offer you more than that. It’s a fully-featured editor with multiple filters and features you can try. You can start with simple editings like copilot correction or quotes and move to more fun tools. For instance, you can try face altering, gender swap, babyface, and even the aging tool that was viral some time ago.

The outstanding thing about this app that it empowers you to try all its fun filers in real-time. Therewith, you can record fun videos when you transform appearances with your mate or try other effects. There’s also a celebrity filter that switches your appearance any well-known person and the filter that puts an animal face on yours. You can record videos and send them directly to your buddies or post on your social network accounts.

The gender swap tool works the same — you can rather record a video or alter a pic. All the altering is getting done quickly and automatically. Besides, when you record video the app also transforms your voice to a more masculine or more feminine one. If you want to get stable results on the vid make sure to not shake your head too much or it might start to look strange and smudgy.

In a nutshell, if you need an app for altering your appearance or trying on the opposite gender on vids, Face Swap Live app is your cup of tea.

Live 1 Live 2


Cupace – Cut and Paste Face Photo


Cupace is another app that can do lots of funny things with your shots including the gender change.

Apart from trying on different sexes, the service also gives you multiple instruments for collages, background switch, and more. You can also add group shots to the app and shift appearances in between the people on it. It needs to be said the app might not identify all the people on the shots. Thus, you will need to highlight the faces by yourself to use the swap filter.

The gender-changing filter works the same way so you can use it with group pics as well. If the app won’t be able to identify the gender you can mark it yourself. Still, you will need to make sure all the profiles are visible and the angle doesn’t distort anything. When it’s done you can modify the outcome a bit, but not completely. If you’re not happy with the outcome you’ll probably need to try some other pic.

To crown it all, if you want to alter your group shots unusual way, be sure to try the Cupace app.

cupace1 cupace2


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Face Changer 2

ChangeFace Changer 2 is an app that empowers you to see how you’d look in the opposite sex according to your selfie. This app gives you the instruments for any kind of appearance altering you can imagine. Therewith, you can exchange appearances with your mates, celebs and even animals. You can also see how you’d look at a certain age, both old and young.

Plus, you can experiment with your appearance by changing your hairstyle, beard, and trying on glasses and piercing. The gender tool empowers you to try on the opposite sex and send the outcome directly with your mates. The interface of an app is intuitive and eye-pleasing. The gender tool works with the AI so the outcome looks quite realistic with no smudges and cracks. Still, you’d better chose the selfies with a nice angle so that your face is fully visible.

When the pic is done you can add some fun elements to it and play with the color correction. There are also lots of craze filters that make you seem like an alien, some monsters, or cartoon characters. You can even try on individual parts of the face like noses and lips.

All in all, if you want to drastically alter your appearance on some shots, try the Face Changer 2 app for that.

Change1 Change2


Face Swap – Photo Face Swap


Face Swap is also an app for trying on the opposite sex on pics.

The main point of this app is to empower you to alter your shots as easily as possible. Thus, all the changes are being made automatically with the help of AI. Everything is getting done quickly and the outcome usually looks quite realistic. The app empowers you to switch appearances with your mates or the celebs. Plus, the app can identify for six people on each pic so it is suitable for group shots.

The gender altering tool works simple — you load a shot from the gallery or take a new one with a build-in cam and you’re ready to go. To get the most accurate results with no smudges, be sure to pick up the shots where your face is visible and the angle is not confusing. Once you’re done you can share the outcome directly from the app.

Besides, the app has a face bomb effect that puts the same face to all the people on the shot. You can also load two pics and the app will mix the appearances. All the instruments are free and there are no subscription packs but the app still contains ads.

To sum up, if you want an app to juggle the appearances of you and your buddies on the shots, try the Face Swap app.

Swap 1 Swap 2


Old Age Face effects App: Face Changer Gender Swap


Old Age Face effects App is an app that permits you to try on different ages and genders using your selfies.

The app actually includes various effects you can use to play with your appearance. Therewith, you can use a babyface filter, the smiling effect, and other tools like beard builder or hairstylist. You can also alter color correction on your pics and use glares for a glam look. There is also an automatic filter that makes you look skinnier or like you’ve gained weight a bit.

As for the gender filter, it’s also automatic and it’s getting done by the AI. The outcomes are being ready quite fast and the pics usually look legit. Make sure to only use the selfies with a simple and non-confusing angle to not get smudgy results. You can share the pics right from the app if needed. You can also layer the filer and try on other gender and an aging filter at the same time.

In the long run, if you want to play with fun filters that change your appearance, give the Old Age Face effects app a try.

Age 1 Age 2


PortraitAI – Classic Portraits


As you can guess by the title, PortraitAI – Classic Portraits is an app that converts you your images into an old-fashioned drawing but it also has a gender switch filter.

Starting from the Prisma-like old-school filters, this app now has a large collection of various beauty and experiment instruments that can make your selfies unique. For instance, you can try on numerous make-ups, hairstyles, and even give yourself a nose job. Furthermore, you can use the aging effect and the one that gives you a babyface.

The app has a build-in cam so you can try on how each filter looks on your face before taking a shot. The gender altering effect looks very legit and the app is doing a nice job identifying all parts of your face. The effect is not customizable so if you don’t like the outcome you’d better pick up another selfie or take another shot. You can layer the effects to get the best outcomes possible.

In conclusion, if you want gender and drawing effects it the same app, try the PortraitAI one.

PortraitAI1 PortraitAI2


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Magic Face: face aging, young camera, fantastic app


And last but not least, Magic Face: face aging, the young camera is an app that empowers you to do any sorts of appearance experiments on your pics.

The app includes some outstanding effects that don’t have lots of alternatives in the other apps. All these effects change the way you look in lots of fun ways some of which you couldn’t imagine. Thus, you can use a young cam, the gender altering effect, the age, and the baby prediction, and the tools that change your expressions.

Furthermore, there’s an effect that shows you which celebrity you look-alike with a percentage ratio. There’s even an effect that shows you how you would look in you past life (as a joke, of course). The gender effect in this app looks quite legit with no smudging. You can not modify the image once it’s done but you can try on the effect with a built-in cam.

In a nutshell, if you want to alter the way you look, give the Magic Face app a try.

Magic 1 Magic 2


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