11 Best Free Dividend Calculator Apps 2024

Dividends are a great way to make money that is common among the most successful businessmen. Many people who are involved in this field acquire dividends from different companies. To know exactly how much you should receive in your next payout, use these best free dividend calculator apps.

Do not pay extra money to a consultant to increase your income. Just use these best stock portfolio analyzer apps.

Dividend Tracker: Stock Market

DivTracker Stock App is a useful tool for those who are interested in investing and trading and want to keep abreast of the latest news and changes in the world economy.

With this program, you can track stocks, be notified of significant price changes, and keep track of your investments as they come in. You can find and track the stock prices of more than 50,000 companies from around the world.

Get up-to-date data and analysis from leading financial experts. You can set up alerts on significant changes in stock prices so you’re always aware of what’s happening. Get detailed information about companies, including financial statements, dividends, and other statistics.

The simple and accessible interface and practical functionality make using the app convenient and enjoyable. With the DivTracker Stock App, you can easily keep track of your savings in the form of investments and make decisions about their future use based on up-to-date information.

In the app, you can create your own portfolio of investments and track their growth. You can connect notifications so you don’t miss important information about securities.


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Dividend Calculator

Dividend Calculator allows you to quickly and easily calculate your expected dividend payout on a stock based on the current price and expected dividend amount.

In addition to being able to calculate the value of your securities, you can also get a rough forecast for future years.

Thanks to the data obtained in the app, you can easily assess your investment prospects and even get an approximate amount of your profits in the near future.

The app uses an innovative formula for calculation. Thus, it gives you 100% results and the most accurate data possible based on a study of your stock portfolio. You can even see your portfolio’s prospects for the next few years by selecting certain settings before performing the calculation.

The maximum simple functionality and accessible interface allow you to get the calculations quickly. To get an approximate prediction on your stocks, you can select the period for which the calculation will be made.

You can even see how much you can get on your investments after 20 years. Use the app absolutely free and an unlimited number of times.


The Dividend Tracker

The Dividend Tracker allows you to keep track of dividend payments as well as stock price and portfolio yield changes.

The app allows you to track changes on an easy-to-understand chart that is regularly updated and provides exceptionally up-to-date data. You can track your earnings by different time frames: week, month, year, and so on.

Thanks to the app, you will get an approximate forecast of your income from the available stocks and securities in your portfolio. You don’t have to worry about your personal data because the app is absolutely safe and confidential.

Searching and retrieving data can be even faster and more convenient. For this, you will be able to break down the information by category.

You can also set up the appropriate filters yourself. It is possible to view information on markets and securities in several countries in the app. This allows you to follow their price trends and decide for yourself how to fill up your portfolio in the future.

Set up in-app notifications to receive the latest news on the global market situation. Make your own list of promising companies so you know what to invest in in the future. Make earnings forecasts for your stocks or choose available securities to track their prospects.


Dividend Tracker

With the Dividend Tracker app you will keep track of dividend payments as well as stock price changes and portfolio returns.

In this app, you will be able to track all your investments and even build prospects for future purchases. Fill your list with new stocks you’ve purchased so you can check the performance of your investments with easy-to-understand charts.

The data on them is shown as a percentage, making it even easier and more convenient to study. You will receive daily reports. Wait for automatic updates or get the report yourself.

You can also get a forecast in the app for the approximate return on your dividends for the next month or even year.

The app even allows you to add multiple portfolios in different areas. In them, you’ll be able to track any stock you’ve purchased in the United States.

With a detailed report and analysis of your portfolio, you can easily increase your profits from new and old dividends. Set up a user-friendly interface format to track your asset data in a chart or pie chart.


Dividend Tracker +

Keep track of dividend payments as well as stock price changes and portfolio returns with Dividend Tracker +. It also allows you to forecast their returns for the near future.

Set up your own notification calendar so that you do not miss important events in the global stock market. For example, you can set up a program alert for a rise or fall in the price of a particular stock.

You can also set up a notification in the program about when new stocks of the company you need are available on the market. This way, you won’t miss important and relevant information that may be useful for building your portfolio.

The data in the app is displayed on numerous global exchanges. You can track changes in one market or several. Also, the app makes it most convenient to store and add new assets to your portfolio.


Divplan: Dividend Tracker

DivPlan is an app for planning investments in dividend stocks. It allows you to choose the most promising stocks based on historical dividend payout and yield data.

You can place one or more portfolios in the app so you can keep track of each portfolio in one place.

The program allows you to calculate your asset prospects with a handy and simple calculator. You can use it to predict your approximate income for the next month, year, or decade.

The app also has a news section on all stock markets. There you can read the latest relevant news and useful information. To avoid missing new articles, you can set up notifications in the app. Also, the program allows you to calculate your income based on data on bonds, stocks, and other securities.

The app supports about 50,000 different securities around the world. You can also use it as a calendar to see the payout dates for each asset in your portfolio.

The app has a paid version that gives you a number of other features, such as unlimited assets in your portfolio.


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22 Dividends

Dividends22 is a stock dividend tracking app. It allows you to keep track of dividend payments as well as stock price changes and portfolio returns.

In the app, you can create your own portfolio and fill it with different assets. There are more than 10,000 different stocks that you can buy in several stock markets.

You can watch price movements on clear and accessible charts right in the app. A calculator is also available in the app to predict your profits on all available assets as well as on individual units.

For convenience, you can set up in-app notifications and alerts that will come as soon as the market changes. You can also conduct various operations with your portfolio and the assets in it. Export or redirect the data on the conducted operations to other sources.

The program has a calendar in which you can see the changes in your assets and portfolio as a whole in dynamics. You can use it to summarize your profits. Make lists of stocks of interest to keep track of their rise and fall in value.


Fast Dividends

Fast Dividends is an app for quickly calculating expected dividend payout on a stock in seconds, based on the current stock price and expected dividend amount.

In the app, you can create your own portfolios by adding stocks and assets to them. There is a free version where you can create 2 portfolios and add no more than 8 assets to each portfolio.

The app allows you to both export and import data from it. You don’t have to worry about saving your personal data and accounts here, as the app is completely secure and it ensures that every user’s privacy is preserved.

Track the prospects of both your and other stocks. Use charts and graphs to do this, where you can see the upward and downward dynamics of all asset prices. Monitor promising stocks to buy them into your portfolio.

Set up alerts to get up-to-date information about changes in the market, prices, and your own assets. Keep an eye on your portfolio and forecast approximate profits for both the near future and the long term.


DividendNow (US Stocks)

DividendNow is an app that allows you to track changes in assets, markets, and your own portfolio. It allows you to keep track of dividend payments as well as stock price changes and portfolio returns.

This app allows you to watch assets in real-time on various types of charts and graphs. You can visualize dividend yields in any format you like.

There is also a separate news section in the app, where you can view the latest relevant news of stock exchanges and markets.

Set notifications for easy viewing of articles. Thanks to them, you will not miss important information, including the data about your portfolio and the assets in it. You can also get in-app detailed profit forecasts for your stocks for the next month and even a year.

The app allows you to keep track of the stocks you are interested in by the rise and fall of their prices in the market. You can also set a minimum and maximum bar for yourself here for a certain period of time, after which you can analyze your performance.


Purple Brick Dividend Tracker

PurpleBrick is an app for investing in real estate. It allows you to choose the most promising real estate assets based on historical data on profitability and risk.

The app will help you analyze assets by automatically calculating them. All the percentage data will be displayed in graphs and charts. Thanks to this, you will be able to quickly assess the prospects of this or that stock.

In the app, you can create your own portfolio by adding new stocks to it. You can choose the stocks you want to track by yourself, while the rest of the forecasting will be done by the program.

It will give you all the data you need to calculate the approximate dividend yield for both the near term and the future. Set alerts to stay updated on the latest changes in stock prices, your assets, and current market events.

The app also allows you to keep all your asset purchase receipts in one place so you don’t lose them. You can view your receipts in a separate window in the app at any time. There are also instructions in the app to help you quickly learn its functionality.


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DivCalc is a stock dividend calculation app. It allows you to quickly and easily calculate your expected dividend payout on a stock based on the current price and expected dividend amount.

The app makes it easy to estimate your approximate earnings both a month and a year from now. The data is provided based on the available assets in your portfolio.

Edit it at any time by adding newly purchased stocks or other securities. The accurate calculator provides your dividend data to predict future trading on the stock exchanges.

Several types of charts and graphs are offered for you to view asset information. You can choose any of them to research. Also, the app constantly updates offers on promising stocks that are available for purchase.

Set notifications so you don’t miss the release of new information on the market and assets. You can both export and import data. Customize your own display indicators and even positions for easy tracking of your dividends and approximate earnings on them.

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