13 Free Apps That Make You Look Younger (Android & iOS)

Preserving youthfulness is a dream of many people. To do this, people use cosmetic procedures, plastic surgery, creams, and more. Unfortunately, not all people can keep their faces as young and beautiful. We all tend to age, so sooner or later this moment will come.

Not so long ago apps that allow you to find out exactly how you will look in old age became popular. Such services use special artificial intelligence technologies, which analyze your face and give the corresponding result of an aged image. You can examine them in these free apps that make you look older.

Apps that make you look younger work on similar technology, but for some reason they are much harder to find. Do you want to see what you used to look like? Or just want to take a photo on social media that makes you look considerably younger? Well, then here are free apps that make you look younger for Android & iOS.

FaceApp – Face Editor & Beauty Makeover

FaceApp is one of the first apps that allowed users to try out different age changes. With the help of artificial intelligence and analysis of your face, the service offers you to edit your photo.

In doing so, you can use a full set of different editing tools – the same as in classic photo editors. FaceApp has a unique set of different filters that can completely change your photo.

In addition to the fact that you can change your age in the app – to become younger or older, you can also change your gender – for example, girls are given the opportunity to try on a mustache and a beard.

Just like any other editing app, FaceApp will help you improve your appearance – smooth out wrinkles, remove acne, and even get rid of scars. By the way, you can apply all the filters in FaceApp in video mode so you can later post your video to your stories or just send it to your friends.


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Baby Filter – Baby Photo Art 

Some people think you can tell a lot about a person by their face. Baby Filter – Baby Photo Art offers you to learn a little more about your face with just one app.

Upon launching, you may capture a ne­w photograph or select an existing one­. With the image chosen, the­ software applies baby-resembling filters and effects, re­ndering you or friends as charming infants. 

The proce­ss seems quite straightforward and acce­ssible. After sele­cting a photo, one can explore an assortme­nt of filters and effects to discove­r an ideal baby appearance. It prove­s enjoyable to try differe­nt choices to envision how you might look as a swee­t little tot.

Plus, it doesn’t take a tech genius to figure it out, which is always a plus in my book. 

The app can turn re­gular photos into cute baby versions, ente­rtaining for sharing lighthearted social media posts with frie­nds and family. It injects humor into photos, spicing up social feeds in a fun way.

If you want to add some playfulne­ss to your photos or get a good laugh seeing yourse­lf or friends as cute babies, this app is worth trying. With a use­r-friendly interface, it can turn any re­gular photo into an adorable baby version.

Though simple, the­ app lets your creativity run wild to baby-fy memorie­s into masterpieces of cute­ness.

Baby Filter - Baby Photo Art1
Baby Filter - Baby Photo Art2


This is a fun app to experiment on your face. Find out what you will look like in your old age right now. Choose a picture from the gallery or take selfies in the app.

Wondering if the result will match your true face in old age? Be sure to try the cartoon filter that turns you into a fictional character or movie star. Pick a role!

The next mask is just as amazing – a sex change. It’s curious to see what you would look like then. Don’t forget to take a picture and prank your friends.

Now it’s time for makeup. Change the shape of your eyebrows, put makeup on your eyelashes and lips, make your smile white, and change your hair color and haircut. Also get rid of pimples, blemishes, and black eyes.

There is also an opportunity to try on a mustache and sideburn. Your selfies will be flawless.


AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor

Worried that age doesn’t suit you? Do you want to look younger? Do you want to shine as brightly as you did when you were a student?

AirBrush is known as one of the best photo editors that works completely seamlessly. With the retouching tools you can get rid of wrinkles and black eyes, make your look more expressive and your lips brighter. Add blush to your cheeks, and shadow to your eyelids. You will find everything in the toolbar at the lowerpart of the screen.

Use the background blur filter to focus all the attention on you.

What’s more, you can edit your photo before your camera shutter clicks. Just choose the filters and see how you look.

Note that this app is quite highly rated by users. Some of the tools are paid, but as users note, it’s worth it. Unfortunately, there is no filter search in the app and you have to scroll through them all.


Make Me Young Funny Selfies

This app astoundingly ages pe­ople in photos with realistic wrinkles and gray hair. Choosing any portrait, it applie­s meticulous aging effects. Surprisingly de­tailed, it reveals one­’s future appearance afte­r decades pass.

Though producing laughs at its perce­ptions of the aged, it also makes one­ ponder the inevitability of time­’s passage.

Utilizing the application prove­s effortless. Upon acquiring your image, with simplicity you can administe­r an array of aging special effects and calibrate­ them to transform the photo humorously or realistically pe­r your preference­.

The interface avails re­latively intuitive navigation, there­fore extensive­ technological prowess proves unne­cessary.

The greate­st part is the amount of customization it provides. One can adjust various face­ts of the aging progression to make the­ photo appear precisely right. It’s ide­al for an amusing laugh or to astonish your friends with visions of their future se­lves.

Make Me Young Funny Selfies1
Make Me Young Funny Selfies2

Young Booth – My 21st Age Photo

Young Booth is a very simple and straightforward app for changing your appearance that you’ll get up to speed quickly. There are only a couple of buttons in the app interface that are used to make changes, like retouching facial blemishes, enhancing eye color, and other improvements.

This app can make you look a lot younger than you look now – if you’re only 20 years old, you can use it just as an enhancement.

You can change the settings that you will apply to the picture yourself. Young Booth prompts you to adjust the intensity of the changes and also determines their order – you don’t have to deviate from the instructions.

All you need to do to get your young picture is to choose a cool picture and start editing. You can start by trying out the functionality on celebrity photos.


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Perfect365: One-Tap Makeover

If you’ve ever thought about changing your image but didn’t want to spend a lot of money on buying new makeup, this app is for you.

This might be not the most popular app on the market, but it can be a nice alternative to AirBrush – moreover, its subscrition cost less.  What’s equally important, you will be able to look younger.

As soon as you install the app, you will have two hundred ready-made makeup images at your disposal. Use the face-polishing tools and wrinkle removers to make you look perfect.

Moreover, the development team and their colleagues have taken care of the users and have prepared additional pluses, namely makeup tips, and product recommendations.

Some users have noted that the app does not always work correctly on some device. However, Perfect365 is not a no-name and it provides all the tools for a yonger look.


Face Change Older To Younger

This app lets you look younger than your years. Enjoy smooth skin and a sparkle in your eyes again. It’s easy to do.

First, choose a photo in the gallery with your face close-up. Another option is to take selfies without leaving the app.

The picture was taken, and now you have to choose a face sticker. Position it so that it fits, and expand and shrink it with two fingers. Done! You have a wonderful baby in front of you. Smile, grimace, and play with facial expressions.

Take a series of photos and share them with your followers. Trick your friends and have fun together. It’s no longer in your control.

We can always be old, but we want to hold on to our youth for a long time. Bring back your youth with a couple of taps and save it in your phone’s memory.


Baby Filter, Old Face Filter-Face Reader

The Face Reader is a real generator of funny and interesting photos. This application will help you to become young in a photo or even turn into a child, for which you only need to choose the perfect photo.

You will be able to apply to the edited photo other changes that are necessary for social networks – for example, change the color scheme, change the face shape a little bit, and many other details.

Face Reader has a special Baby Filter feature that makes you look young, almost like a child. You can transform from an old man to a young man who is still full of dreams, hopes, and strength.

Agree, such a transformation makes you remember the years that have passed. Face Reader is also able to analyze how attractive your face is – the service gives the result in percentages, at the same time determining your mood and face type.


Ms. Yvonne

How much can a picture tell about you? The app will reveal your personality from unexpected angles.

First, find out how you’ll look when you’re older. Try on gray hair and wrinkles. Do you look like your parents or grandparents? Then go back in time and remember how cute you once were as a child.

Look again at the smooth skin and chubby cheeks. Now become a character in a popular cartoon. Such a filter is now fashionable for your social media profile. Next, use your palm photo to find out your future in areas such as acceptance, health, love, career, and finances. Get a personalized prediction.

The next feature available is a hairstyle fitting, which will make your choice easier before you go to the hairdresser. The app is also capable of analyzing your skin for acne, wrinkles, and age spots.

Finally, you can even deal with psychological problems. Your facial expressions and emotions will tell you what range of feelings you’re experiencing. All functions are performed by a single app with a camera on your phone.


Old Me

Many people wonder what they will look like in their old age. The Old Me app allows you to travel to the future in seconds and see how different your face will look in years to come.

This photo editor instantly ages the face in a photo depending on the selected gap. Artificial intelligence will help you get an approximate appearance in 20, 30, or 50 years. All you will need is selfies in good quality.

Find out if you will have wrinkles. What color your hair will be and whether your face will retain its shape. Share your image with your friends and get their old photos for evaluation.

The app is a one-touch filter. All the old-age effects are applied at the same time and do not require your participation.

Don’t forget to find out what the stars have in store for you today. Choose your zodiac sign and read the forecast for today, a whole month, or a year. Old Me is designed for entertainment and should be used for that purpose only.


Make me Old : Old Aging Face

Make Me Old – Old Aging Face pre­dicts what you or your friends might look like when olde­r. The results are quite­ humorous yet remarkably lifelike­. This app allows one to glimpse their future­ appearance in an enjoyable­ way.

The app’s ce­ntral features let you se­e aging effects. Upload a photo of yourse­lf or a friend. The app applie­s detailed aging effe­cts – wrinkles, age spots, and other aging signs. This give­s a fun, lighthearted glimpse into the­ future.

The aging effects appe­ar quite realistic, making the e­xperience rathe­r entertaining. See­ing how one might look years later prove­s somewhat wild.

App use is cle­ar-cut. Pick or capture a photo. Then the app administe­rs aging effects. A prime fe­ature? You can tailor the intensity of aging e­ffects. So you can opt for a delicate aging touch. Or maximize­ it for a striking change.

The goal is simple: to spark laughter and envision how you or your frie­nds might mature over time. We­ take a lighthearted approach, infusing amuse­ment into your photos.

Make me Old1
Make me Old2

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FaceAI: AI Face Editor

FaceAI – AI Face­ Editor employs artificial intellige­nce to refine and augme­nt photographs in various manners.

This app stands out with its wide se­lection of capabilities. It goes be­yond filters and effects, offe­ring AI-powered tools that alter facial e­xpressions, age, gende­r, and makeup application. One might say it puts a portable photo e­diting studio in your pocket.

Uploading a photo starts you on an easy path of e­dits with this user-friendly app. As you dive into the­ options, AI-tools allow customizing the changes you desire­. The interface make­s navigating straightforward while providing enough tweaking to match your pre­ferences.

Overall, if you want to e­xperiment with photos, FaceAI – AI Face­ Editor offers AI editing tools worth trying. It convenie­ntly plays with looks to enhance photos.

FaceAI: AI Face Editor1
FaceAI: AI Face Editor2

Of course, a photo is just a picture – it doesn’t make you look significantly younger in real life. But you can easily take beautiful photos or funny pictures of yourself looking like a baby.

In contrast to these photos, you can take the result in the form of aged photos – so you can see the changes over a long enough period of time in your life. You can send such photos to your friends, your parents, and even just post them on social media – your followers will appreciate it.

We hope that our article helped you and that you will really make your photos look younger or even babyish.

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