11 Best scary stories apps (Android & iOS)

Are you ready for this? No, are you really ready for this? These stories will haunt you at night and keep you alert all day long. They’ll set your imagination on fire and your life will never be the same! Ha-ha-ha.

Okay, maybe not that dramatic, but if you are keen on horror stories, then you’ve come across the right page! The apps below will help you find the most captivating scary stories or even engage you in their creation.

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Hooked is a pioneer in scary chat stories apps. That’s right – CHAT stories apps. The way these apps work is the following: you read a dialogue between two people in a messenger. While the dialogue is going one, there’s something strange happening to one of the interlocutors. The other one is either trying to help or warning of something terrible that’s about to come. The ending of it all is hard to predict. You may only guess! And it makes you read on and on until you encounter something like the banner on the picture below.

hooked app

In the case of Hooked, you do not necessarily need to buy the subscription, however using the app for free considerably limits your access to its stories. I still like the app though. There are practically no ads. Plus, not only can you read the stories, but you can also listen to them.

One more small bonus is romantic stories. When you open the app, it lets you choose which kind you are most interested in – horror or romantic. I’ve never tried romantic, but horror sure makes you captivated. Since it is the first chat stories app ever, it is worthwhile to try it. If you don’t like it, then at least you’ll know that you don’t. I bet you’ll do though!


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Cliffhanger – Chat Stories

One more scary chat stories app. Cliffhanger in some way is even better than the app above. It doesn’t have ads at all, so you can enjoy stories to the fullest. Sometimes, though, the stories include pictures and videos, and even video calls – if you want to have access to these materials, then and only then you need to buy a subscription. You don’t need to wait a certain amount of time to be able to continue reading and you don’t need to watch irritating ads all the time. Just a simple and clear chat is all you’ll see.

By the way, many chat stories apps include messages with pictures – if you don’t want to buy a subscription, you can just ignore such messages and imagine what is there or what it is about – this way you will not only develop your imagination but also save your time and money. Besides, these pictures and videos are usually not that informative. It is quite predictable what you’ll see once you open them.

cliffhanger app

The peculiarity of Cliffhanger is that it lets you take part in story-telling as the story unfolds. Sometimes, the app will make you choose between two options of what to do next. I really liked this! So, you are not a passive reader anymore, you are also a part of the story! It feels really good. Upon the whole, the app is amusing and fun. Download it now and you won’t even notice how engaged you got in it.


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Scary stories & Creepypasta (Android)

Scary Stories & Creepypasta for Android is a really good app for reading scary stories. Every detail of it is thoroughly thought through. The app contains over 2000 stories. Each of them is checked and edited. Only the best ones have got through the checking, so you can be sure that you are about to read a high-quality material.

The search for stories is a sophisticated one: you can choose what to read by looking at the publication date, rating or the number of votes; you may also simply enter the name of a story. Once you’ve read something, it automatically appears in your ‘read’ list. If you want to, you may exclude all the read stories from your search. You may also add stories you would like to read to your ‘unread’ list, or to the favorites.

creepypasta android app

The app has lots of settings for the most comfortable reading experience possible. You can change fonts and sizes, play with the color of the background, and more. The devil is in the details, as they say! This app is an embodiment of this phrase. One last detail worth mentioning is that you do not necessarily need an internet connection to use the app – it can work offline, which rids you of those small ads in the lower part of the screen.

If you are an Android user and an avid reader and a scary stories lover, then this is exactly what you need! Highly recommended for a download.

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Creepypasta (iOS)

If you don’t own an Android device, don’t worry! There are lots of cool Creepypasta apps in the App Store as well. This is one of them. This Creepypasta app has over 5000 cool creepy stories to read before bedtime. And there’s even voice narration, so you can imagine as if someone reads a fairytale to you – like in childhood. The app also contains the shortest scary stories ever – microplastics that take up no more than 2 lines.

creepypasta ios

As for the settings, there are two themes – dark and light. The stories that you really like or those you want to save for later reading can be added to the ‘favorites’ list. Upon the whole, this is a very nice app. Just like the one above, it has an offline mode, so no ads, no distractions… Only the story. And what story! Get Creepypasta now and immerse yourself into the experience.

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Lure: Read Chat Fiction

Back to the chat stories apps! Lure is one of them. The app has original stories inside of it, shown in the form of text-messaging between two or more people. It is great and foe me it was fun to read the first story, however at some point, I got this (second screen):

lure app

As you see, in order to be able to read stories at one gulp – until the end, you need to have a subscription. And the subscription here costs an arm and a leg! It is really upsetting, but the good thing is that the app can be accessed for free. Of course, not in the most convenient way, but at least you will have pauses, which means that the app won’t consume all of your attention and you will be doing more of useful stuff in your life. I know it is not perfect, but there are good things about everything! So, try this app and see if you like it.

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Yarn – Chat Fiction

Yet another scary chat stories app. Yarn is an amazing app that’s got lots of stories in it. And there is not only horror – other genres like thriller, adventure, romantic are present as well. So it is up to you to choose what you like most! Since our list is devoted to scary stories though, we’ll discuss this part of the app.

The first horror story I’ve read here was developing really fast if you compare it to those I read in other apps. This is definitely a plus because you don’t want lengthy texting with not much happening in between. However, there are different kinds of stories in all the apps and I am pretty sure you’ll find something that suits your taste regardless of the app you’ll choose.

yarn app

Here, I like the background colors of the messenger – they look real which is cool. The app has that same ‘drawback’ attributed to all the chat stories apps – to avoid any limitations in time and content, you need to buy a subscription. Otherwise, you will have to read with pauses, always wondering what’s going to happen next. Well, as we discussed earlier, this might be a good thing. Yarn is a fun and engaging app – it is certainly worth trying out!


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Tap – Chat Stories by Wattpad

Tap is one of the best apps in 2019 in Google Play. It is present in the App Store as well, but the Google team decided to highlight it at some point. And it is not surprising at all – the app is great! There are lots of different kinds of stories, like horror, thriller, mystery, romance, etc. The new ones are added every week.

The app is powered by Wattpad, which is one of the most popular storytelling communities. Other chat apps are updated as well, of course, but this one can do it with a style.

tap app

As everywhere, Tap has limitations. However, the price of the subscription here is not that high. If you like reading chat stories, you can afford it. What’s more, the app gives you an opportunity to write your own stories and share them with your friends. So if you like to write as much as you like to read, then why not give it a try?

It seems to me that this genre will only grow in popularity in the future. So, this is one more app every chat stories lover must try!


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Scary Chat Stories – Addicted

Addicted is an app that is full of addictive chat stories, some of which are scary and thrilling, others – not so much. Well, in fact, the app contains stories of different genres – romantic, humor, thriller, even sci-fi! But the main genre is, of course, horror.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, your first chat story opens up for you instantly. You get engrossed by it! And then you face a disappointment… not because the story is not interesting enough, but because there are too many ads that kind of ruin all the pleasure. But you are still reading on, with the desire to learn if your guesses about the ending are true.

addicted horror stories app

In the end, everything becomes clear and you see beautiful covers of other stories, but your mind starts to doubt the worth of this experience. Why suffer through so much advertising for nothing? This is what happened in my case.

I personally, therefore, wouldn’t recommend you to download this app. However, lots of reviewers of it seem to have the opposite views. After all, it is not a coincidence that the app has such a big rating score. So, it is up to you to decide – if you don’t get irritated by the ads as quickly as I do, then probably you’ll have fun reading Addicted’s spooky stories!


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It looks like someone got in trouble. Can you help? Lifeline… is a story about Taylor who crushed on an alien moon and desperately needs a helping hand. It seems that you are the only one with whom he is able to keep in touch. That’s right – this app has one single story in it. But what story! Written by Dave Justus, the author of The Wolf Among Us, it fascinates everyone who took the time to explore it.

lifeline app

The app does not only provide you with a passive experience of reading. No, the story is constructed in such a way that the ending depends on your actions. So, this is a game in some way. If you like spooky stories, you’ll definitely like this game! Get ready for a breath-taking adventure… and get the app. One last thing – the app is completely free and contains no ads whatsoever.


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Breathe is one more fascinating story that will take your breath away. It comes in the form of mobile-friendly web-pages, not an app, but I decided that it is worth mentioning here anyway – since it fits our topic.

The story is written by Kate Pullinger. It is about a girl Flo who can talk to ghosts. Flo is trying to connect with her mother who died when the girl was young. At some point, the story turns into an interactive experience. Given the fact that you allow it to access your location and camera, the so-called app starts to include more and more details that are not about Flo at all… If this is not exciting enough, I don’t know what is! Open the story and let the wonders begin. The link is right after the picture.

breathe scary

Open the story

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Scary Stories

The last one on our list is a simple app for Android. Scary Stories has over a thousand horror stories to read before going to bed or at some Halloween party. The app’s catalog is divided into 7 categories, such as strange & unknown, dreams & madness, artifacts & objects, and others. Doesn’t it sound exciting?

scary stories android

All the stories are accessible offline, so you can read them whenever you want to – even if you don’t have an internet connection. There’s also a regularly updated gallery of scary pictures. They are awfully disgusting! If you are too impressionable, you better don’t go there. Probably if were easily impressed, you wouldn’t look through the app such as these, but anyway… Up for simplicity? Get this one!

So, these were 11 amazing apps full of spine-chilling stories. Can you feel that adrenalin rushing in your blood? I hope so! I wish you to have strong nerves (’cause you’ll need them) and be smart in choosing apps!