11 Free Apps to Measure Body Temperature (Android & iOS)

The thermometer is a popular device for measuring temperature. It will help you to easily get the body temperature. There are a large number of tools that help you to measure the temperature for free.

If you are a smartphone user and want to know about popular and best thermometer apps for your smartphone then you are in the right article. In this review, we are listing the best free apps to measure body temperature for android and iOS users.

Body Temperature Recorder

Body Temperature Recorder logoThe Body Temperature Recorder application is very simple and clear. You can easily add measurement results to it.

You can not only record temperature but also add symptoms from the most common ones.

It has a blocked nose, runny nose, headache, cough, and others. You can also add comments with symptoms that are not on the list.

When you save your notes, they will be conveniently displayed along with the date, time, and symptoms.

Body Temperature Recorder screen 2 Body Temperature Recorder screen 1

The application has a graph showing the temperature changes in 3, 7, 14, or 30 days. You can check the temperature of several people at once, as well as share the records by e-mail.

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Temp. Statistics

Temp. Statistics logoTemp. Statistics is an application that you can connect to the Health application. Here you can also add your temperature and immediately see if it is normal or not.

You can note the way your temperature is measured, add symptoms, write down the drugs you are taking, and leave notes.

Records of your temperature can be viewed by date and time, and there is a convenient schedule.

Temp. Statistics screen 2 Temp. Statistics screen 1

There is a whole separate section for medicines. You can check the temperature of several people at once, save data in iCloud and Dropbox, and set reminders.

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Temperature Diary

Temperature Diary logoThe MedM Temperature application can work with or without a connected device.

You can easily use it for manual recording.

If you forget to record measurements, you can use a different time than the current one.

You can also choose how you feel and add a comment.

Temperature Diary screen 1 Temperature Diary screen 2

You can export your recordings, connect to the Health application, connect thermometers, and more.

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FeverCheck logoIf you want an app that monitors temperature in degrees Celsius, not Fahrenheit, then choose FeverCheck.

The application is similar to Body Temperature Recorder with its basic functions. Symptoms in it, too, you can record.

The application saves records by date, time, and temperature. There is also a section to add those you have been in contact with.

You can use filters by time and contacts. You can also export the records to PDF.

FeverCheck screen 2 FeverCheck screen 1

Keeping track of your temperature during your illness is very important. You will be able to see for yourself the progress of recovery and, if necessary, provide the records to the doctor.

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iThermonitor logoiThermonitor app is one of the best and popular thermometer apps for android and iOS users which allows you to easily get the temperature on your smartphone.

It is easy to use and free app which let you easily get temperature to get a fever.

It is also known as a personal doctor app by which you can easily get information with the full graph of your or your child at any time.

iThermonitor screen 2 iThermonitor screen 1

You can easily use this professional data analysis app of body temperature to use anytime and anywhere for parents and grandparents.

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Real Thermometer

Real Thermometer logoReal Thermometer is a powerful and amazing thermometer app with a powerful passive infrared sensor.

It will help you to easily measure body or object temperature for free. It is easy to use and a free app for all smartphones.

You can easily use this app with a 3-5cm distance from the object.

One of the best features of this app is to allows you to store the temperature on your smartphone and easily can check it anytime from your smartphone.

Real Thermometer screen 1 Real Thermometer screen 2

You can also synchronize it and easily can get a report on your other device.

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Smart Thermometer

Smart Thermometer logoSmart Thermometer is simple and easy to use temperature app which has an amazing temperature sensor by which you can know temperature near your phone.

It uses your GPS so you must have on GPS connection on your android device.

If you want to show fake temperature for a fake location then you can easily use fake GPS apps on your smartphone.

Smart Thermometer screen 2 Smart Thermometer screen 1

You can also use an internet connection on your smartphone to use this app and get accurate temperature using this thermometer app.

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iCelsius logoiCelsius is an amazing thermometer app for android and iOS users that allows you to easily get the temperature on your smartphone.

You don’t need to buy any extra thermometer to measure body temperature. It is a popular digital thermometer by which you can easily get fever temperature.

One of the best features of this app is to provide a live display on your smartphone.

You can easily get a graph with the zoom option, set alarms, and also record reading with title and image or add notes.

iCelsius screen 1 iCelsius screen 2

You can also edit documents or notes which you are saved on this app.

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THermo logoThermo is a simple and easy to use pocket thermometer app for iOS users that allows you to easily measure current temperature.

It let you easily get outside temperature for free. Along with these, it is also known as a geological app by which you can easily get temperature for free.

Before using this app you have to allow geolocation of your smartphone so that you can easily get the current local temperature.

THermo screen 1 THermo screen 2

You can also tap on your smartphone to refresh temperature manually and get the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

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Thermometer – Hygrometer

Thermometer - Hygrometer logoThermometer – Hygrometer is a popular and free temperature and humidity measurement app for android and iOS users.

This app easily turns your smartphone into a beautiful digital thermometer.

You can easily use this app to get a current temperature on your smartphone for free.

Along with these it also allows you to measure the percent humidity level of your current location on your smartphone for free.

Thermometer - Hygrometer screen 1 Thermometer - Hygrometer screen 2

You can easily switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees.

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Thermometer++ logoThermometer++ is the latest and popular temperature measurement app for android and iOS users.

It allows you to get temperature and humidity based on your current location.

It shows the temperature of your location so before using this app you must have the allowed location.

You can easily switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees and get temperature for free.

Thermometer++ screen 1 Thermometer++ screen 2

It provides fast and accurate results on your smartphone.

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