9 Best Anime Quiz Games for Android & iOS

The anime genre is now more popular than ever. Streaming platforms are filled with series and movies in this genre. Gaming platforms offer a selection of thousands of anime games. All of this has an audience of millions who happily consume content.

If you’ve already watched all the anime series and played all the anime games, you are definitely an expert in the genre. Do you want to test your knowledge and surprise everyone around you? Then download the best anime quiz games for Android & iOS and prove your knowledge of the anime in general.

We also recommend you to use these best anime streaming apps to enjoy watching your favorite content.

Anime Trivia

Anime Trivia is a quiz app based on anime stories. Are you a fan of anime cartoons and books? Then you will surely love Anima Trivia very much.

The app has a lot of interesting features. You will be able to pass various levels and answer questions. Complete as many rounds as possible and unlock new challenges.

Moreover, certain badges will be awarded for your skills. Meet hatchling Pokémon, Naruto, and many other characters in the game.

See the different categories and choose what you like best. Anime Trivia gets frequent updates.

Download the program and have fun. Call your friends and cheer together!


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Anime Challenge

Anime Challenge is a program for dynamic games of combat and puzzle-solving. If you like this kind of game, you should certainly install this app.

Play anime characters. Immerse yourself in an atmospheric game and get a lot of positive emotions. Pass here interesting tasks and learn something new.

You will need to determine the connections in the pictures, identifying the hero himself. Try also to guess your favorite characters from the images presented and look at your intuition.

Get as many prizes as possible and advance to the next level. Anime Challenge includes different crucial features. Go through rounds in different categories related to anime and observe more characters.

The graphics in Anime Challenge are excellent, go through the arcade with dynamic music and look at the beautiful design. You will be able to go into the app and get new abilities, passing difficulties on your way.

Moreover, play the game with your friends and watch the results! Besides, the app gets updated quite often, the characters become more interesting and the levels become much more exciting.

Play extra mini-games as well. Install the program and enjoy!


Guess the Anime Quiz

Guess the Anime Quiz is a program where you have to say the anime name from pictures. You will have to reveal the puzzled, if you can not perform something, you can use several hints.

All the pictures with anime are made very high quality, the game will be fun to play. Moreover, choose your favorite genre of Japanese cartoons and browse through them here.

Test your knowledge of anime characters and how much you know about the stories in general. Just be registered on Google and you can start the game without any problems. Pass the levels and learn a lot of new information.

Besides, there is a ranking on the tables. Perform tasks, pass all submitted games and improve your status. It is worth noting that you can always win pleasant surprises. Spin the roulette wheel and get free tips. Check out the game every day.

Guess the Anime Quiz is created with eye-catching graphics and marvellous design. Recommend the program to all your friends and acquaintances who are fond of watching anime.

A lot of people play this game and stay totally delighted. Write your feedback to improve the arcade.


4 Pics Anime & Manga Quiz

4 Pics Anime & Manga Quiz! is a program for passing fascinating quizzes. All you have to do in this game is to guess anime from images.

This app is a test of your knowledge of the plots of famous Japanese cartoons. Guess the names of famous characters, and answer questions on the theme. Go through the puzzles as well.

Experience fun emotions and enjoy the game. There are a large number of levels and simple gameplay.

Moreover, if you have difficulties with certain levels, use help. Play along with the music, 4 Pics Anime & Manga Quiz! won’t let you get bored. You’ll get nice prizes for passing the levels.

In addition to getting the coins that are required in the game, you’ll need to view a certain number of clips. Become even more intelligent in the field of anime. This is an amazing bright virtual world that is worth seeing with your own eyes!


Anime Trivia Quiz

Anime Trivia Quiz is a puzzle app based on anime plots. You’ll find a large number of levels of varying difficulty.

Answer the questions and dive into the colorful world of Anime Trivia Quiz. Go through the game on different topics, and test your knowledge of the Naruto character.

Answer about the family of assassin characters, and much more. Type your answer to the task with letters, then get rewards.

Moreover, it is worth noting that with the received game earnings you will be able to buy hints. See how well you understand the different anime.

Take the quiz and share such a find with friends who are crazy about the beautiful characters from your favorite books and cartoons.


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Anime Sound Quiz

Anime Sound Quiz is an anime quiz program. You will need to match a certain sound with the right anime silhouette.

Immerse yourself in a great world of sounds and pass the levels with gusto. This is an epic game that has no similar competitors. Listen to the tracks and sing along, there are simple and complex tunes.

If you’ve watched a lot of movies, and anime cartoons and you really enjoy them, then Anime Sound Quiz is sure to please you. Test your knowledge of the songs right here!

Choose an anime genre and learn a lot of interesting things. The anime sound quiz app is a quality developed, with no lags you will not find.

Leave your feedback about the Anime Sound Quiz game improvement. Ask and clarify all the information about the app. It’s time to have fun at your leisure! Invite everyone to play here and enjoy the process from the soul!



AniQuiz is a program for solving exciting quizzes on anime themes. See and mark for yourself how well you know the characters and plot of cartoon movies.

You can also choose categories in the game, and select a harder or easier level. Get tested on anime titles like Seven Deadly Sins, Black Clover, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and more.

Moreover, guess anime characters, look at their facial features, and their clothes and give the right answer. Learn a lot about anime, and get good emotions from playing AniQuiz.

Besides, the program often receives quality updates and updates the appearance of the characters. There are also a lot of new levels.

Also, read reviews about the game and leave your opinion. Download AniQuiz and take quizzes about your favorite anime.


Guess The NRTO

Guess The NRTO is an app that lets you answer questions about anime. Do you want to take a quiz on knowing your favorite characters and anime in general? Then be sure to download this program.

Show everyone that you are a professional in the field of anime! Moreover, you will be able to play with your friends and see who wins, counting the points.

Guess The NRTO has a lot of unique features. Pass interesting levels, of which there are more than 100 in the game, and get money for passing. The higher your level, the greater the reward.

Write in the game the names of characters and the name of famous anime. What’s more, get hints for difficult levels that you can’t manage to pass in any way.

Play Guess The NRTO Anime Character with music and get a lot of positive emotions. This app is based on all anime motifs. Become a big fan of such quizzes. Dive into the Japanese world of vivid characters!


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Anime Quiz, Game, Test

In the Anime Quiz game, you’ll have to guess musical excerpts from anime. Start Anime Quiz with easy levels, then increase them.

There are 3 different modes in this app. In the first one, you will be presented with an image and you have to choose the right one.

In the second presented mode, you have to figure out if the picture on the screen fits a certain anime. In the third round, you have to press as few blocks as possible to get the biggest winnings at the end.

Moreover, play with your friends and get ahead of each other, set game goals and achieve them. Anime Quiz has a wide range of possibilities. You can play rounds according to your age, you have to go into the settings to adjust.

Choose different genres and take tests on all anime, try the variety. Visit the game daily to get lots of prizes and earn hints to help pass the levels.

Immerse yourself in the world of anime and become a fan. Anime Quiz has great controls and graphics. Become the best in the app and achieve the coveted!

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