9 Free Auto Post Instagram Apps for Android & iOS

Most people like to use social networks. One of the most popular nets is Instagram. Billions of users have installed the application and enjoy its functions daily.

Sometimes you need to make a publication but you don’t have enough time or you can’t access Instagram. In this case, you should use special auto-post applications.

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In this list, you will find nine great apps that will help you make posts on time. All of them are free or at least have a free trial period.

Some of them are available on App Store, others can be downloaded from Google Play.

PLANOLY: Plan, Schedule, Post

The first application is a great tool to control your Instagram account. The twist is that you are often too busy to manage your page. The good thing is that you don’t have to do it yourself.

There are many cool tools you will enjoy using right the download:

  • Plan. It doesn’t matter what your ambitions are. Maybe you want to make your account famous or you just need Instagram to make a blog about your life. Anyway, good planning is a key to success. Plan your posts and stories. Upload your photos and videos in advance, set the time, and forget about your Instagram account! PLANOLY will take care of all the rest.
  • Schedule. You can not do without a schedule, try to be smart when doing this. It is better to build a far-going strategy. Use SEO and content-management principles to gain subscribers and increase your popularity on this social network. 
  • Manage. You need to divide your strategy and content into categories. This little but important step will help you not to lose control of your account. If you have more than one profile, PLANOLY will be the best tool to solve this problem. If your aim is to understand how your account is being promoted, if you manage to reach the expected results, try the app’s tracking systems. 
  • Analyze. The app can gather some statistics so that you understand if you are successful on Instagram or not. However, its functions are quite limited. 
  • The app is absolutely safe. It is approved by Instagram so there will be no problems in terms of service. 

The application is free of charge. It is rated 4.8 out of 5 in the App Store and 4.2 out of 5 in Google Play. You can get it and start managing your account.

appstore1 google1

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Postearly – for Instagram

Here is another great application that you can use to manage your Instagram account. This service was previously called InstaDom. When the app was updated, the developers decided to change its name for some reason. 

This app is packed with great features and functions:

  • Auto-post option: post videos, photos, or stories even when you don’t have enough time or you are disconnected from the Internet. 
  • Find the best time to publish a new post. This step will increase the number of subscribers and the popularity of your account. For sure, it depends on the activity of your audience. Still, if you are tracking the number of likes and views, you can easily find it out. 
  • If you are bad with hashtags, don’t worry. The app has a special artificial intelligence that can analyze your account and find the best hashtags for a new post. It will take less than a minute. 
  • The app will be a perfect tool if you don’t have enough time to post regularly. For example, if you have an hour in a week to deal with your profile, it will be more than enough. What you need to do is to make a schedule and stick to it. 
  • If you are not sure that your Instagram feed looks well, you can always preview it and check
  • If you have more than one account, the app is a great option. You can track the progress of all of the accounts and always be informed about what is going on there. 

One of the best things about this app is that it has no reminders. This is an advantage, as you won’t be bothered by irritating notifications. 

The application is free with ads. However, there are not too many of them. The developers try to reduce the number of ads so that users can just enjoy all the range of functions. 

You can get Postearly on Google Play, as well as on the App Store.

appstore1 google1

Later: Schedule for Instagram

This is a very universal and efficient app. It can be applied to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. The service works equally well in any of these social networks.

There are many unique options you will discover:

  1. You can tie your accounts to each other and control them all. This is a good way to manage your accounts if you want to save precious time. 
  2. Preview your Instagram feed to make sure it looks right. You can always go back and edit it if necessary. 
  3. Basic auto-post function. Make a schedule of your posts and stories. Then just do your things without spending time managing your social media profile. Visualize the plan to find out if your strategy is going to be a success.

Please keep in mind that this app is not a single and independent service. It is just a supplement to a website. This is why don’t expect the app to give you all the range of functions. To make use of all the services, go to the website. 

Another disadvantage is that the app is its size. It’s more than 81 MB. Not every user will be satisfied with this. 

You can get the application for free. The service is available for Android, as well as iOS users. 

appstore1 google1

Tailwind: Planner & Scheduler

Being a successful blogger on Instagram is not an easy task. Well, even managing an account of a regular user is a challenge. You need to keep in mind a great number of things. 

This is why we recommend that you try a smart assistant for Instagram and Pinterest called Tailwind.

What can this assistant help you with?

  • Planning your posts. It will help you to find out when it is better to publish a new photo or video. Then you create a schedule of your posts and stories. Try to do it in advance to get the best results, for instance, it can result in gaining a big number of followers or increasing popularity.
  • Hashtag finder. It is ok to save your time and energy. This is why avoid thinking of the best hashtags yourself. The artificial intelligence algorithm provided by this app will find the best option for your posts. You can be sure your post will be a success. There is also a special hashtag list so that you never lose your favorite ones. 
  • You can update your bio link automatically with the help of this app. You can do it by hand but it takes time so it’s better to make the process optimized. 
  • Traffic driver. You can understand how many people visit your account daily. Analyze this information to correct your schedule and promotion plan. 

The application is safe. Don’t worry about the security of your account. The service has been officially approved by Instagram. 

The app is free of charge. You can download it on the App Store or Google Play and start using this smart assistant. 

appstore1 google1

Managram: Scheduling for Instagram

Managram is a great application for managing your Instagram and Twitter accounts. With this app, you will save many long hours. 

Managram has a pretty intuitive interface that will make the process of post-planning interesting and easy. The app will be a good solution if this is your first time with such a type of apps. 

Here are some key features you might like: 

  • Professional tools. This app was created by people who work in the sphere of SMM. This is why all the techniques provided by the service are very efficient. 
  • Continuous updates. The developers really care about their product. This is why they constantly check the comments and reply to them. All the bugs are usually fixed very quickly. 
  • Additional functions. If you decide to sign in or create a paid account, you will get access to a wide range of advanced accounts. 
  • For Instagram, the app can track your account’s progress and give you the best post-publication time. This is why it’s better to stick to the recommendations provided by the service.

This app is rated 4 out of 5 in the App Store. Unfortunately, only iOS users can download this pretty cool assistant. 

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It is not free. However, you are allowed to use the service for a week without paying for it. 

There are no ads. It is quite logical because most functions are in-app purchases. 


Apphi: Schedule, Post, Plan

It’s high time you start managing your profiles properly. This is why you need Apphi to keep all of your accounts in order.

This application can be applied to Instagram, as well as for Facebook and Twitter. 

Here are the best functions of the app: 

  • Schedule and manage your content so that you can promote your account. The app will help you with creating a strategic promotion plan. You won’t think about little details and tactics. 
  • Suggested hashtags. If you are bad with hashtags, it is not a problem. Just forget about it, Apphi will do it instead of you. Apphi is great because it will do all the boring and difficult job. 
  • This app is a perfect tool to analyze your data. Many people neglect this function. But they are wrong. Analyzing statistical data and tracking the visitors to your account is a great way to gain more followers. 
  • Cool tips on how to promote your account and create a good audience without spending too much time. 

Apphi is a very reliable and easy-to-use app. It has no bugs or glitches. What is more, it’s 100% safe. 

Unfortunately, only iOS users can enjoy this application for free. 


Planner for Instagram

If you like detailed planning in every sphere of your life, Preview is for you. It has all the features you might need. 

These functions will make you a PRO on Instagram. You will publish the right content on time and keep your account smart and stylish. 

All the features of the application are free of charge and available after the download. You don’t need any type of subscription, just log in (or sign up, it depends on whether you have used the app before).

The Preview app has a great toolset:

  • Schedule. This is a basic function that helps you build a strategy for your Instagram account promotion. You can think about your future posts in advance: this simple measure will save you time and energy.
  • Deep analysis of your account. This is an underestimated function that can make your digital traffic grow fast. If you spend an hour and understand how the analytic data can be used, you will optimize your profile greatly. 
  • If you want to use the app on multiple devices, you can do it easily. The service can function on a tablet and a smartphone at the same time. 
  • Teamwork is possible. If you want to run your business or company account with your colleagues, you can do it together. This is a powerful option that allows your team and you to collaborate and get results faster. 
  • Preview. Check all of your posts before they are published and edit them if necessary. You can preview a single post or a few posts in a row. 
  • Hashtag finder. Don’t waste your time thinking of hashtags, spend it on something important.

Preview is free of charge. Most of the functions are available at once. There are some in-app purchases, which include additional filter packs, backup, unlimited posts and reposts. These in-app purchases will cost you 15$. 

Preview is available for iOS users. 


Hootsuite: Schedule Posts for Twitter & Instagram

Instagram is a powerful tool that needs to be controlled and managed well. If you are not doing it properly, your Instagram account is highly likely to be a complete failure. 

It is too difficult to control all of the things that are going on Instagram. It is impossible to keep everything under control if you are doing it without a good application. 

Here are the key features of the application:

  • AutoScheduler. This function helps you create a strategy that will gradually increase the number of likes and followers. When you can think in advance, you can also predict the result of every single campaign.
  • Review and edit drafts. It is better to preview what you are going to post so that you know how it’s gonna look. 
  • Content Calendar. It is a perfect way to visualize your future posts and see if it looks right.
  • Monitor your progress all the time. The number of likes, mentions, and comments will be tracked carefully. 

The app is constantly being updated. You can be sure that the bugs (if you manage to find any) will be fixed soon. 

Hootsuite is free with ads. They are not frequent to appear and never interfere with the process of planning.

Unfortunately, only Android users can enjoy this app. 


Buffer: Social Media Manager

If you are looking for a powerful tool, Buffer is what you can’t skip. This app is aimed at saving time and energy. 

Its main and basic function is auto-posting. You know pretty well that it can create a calendar and make publications in time. 

If you need these functions, you will love Buffer. What is more, there are some additional features: 

  • Combine a few accounts into one: manage your Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram profiles and control them all. 
  • Cool analytic tools. Even if you have never worked with statistical data, you will easily understand how it works. You will predict what exactly will happen with your account traffic.
  • Make reposts from other social networks. For example, you can share your favorite posts from Twitter at a click of a button.

The app guarantees your safety. No data will be lost from your account. Even though it wasn’t officially approved by Instagram, it receives positive feedback from users. 

The app is rated 4 out of 5. You can get it now on Google Play for free. 


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