11 Free Beep Test Apps (Android & iOS)

If you are fond of fitness, you train regularly. However, to become a great athlete, training is not enough. Another important aspect is measuring and analyzing results.

By the way, if you are interested in fitness, you can check these best fitness challenge apps.

One of the best ways to do it is a beep test. In general, it’s main aim is to estimate your aerobic capacity.

Here we have collected the list of the best beep test apps that can help you see the endurance of your run.

The applications listed here are available for iOS and Android users.

Beep Test Official (Army Police)

This is one of the most accurate apps in this category. Even though it is packed with various functions, its size is extremely small.

Here are the basic options that are available right after you download the app:

  • The Beep Timer. It accurately calculates the time you spent running.
  • Voice notifications and voice control. You don’t have to tap on the screen, just say what you want from the app and it will do it.
  • The app will help you train like a PRO and track your results.
  • After you have tested yourself you can analyze the result. Are you able to pass the official police Beep Test? Make your first try and you will find it out. 

What is cool about this application is that it is constantly being updated. The developers are always looking for new bugs and glitches to fix.

The Beep Test is available in App Store. It is free with ads.


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Beep Test for Android

This app will easily estimate your aerobic capacity. The only thing you need is your sports gear and enough space for running (more than 20 meters).

Another nice thing about the app is that it measures calories consumption as well.

Please note that this app works more as a timer than as a GPS-connected app. 

What does the app do?

  1. It shows you the distance you have already covered. 
  2. Displays the seconds you have to finish your step until the next one starts. 
  3. If you want the app to stop at some point, feel free to use the autostop function.

When you have tested your beep, you need to analyze the results. With Beep Test, it won’t be too difficult. The app thoroughly tracks your progress. 

  • The application gives you access to the ratings of the other users so that you can compare yourself with them. If you have done at least one beep, you can see your place in the world rating. When you run faster, the result is updated and your place changes.
  • Beep Test also presents the information in a very simple way, for example, as a pie chart. 

The Beep Test app is available in Google Play only. Even though the app is free, there are no ads and in-app purchases. 


Beep Test for iOS

This is another cool beep test app that can measure your stamina. The main feature of this application is its high accuracy. 

The app has a wide range of functions that you can enjoy right after the download:

  • 21 exciting levels that will help you get better and better
  • There are two modes: the individual run and group one.
  • Once you have completed the beep test, you will receive voice notifications.
  • The app has an advanced statistics method that accurately calculates and tracks your speed. 

The only disadvantage is that the Beep Test is not free.

Still, it will enable you to use all the functions without any limits. There will be no ads as well. 

You can get the application on App Store. 


Beep Fitness Test

Beep Fitness is the smallest (its size is 2.7 MB only) and the most effective at the same time.

The app is very accurate, it can easily measure your cardiovascular power and oxygen uptake.

The test is divided into levels so that you can move from level to level, mastering your running abilities. 21 levels will help you evaluate your progress.

There are also many test variations so that you won’t get bored. There are official police and army tests. The same tests are used when the soldiers are being tested. Make sure you try all of them to evaluate your power.

Beep Fitness is widely known and used by millions of coaches all around the world. However, you will not struggle to understand how the app works.

By the way, if you are fond of military physical tests, make sure you check 7 Best Military Diet Apps for Android & iOS.

The application has a system of voice notifications. It will tell you when you are running out of time.

The app is not free of charge. You can get it now from App Store. There are no in-app purchases or ads.


Interval Timer

interval timer2

Interval Timer is quite a popular fitness app and you can utilize it as the beep test app as well.

After quick installation, you will get to the main menu. The interface is straightforward and it’s easy to manage.

There are three buttons. The first one is for Sets. Pick up the desired number of sets for a particular exercise by clicking on plus or minus.

Then choose the Work Interval, also by clicking on the plus or minus buttons.

The last button is for Rest Interval. After each exercise, you should take a rest, so choose a rest interval.

At the top of the screen, there is a button to adjust the volume of sound.

When all the setup is finished, click on the Play button to start.

The main benefit of the app is you can use it in the background. So, you can open another app to complete fitness exercises and use this app to follow the timer at the same time.

Moreover, there is a function that allows you to save the presets. It saves your time between switching the exercises.


The Beep Test – Brain Training


Brain Training is worth your attention because the developers of the app have created a new approach for brain training.

The beep sound turns on at the beginning of the game and at the end of the game, when time is scarce. This is an efficient way to make the brain work faster.

Once you have launched the app, you will be directed to the main menu. The design is quite extraordinary.

You don’t need to be logged in. Push the Enter button to start to play.

There is a settings button in the upper right corner of the screen on the main menu. If you want to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game or adjust the sound, click on this button.

The application is multifunctional and helps to improve mental skills. There are three game modes in it.

The first on is to TAKE THE TEST. In this mode you can play regularly and for free. Your results are saved. You can return to the games to improve your results and ascend the ranking table.

The second one is for CHALLENGES. This section assumes an advanced level of skills. It has about one hundred and sixty unique levels.

The third one is for PRACTICE MODE. If you feel insecure, then in this section you can train your vulnerable sides.


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Yo-Yo Intermittent Test

If you are focused on serious training and you don’t want to spend money on coaches and fitness clubs, this app will be a great option for you. 

There are many cool functions you will discover:

  • Time tracker. When you are doing something athletic, time is vitally important. Track your progress and analyze it later.
  • The app is divided into levels. When you run for the first time, the app will see your level of stamina and recommend the proper level.
  • A voice helper and notifications will help you keep control of what is going in the app. You can stop the timer without tapping the screen. This is great if you don’t want to interfere with the training process and be distracted by your phone.
  • The app is great with statistics. For example, it counts the total amount of minutes spent on training and the number of kilometers you have covered. 

Still, if you want to download the results on your phone, it won’t be possible. You can save the data about your progress, you will have to go premium.

The premium version will give you the following features:

  • Extended voice support. You won’t have to touch the screen at all.
  • Saving and exporting results will be possible at a click of a button. You can download all the charts, graphics, and texts and share them.
  • Complicated beep tests for sports teams. 

You can get the basic version of the application for free. Yo-Yo Test can be downloaded from Google Play only. Even though the app is free, it contains no ads at all.


Beep Test SF

This app was initially created as a part of an international program for students called StudentFit. This app is popular due to its famous for its wide range of functions:

  • Cool time tracker that can accurately measure the time of your running. The Beep Test performed by the app will be 100% accurate and reliable.
  • The app will work perfectly on the smartphone, as well as on the tablet. 
  • Progress tracker. It can thoroughly see all the successful attempts and failures. This data will be stored in the application so that you can always analyze it and see if you are getting better or not.
  • A simple and intuitive interface will help you easily get used to the app. Still, if you fail to understand the principles of the app’s working, you can turn to the detailed instructions. 
  • Smart design and fast speed of the app’s performance.

The app is rated 4 out of 5 in Google Play. So you can fully rely on Beep Test SF. 

Even though the app is free, it contains no ads or in-app purchases. You can get it right now on Google Play.


MSFT Beep Test


MSFT Beep Test (Multi-Stage Fitness Test) stands out among others for its functionality. It can calculate vo2max level automatically. However, the range of options is limited.

After you have launched the application, you will be taken to the main menu. Here you will see the table with empty rows.

At the top of the table, you there is information about the columns you should fill in.

  • The first one is for Names. Write here the names of participants.
  • The second one is for Level.
  • The third one is for Shuttle.
  • The fourth one is for Vo2max.

Write the results of each participant. Save the results.

Push the Results button to see a ranking table. You can easily share this table with people by clicking on a particular social network.

This app is designed for shuttle running. Start running as soon as you hear the signal that is embedded in the application.


Beep Test Leger Running

This app will help you break all running records. You can customize and edit any goals to do so. At any time you are allowed to stop the program and just as quickly restore.

While using the service, all results are automatically saved in the system. You can then use them for your own purposes, including sharing them on Internet platforms or sending them via messages.

The app has different programs for several levels of training. This way, you can train gradually and achieve better results.

Choose the best level even if you have zero skills. Develop your speed gradually, gaining more and more revs.

Keep track of the statistics after you complete each test task. Use the service in whatever language you feel most comfortable with.


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Beep Training

The app will allow you to do different running workouts according to your strength and capabilities. You can choose both short and long exercise plans.

The app also allows you to complete standards that are common to any run preparatory program. For example, you can set up a plan to do a shuttle run as well as a 100-meter or more distance.

All plans have a preparatory stage in the form of a warm-up, so the performance of any exercise will be absolutely safe and harmless to health. All exercises can be performed not only in specialized institutions, but also at home.

With this app and its useful exercises it is easy to bring yourself and your health back to normal. Each of the exercise plans will be available absolutely free of charge.

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