11 Free Body Editor Apps for Android & iOS

We all want to look great on our pics. But sometimes we simply don’t have enough time to get ourselves in shape. Gladly, there are apps that can do it for you.

There are lots of body editor apps for Android and iOS that empowers you to retouch your body shape as you want. These apps can lengthen your height, slim your waist, and make your hips look curvy. Some apps can even give you muscles and imitate plastic surgery!

Here’s the list of 11 best free apps that category that worth your time. Have a look!

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Retouch Me – Body & Face editor. Skinny app

Let’s start with an app called Retouch Me. This is an app that empowers you to virtually change your body.

The main aim of this app is to help you get a perfect smile, skinny waist, and curved hips on pics. The app has lots of instruments that can cordially transform your look in seconds.

You can even put a full face of makeup on with one touch on your screen. Thereto, you can also add en eyeshadow. lipstick or blush separately.

The makeup usually looks quite believable but if there are any smudges you can erase it by yourself. As for the body sculpting, you can rather make all the changes yourself or try an auto transformation.

Here are some functions you can try — hips and butt correction, boob job, legs slim, biceps, and more. All the modifications look quite natural so no one will know the corrections you’ve made.

On top of that, the app has an auto tool that transforms your full appearance — from face to the legs. Herewith, you can come back to all the adjustments you’ve made and remodel it as you want.

You can also try body highlighter and bronzer that gives you a tan glowy look. The app can also lengthen any part of your appearance including the hair.

Retouch Me1

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Fotogenic: Photo Editor

The next app is Fotogenic and this is n app that will make you look like a fitness model.

The main point of this app is to make all the body modification tools understandable and easy to use. In case you’re not sure how to use a particular instrument there are interactive tutorials that will lead you through the process.

The app has an auto mode for all the transformations so you can lengthen your legs your make yourself look higher with one touch.

Herewith, the app has detail beauty tools that will reduce all the small imperfections from your face. Thus, you can smooth out your skin, change your eye color, and get rid of the signs of fatigue. You can also give yourself a nose job and lip fillers if you want.

There are lots of bodybuilding instruments in the app and you can easily give yourself a breast augmentation or make your hips curly. You can also try a bronze skin tool that will give you a sun-kissed look. Plus, you can even view how tattoos would look on your body.


AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor

AirBrush is a well-known app for all kinds of body and face modifications.

This app aims to retouch your shots the way no one will lever notice. Thus, you can zoom in your pics a lot to reach all the little details and reduce all the imperfections. There are various instruments that can hide your blemishes and erase all signs of fatigue you have on your face.

You can also whiten your smile, change your brow’s shape, and even give yourself a nose job. As for the body modifications, the app empowers you to make your waist look thin, curve your hips and butt, hide the belly, and even try the breast augmentation. All of these things can be done automatically or you can adjust it by yourself.

The app also has a shaping instrument that can be used on both your face and body. In this face, you need to work with your fingers and just pull the parts of yourself you want to modify.

You can also adjust the complexion of your skin and give yourself a bronzy tan look. The app analyzes all the trends in body modifications on pics and there are new instruments that come up quite often.


Body Plastic Surgery

A lightweight but powerful app that allows you to correct and distort the image. It can be used to show an alleged plastic surgery or improvement of a particular part of the body. Then post these beautiful photos on social networks, or just have fun and see what the results might be.

You only need to swipe your finger to decrease your nose, waist or increase your breasts, buttocks, muscles, even lips and much more. For someone, the application will help to make an important decision to improve their appearance by visiting a doctor such as a plastic surgeon.

To use this app, you don’t need to have any super skills:

  • Just select a photo from your gallery where only the face or the whole body is visible.
  • Then start your work on the snapshot: drag and drop, fix whatever you want.
  • You can also undo what you did there if you are not satisfied with the result.
  • Compare your two photos – how it was before and how it became after.
  • Save your masterpiece and share it with your loved ones, friends or on social networks.
Body Plastic Surgery1

Peachy – Body Editor

Peachy is the perfect app if you want to get skinnier or add curves to your hips on pics.

This app aims to give you the most natural body transformation the app can give. Thus, the app can help you fix all the imperfections you have on your body and erase all signs of tiredness from your face. As for the face, the app can get rid of all the blemishes and redness and smooth out your skin.

You can also add a highlighter to brighten your skin and a bronzer to get a sun-kissed look (this works for face and body at the same time). Furthermore, you can make yourself look higher and slimmer with one touch. You can also lengthen your legs, arms, and even neck.

The app also has some instruments that imitate plastic surgeries so you can give yourself a nose job, lip fillers, boob job, and even Kim K butt if you want.

On top of that, the app has automatic modes for most of the engines. Therewith, you mark a specific area of yourself and reshape it as you want. You can also add muscles and abs to make yourself look sporty.

Peachy - Body Editor1

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Body Tune: slim and skinny, reshape photo editor

Body Tune is an app that is fully dedicated to all kinds of body transformation.

You can use this app if haven’t done many workouts lately but still want to look sporty and skinny on your pics.

The app has lots of various reshaping instruments that can completely transform your appearance. There’s an auto mode that can make you look thinner, higher, or curvier in a blink of an eye.

Herewith, the app has an auto transportation tool that gives a makeover to your full body. It usually looks quite believable and natural but if want to change anything you can easily do that. Plus, you can lengthen any area on your body — from legs to the neck. You can also change your skin complexion and add tattoos to your body.

Therewith, you can see how several plastic surgeries would appear on you. You can try boob job, liposuction, and all that.

You can also slim your waist, arms, and legs and curve the hips if you want. There are also various muscles and abs you can try to give yourself a fitness model look. There’s also a tanning brush that can make you look sun-kissed.


Body Editor – BodyApp

Body Editor is a body reshaping app that will make you look snatched on your pics.

This app can give you all the body retouches you want. Thus, you can get skinnier, gain weight, add curves wherever you want, and even try various skin complexions.

It needs to be said, the app has lots of instruments dedicated to the skin so you can smooth it up, balance the tones, and get rid of ant blemishes, redness, or wrinkles.

On top of that, you can change your height as you want. Plus, you can lengthen any area on your body like the legs, the waist, or whatever else. You can also refine the waist and hips lines to make it look balances. There’s also a bronzing instrument that will make you look tan ad glowy.

Thereto, the app also has various muscle options you can try. There are muscles and relief for different parts of your appearance and you can adjust its intensity to match you. You can also try how tattoos would look on your torso. Nevertheless, the app works with subscription packs and you can not try all the tools without it.

Body Editor - BodyApp1

Perfect Me – Body Retouch&Face Editor&Selfie Tune

Perfect Me is an app that empowers you to modify your body to match your perfection standards.

This app aims to give you the most natural-looking body modification tools that will look believable on your shots. There are lots of body shaping tools in the app — from slim to the ones that have a plastic surgery effect. Thus, you can give yourself a nose or a boob job and even correct the shape of your eyes.

On top of that, the app has plenty of instruments dedicated to the skin and the face. You can hide all your blemishes, redness, and wrinkles and smooth your skin. Plus, you can whiten your smile and lengthen your hair. You can also use a glow brush to brighten up your skin for a more healthy look.

The same goes for a bronzing brush that makes you look sun-kissed. Therewith, you can refine your waist and hips and slim your arms. You can also lengthen any areas on your body — from legs to the neck. Besides, you can try tattoos and add abs to your body.

Perfect Me -Face & Body Editor1

Everlook- Face & Body Editor

Everlook is an app that can remodel your body shape on shots.

The app claims to have the most natural-looking body modification tools out there. It runs on a face recognition tech which makes its tool look believable with no harsh lines or smudges. However, if you notice any imperfections after retouching you can easily erase them.

The app has lots of instruments dedicated to face retouching. Thus, you can smooth your skin, correct the brow shape, and erase all signs of tiredness from your face. You can also give yourself a nose job or view how you would look with lip fillers. Furthermore, you can put on a full face of makeup with one touch of your fingertips.

As for the bodybuilding instruments, you can slim your waits, add curves to your hips and the butt, and so on. You can also lengthen your legs and neck if you want.

Therewith, you can give yourself a breast augmentation and add tan. There are also lots of muscle and abs packs that are different for men and women. You can correct the intensity of the abs to match your skin complexion.

Everlook- Face & Body Editor1

Spring – Stylish Body Editor 12

Spring is an app that empowers you to experiment with the shape of your body.

The main rule of this app is the simplicity. Thus, all the instruments are understandable and easy to use but if you can’t figure it out there’re are tutorials that will lead you.

Nevertheless, this rule caused the fact that the app only has three instruments you can use — the one that lengthens some areas of your shape, the slimming one, and the one that changes your head’s size.

It needs to be said, these tools get the job done quite great and there are no restrictions for the areas you can use it on. Herewith, you can lengthen anything from you legs to the neck or even your entire body.

Besides, you can also use the slimming tool on your waist, arms, belly, or whatever else. As for the one that changes the size of your head, you can also use it to change the size of your boobs or hips. It also works great for volume up your hair.

Spring - Stylish Body Editor1

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Plastic Surgery Simulator

And lastly, the Plastic Surgery Simulator is an app that you can use to modify the shape of your body.

This app is different from the other ones from that list cause it only has one tool — the one that can distort anything on your shots. This app can be used for making funny faces and glitches but it does a nice job with rebuilding your bod.

All you need to do is to tap on the area of yourself you want to distort and move it as you want it. In case you’re not quite happy with the result you can erase everything you don’t like. This app can help you to refine your waist, make your boobs bigger, your hips curvier, and so on.

Thus, you can correct your nose and chin shape, plump your lips, or make your eyes bigger. You can also mark the area you want to work with and it will appear zoomed in on one half your screen. This way you won’t accidentally affect other areas.

Plastic Surgery Simulator1
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