11 Free brick breaker games for Android & iOS

Forget about standard fire, water, and the work of another person. Do you say you can look at them forever? Nonsense.

You can look endlessly at a flying ball-breaking bricks and burrowing down into an abyss. Of course, you’ve already figured out what this review is about.

Brick breaker – a classic and immortal game, in which almost everyone was playing.

Later, the simple idea of the creators moved to the game consoles, and more recently these games appeared on smartphones. So in this review, we have collected the best brick breaker games for you.

Fire Fall: Bouncy Ball Brick Breaker Game

Fire Fall: Bouncy Ball Brick Breaker GameIt’s a beautiful game in this genre.

Speed: it’s your choice. If you want – the ball will glide on the display with the turtle’s slowness, if you want, you can fly very fast.

Between these modes, there are quite average options, suitable for most fans of such games.

Variety: the levels are really different. The first left is a real work of art, forcing you to get involved in the process seriously and for a long time.

In the center of the screen spins a brick circle, which you have to destroy. The ricochets are mind-boggling, the rebounds are unpredictable.

The next levels look more familiar, but it’s the variety that makes Jet Ball a really interesting application.

Bonuses: Their number is on the verge of reasonable. They are not easy to understand, but in general, they just fall off the top 6 of the screen.

Spreading and moving the platform, changing the aggregation state of the ball, and so on. Difficult game: it is not easy to hit the balls, but who expected an easy walk? No one.

Hence the advice – do not get mad if you lose, the skill of the game comes with experience. The process of blocking the ball over the abyss is dynamic.

Fire Fall: Bouncy Ball Brick Breaker Game Fire Fall: Bouncy Ball Brick Breaker Game

Life: Initially it seems that the “hearts” are too many. It is an illusion – to drop the ball into the abyss is very easy. So, the number of lives is justified.

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Nonstop Balls

Nonstop BallsThis is not a bad part of the popular Arkanoid game.

Classic wall with bonuses and regular graphics.

Old and good Arkanoid in which all the downtime and control and even the plot.

In the game, you will fall out of different bonuses that will help you win.

The game with excellent graphics, a lot of bonuses, good handy gameplay, and much more.

Nonstop Balls Nonstop Balls

Drive your finger on the screen to hit the ball and try not to lose tempo and speed. Only the very best can succeed in this game.

Bricks Breaker Mission

Bricks Breaker Mission This game has received a lot of positive reviews.

It is interesting, colorful, and preserves the concept of this genre. The speed of the game is as it should be.

Bonuses: optimal quantity. Besides, from their images, it is always clear what to expect.

In the repertoire, as usual, a standard set: machine guns, a hard floor over the abyss, a ball that punches through the blocks, triplets balls, and much more.

The difficulty of the game: mediocrity levels impose a very detrimental effect on the difficulty.

If you play it carefully, the game will turn into a training session before moving on to Jet Ball. The second concentration is turned off and the ball is already lost.

Life: Not enough. Three hearts. This game is worth playing, primarily because of non-standard controls.

You have to drive with your finger not holding on to the lower platform, but controlling it on the side of the playing field.

Bricks Breaker Mission Bricks Breaker Mission

Irritation is quickly replaced by a serious passion.

Physics Balls

Physics Balls This version of the stunning graphics game will take you inside a sinister system that has decided to enslave mankind.

With the help of a special nano-shooter directed by the panel, you will need to destroy all the data in the brain of this infernal machine.

You will have a huge number of exciting and varied levels, interesting tests, and fierce battles with the bosses.

More than 20 powerful bonuses such as Shock Wave, Repulse, Homing, Atomic Explosion, and more.

They will help you with the difficult task of destroying data inside the conqueror machine. For those who prefer classic gameplay, they can enjoy it in a special mode. The Arcade Revolution continues.

Physics Balls Physics Balls

Bombs, magnets, rockets, ice bullets, unyielding evil balloons. Score multipliers and more are waiting for you in this exciting game.

Brick Breaker Hero

Brick Breaker HeroThis is the most exotic version of the game of the genre in question.

Speed: normal. Not quite perfect, but acceptable.

Variety: here diversity is not about the layout of bricks. There are no bricks here at all.

Instead, there are round faces. It looks like a work of art.

Bonuses: There are very few bonuses. More often than not, they’re encased in the faces themselves.

This application is for those who love intellectual tasks and want to show their knowledge in the game of this genre.

The application is regularly updated, and the level of its questions ranges from beginner to absolute connoisseur of the game. There are also interesting add-ons to this application.

Brick Breaker Hero Brick Breaker Hero

They include, for example, a test for reaction speed. A great thing to diversify your passion for sports.

Swipe Brick Breaker

Swipe Brick BreakerThe task of this classic arcade, a variant of the famous game “Arkanoid”, is extremely simple.

By controlling the platform moving below, you have to fight back the ball. Moving, the ball breaks various blocks at the top of the screen.

When all the blocks are broken, you move to the next level. Different obstacles, extraordinary blocks, and bonuses await you.

They will give you a secret weapon that changes the size of the platform and the speed of the ball.

Swipe Brick Breaker Swipe Brick Breaker

Fifty levels of this fascinating arcade with an exciting plot and advanced graphics will keep you from getting bored for a long time.

Ancient Bricks

Ancient BricksIt’s time to remember the classic games. Each of us remembers old games like Arkanoid or tennis.

Everybody once tried with excitement to break bricks of all sorts of colors, kicking out of them useful and harmful bonuses.

And for a time games like Arkanoid and tennis were replaced by a bright variety of modern games and undeservedly forgotten.

But modern-day games come and go, and the classic games are truly immortal. And today we’re introducing a renewed classic. In this game in this genre breathed new life.

As you have already guessed, you won’t have to break bricks in the game. They were replaced by space crystals. Kick the ball and point it straight at the target.

For breaking special crystals you will get bonuses that will make the game even more interesting and dynamic. But be careful, this isn’t just any old tennis.

Destroying crystals is harder and more interesting than breaking bricks. Old games only allowed you to break bricks completely stationary walls.

In this case, the crystals are not just movable, but infinite. A good game should not end, as should not end, and a variety of bonuses, which the game is very much.

Also, the update touched on the sound and visual effects.

Ancient Bricks Ancient Bricks

The good old game became more colorful and exciting. Try the updated version of classic Arkanoid and play it for free.

Brick Breaker Champion

Brick Breaker ChampionIn this game, you will be able to enjoy different missions and fascinatingly easy to control the game.

A company to clean up abandoned houses urgently requires a ghost hunter.

We are doing a great job, but this time in our path is small, harmful, and clever ghosts.

Somebody has to be able to handle this. Who, if not you? You’re definitely gonna make it.

Ghosts like their homes too much, and they won’t give up without a fight. They’ll throw objects at you, try to rebuild your home, and get in the way of your productive work.

To do the task, you’ll be given a new heavy-duty platform with an advanced kinetic demolition ball system. Related documentation is attached.

In short, there are 3 different worlds waiting for you. It comes with unique homes and surroundings, 78 levels including 3 secret levels.

As well as 13 different enhancements and worsens. They sometimes turn your platform into a real weapon of destruction, and sometimes into a slow, clumsy snail.

Use all your strength, dexterity, attentiveness, and reaction speed to show the annoying ghosts who’s in charge.

Brick Breaker Champion Brick Breaker Champion

In this game, the main thing is not to blink, and then you will come to the honor, respect, and good recommendations on the results of the work done.


BallzIn this game the ball and the blocks that must be broken to move to the next stage.

This Arkanoid, well known to many fans of the genre, no different from the classic model.

The ball also knows how to “spin” (as in table tennis).

The ball also bounces off blocks and walls, observing the law of physics about the equality of the angle of incidence and reflection.

The difference between this version of Arkanoid and the classics is only the entourage. This is what the authors have integrated into the game.

Everything here is about the cosmos and some “sparks”. Convenience is the cross-platform game.

Ballz Ballz

That is, the ability to play it as on a tablet or phone, and on a desktop or laptop.

Many Bricks Breaker

Many Bricks BreakerThis is the most popular shooter in the new grand design. Even more levels, action, and fun.

A lot of useful and cool bonuses. Shoot the ball at the blocks and don’t drop it.

This game is suitable for all fans of Arkanoid games.

Shoot the ball at the colored blocks, knock out the bonuses, double the balls, make them fiery, increase your platform.

Two game modes: Standard and Survival. Try to survive the longest. The best result will be recorded on the board of honor and you’ll go down in history as a hero.

This is a great shooter, suitable for all ages, play at work, study, transport.

Many Bricks Breaker Many Bricks Breaker

It doesn’t need a permanent internet connection and doesn’t take up much space on your phone. The compact and beautiful Arkanoid is now on your phone.


SPACE ARKANOID 3DNowadays, drones are used to shoot beautiful landscapes, take part in exciting races, and even deliver food. But things may change in the future.

In this game, robots will turn into a formidable weapon that will protect the planet from invaders.

Your task is to repel the attacks of enemies and prevent them from taking over the native land. The mechanics of the game resembles Arkanoid.

It comes with good graphics, advanced system improvements, and brutal bosses. It all starts with the background.

Our planet has been attacked by space invaders who want to destroy all life. The only hope is for battle drones to enter the battlefield to save humanity. And that’s what you’re going to control.

The meaning of the game is simple. At the bottom of the playing field is a battle cannon, which shoots drones in the right direction.

The trajectory you can choose for yourself: to do this, make the pile with your finger, aim, and let go. The goal is to destroy as many enemies as possible. Each enemy weapon has a number on its body.

Behind it is the number of blows it can take. Our fighter also keeps up, with each level of his muzzle will fly out more drones. The number of charges will easily exceed 40 soldiers.

There’s a number on the hull of each enemy weapon. Behind it is the number of blows it can take. Our fighter also keeps up. With each level, more drones will fly out of his muzzle.

The number of charges will easily exceed 40 soldiers. This game is sure to keep you bored because it has a lot of special effects and a lot of action. Each drone strike is accompanied by a resounding sound.

The developers let you feel the moment of the collision of metal bodies. Besides, the background is played with intense music. It makes it clear that the battles here are not joking.

The fate of an entire galaxy is at stake. For a change, the game has all sorts of bonuses. For example, the selected icon of the first aid kit adds one drone to the queue to shoot.

Horizontal and vertical lasers break everything in their path. Thanks to this game have a note of strategy: sometimes it is better to hit exactly than hard. There are many drones in the game.

There are ordinary devices of different sizes, which do not differ in extra features, and there is, for example, a drone defender. It falls out of the boss 250 level, also, it must be collected from five parts.

It’s hard, but it’s worth it. This kind of fighter does three times the damage to triangle enemies.

To buy, you need to save credits or buy them with real currency. The store has packs of 200 to 8,500 coins.

For success, you need to apply the so-called method of leverage, that is, get the most out of one drone.


The secret is simple: you break through a hole in the defense of the enemy and throw the unit in the rear. Balls will focus in one place, will fight off the walls, and cause a lot of damage.

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